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How to teach a dog to sit

How to teach a dog to sit

In dog training, it is best to start from the basics. Moreover, you have no foundation other than teaching the dog to sit.

Sitting is a basic behavior. Once your dog understands it, they also start to fall, stay and go to bed. A reliable sitting posture can even eliminate over-excited greetings for you. It is much more effective to let jumping dogs “sit” than tell them “no!” Or “Close!” conveyed your dissatisfaction but did not tell your puppy what to do.

This is how to teach your dog to sit in three simple parts.

A college student sits and entertains the sitting dog.

Part 1: Inducing to sit down

Use snacks to lure the dog in place.

  1. With your palm facing up, hold the food between your thumb and index finger.
  2. Bring your hand to the muzzle of the dog and slowly lift it up. When your dog’s nose follows the treatment method, its buttocks will drop to the ground.
  3. Use the word “Yes!” to mark the moment your dog sits down. Or clicker.
  4. Give your dog a treat.
  5. Repeat at least five times.

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Part 2: Teaching gestures

Now that your dog knows where you want it to be, it is important to remove the food bait from its hands. In Part 2 (and beyond), snacks should only appear after your dog has finished sitting. Wait for the voice prompt to “sit down” until part 3.

  1. Hold your free hand, palm facing up, in front of the dog’s muzzle.
  2. Raise your hand. The dog’s nose will lift when it is lowered to the ground.
  3. Use the word “Yes!” to mark the moment your dog sits down. Or clicker.
  4. Reach out for the dog, and when the dog remains sitting, give it to the dog immediately. If your dog gets up, ask them to let go and sit down again before releasing the food.
  5. Repeat at least five times.

Part 3: Teaching oral prompts

When your dog keeps responding to your gestures, it’s time to introduce the voice prompt to “sit down.”

  1. Say the word “sit down,” then immediately use your gesture to lift up your empty hand with your palm facing up.
  2. When your dog sits down, write down the moment and reward it. Repeat five times.
  3. Say the word “sit down” and wait for 5 to 10 seconds as your dog thinks.
  4. If your dog sits down, mark the moment and reward it. If your dog is not sitting, show them the gesture, then mark and reward
  5. Repeat until your dog can consistently respond to the word “sit down” without showing them the gesture.

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