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How to teach a dog to play with dead people: a foolproof guide

How to teach a dog to play with the dead: a foolproof guide

Need a cute dog trick to wow your friends and family? High five is always satisfying. Or rotate? Not impressive enough? How about something dramatic? How about playing dead?

A dog tumbling and dying on the tip looked like a genius. However, in reality, this technique is not easier to learn than any other basic tips. This is about how to teach your dog to play dead weight.

Teach your dog to lie down first

To teach dogs how to play with dead people, they first need to lie down and suggest.

If your dog doesn’t know how to lie down yet, show them how! This is the progress:

  • Bend down
  • Stretch so that the abdomen touches the ground
  • repeat

This is the teaching method.

1. Let your dog sit down, palm down between your fingers. Place your hand in front of your nose and lower it to the ground.

When your dog is bent over the ground, mark it with clickers or marker words (“Yes!” works well) and reward them. Repeat five times.

2. Next, ask your dog to sit down. Keeping the snack between your fingers and palm facing down, lower your hand vertically from your nose, and then pull it back toward you.

When their belly is on the ground, mark, and reward. Repeat five times.

3. Repeat step 2 without any processing this time. When your dog’s abdomen touches the ground and practice at least five times, please mark and reward.

4. Now add a verbal prompt. Say the word “down” and then put down the empty palm. Mark, reward, and repeat.

5. Finally, fade-out gesture. Ask your dog to sit down and say “go down”. Give them about five seconds to think. If they respond and lie down, please mark and celebrate with rewards!

If they can’t hear it, show gestures instead of repeating the voice prompt. When their belly is on the ground, mark, and reward.

How to teach dogs to play dead

Now that you have fallen ill, here is how to teach your dog to play dead!

  • Ask your dog to lie down. When comfortable, the dog will lean towards one butt or the other. See which way their weight depends, and then treat.
  • Put snacks on the dog’s nose. Place it diagonally on the other shoulder of the hip (for example, if the dog’s weight is on the left hip, place the snack on the dog’s right shoulder).
  • When your dog leans back, mark and reward them. Repeat five times.

Reminder: At the beginning, please let your dog lie on a soft surface so that you will not be so scared when you roll!

  • Repeat step 2 and move your hand diagonally from the dog’s nose to their shoulder. This time, don’t mark and reward until they keep going. Practice at least five times.


  • Try step 3 again, there is no food in hand. Mark and reward your dog as your dog rolls back. Repeat at least five times.
  • Now, turn your hand into a gun shape. As in step 4, keep the shape in front of the dog’s nose and move it diagonally above the shoulders. Mark and reward when they rollback. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • The last step is to add language prompts. When your dog is already lying down, say “bang!” (or an equivalent phrase), and then point your finger at “gun.” As they roll back, mark and reward their dogs.

Watch this video See this action.

That’s it! I wish you have fun and get ready to marvel at your friends and family with the wonderful tracks of dogs.

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