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How to teach a puppy to

How to teach a puppy to

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Have you ever noticed that your puppies stick to you like glue until the moment you really need them? Then, inevitably, they noticed a squirrel or found a plant chewing, or suddenly felt that the most interesting thing ever was to drive in the opposite direction at the fastest speed.

They are lucky and cute.


If everything in the outside world is just a game waiting to be played, the best advice I can offer about teaching a puppy is to make it a game.

When people are bored or angry, their memories are no longer fun. If you are a puppy, would you rather do your own thing than interact with the grumpy parents of Snooze Festival?

But when humans bounce up and down while whistling and whistling? When are humans running around and playing with toys? Fun

When your puppy knows where the party is, he will attend.

Where to start: equipment

To give your puppy a strong memory, you need to prepare a few things:

  1. High-value treatment. Use special things (such as meaty baby food or bacon) to convey the joy of memories.
  2. Two or more toys, especially those that shrink or creak.
  3. One 30 feet belt or long rope (Not a retractable belt). You don’t need to do this, but once your puppies graduate from the early stages of the recall, long-distance queuing is essential to play “games” safely in the new location.

Where to start: location

In puppy training, not every place is the same. Compared with being called in a quiet, familiar space, when there are many people, dogs, traffic, wildlife and other disturbing places, the challenge of calling is greater. On a scale from 1 to 10 (the easiest to the most difficult), the following is my evaluation of some common recall locations:

  • At home: 1
  • In your fenced courtyard: 2-3
  • In the park, you visit every day: 4-5
  • In strange parks, beaches or open spaces: 7
  • In any park during dog rush hours: 8-9
  • At the dog park: 10

Recall rules

Memories are a game, and like all good games, it has rules.

  1. Never call your puppy with anger, trouble, or other negative tones. Instead, use a pleasant, high-pitched call.
  2. Don’t forget to imply your puppy. Don’t just name your puppy, be sure to tell them what you want: “Fido, come on!” Now, come with weird sounds, pleasant dances, trolleys, whistles or squeaky toys Turn on the charm.
  3. Don’t repeat the word “come” over and over again, otherwise, your puppy may think the prompt is “Fido come, come, come, come, come, come!” and will not reply until you have spoken six words.
  4. Only call the puppy if you think it will really respond. For example, if they are chasing another dog, unless they have been practicing for months or years, they are unlikely to come to you.
  5. If you call them but they do not come, please come close and try again. Keep the game light and fun, but don’t allow them to end the game for you. The bargain is that if you call, you must come.
  6. Reward your puppy for the most incredible and delicious snacks you can use anytime, anywhere. single. time.
  7. Never call your puppy, and immediately follow it with scary objects like nail scissors or a shower.
  8. Don’t just call the puppy when you need to tie it back home. Whenever the game ends, the game time is used as part of the game time.

Trot-The Truth of Kidnapping

How to teach a puppy to

Only need to complete three simple steps, but still, have enough fun and creativity.

Basically come

  1. Say your dog’s name + “Come on!” in an excited tone.
  2. Dang around, make the sound of a kiss and the sound of a robot, jump into the air, or do other things that your dog thinks exciting and strange. Even if they walk towards you, they must continue to stay motivated.
  3. Give your dog a huge huge reward.

Come on fun

  1. Say your dog’s name + “Come on!” in an excited tone.
  2. When making fun, start jogging backward. When they run towards you, keep it.
  3. Give your dog a huge huge reward.

Toy toss

  1. Stand with your legs open. Say your dog’s name + “Come on!” in an excited tone.
  2. Scream plush toys to encourage your dog to turn to you. When they are close, throw the toy backward through the legs and let the dog follow.
  3. Give your dog a huge huge reward. If your dog likes tugs, spending a minute playing with toys is a big bonus.


  1. Grab a partner (or couples) and stand up a few feet.
  2. Choose a person to start and follow the basic knowledge rules above.
  3. After the puppy received the reward from the first person, the second person called. Repeat until all humans have turned around.
  4. Ask everyone to back up and repeat polling. As you progress, humans can hide behind trees (if outside) or doors (if inside), and even hide and seek during hiding and seek.

So you have it! Play (learn) with your puppy now.

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