How To STOP LEASH Pulling From Start to Finish!
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How To STOP LEASH Pulling From Start to Finish!

How do I get my dog to stop pulling on the leash? Leash Pulling can be challenging! Here’s how I train it!

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86 Thoughts to “How To STOP LEASH Pulling From Start to Finish!”

  1. The Golden Otty

    So cute and funny… I guess its true when they said “people who live with
    dogs are happy people”❤️❤️❤️ Thankyou Zak

  2. Johnattincan

    Does this work for pups

  3. GCB

    Who thinks this this the best intro?

  4. runningrock124

    My experience with prong collar was great.
    Used properly, these are only tools to communicate and are not cruel – I put the prong collar around my own neck and tugged, too. Does not hurt. Nothing is black and white and no two dogs are similar.

    GSD 8months old
    He would pull, yank, spring all over, and knock ppl over, hurt my shoulder.
    Got a prong collar. Never “popped” him, just would freeze and hold when he’d start pulling.
    After 2 days he figured it out and walks perfectly wearing prong collar. No issues. TWO DAYS.
    Already weaning him off of prong collar after 3weeks. Still not perfect but so much better wearing only a harness now. Can update again in a couple more weeks if people still thinking prong collars are bad or dont work.

  5. TechnoBuff

    Plz tell us how to teach guard commond

  6. Nellie_mac_nest

    I hope this works with my dog! He is terrible on a leash (and he is 110 lbs. So hes not so easy to control)

  7. Rein D

    She’s gotten so big!

  8. Sushi TV

    Thank you for reminding me to be more tolerant.

  9. Uma Murillo

    Zak to the silent to us but squeaky to dogs toy: “She’s gonna love that”
    Me: Yeah
    My mind: I think he’ll like it better since it’s silent 😅

  10. Suraj Kumar

    Petition for Zak to make a video where it’s just love cuddly cuddly with inertia 🙂

  11. Wildflowers for the Soul

    what should we do for chewing on the leash while walking?

  12. Emme Jane

    What kind of frisbee do you have

  13. Chewyshoot

    They way he bounces around and looks around when talking is so distracting man lol

  14. jaydashnine

    Zak, do you have any opinions about harnesses where the leash attaches at the chest or gentle leaders which aim to turn the dog when they pull?

  15. Ash

    Well you might not say people who use abusive “corrective” tools are bad people, but I will! They are aggressive, abusive, unnecessary and absolutely freaking LAZY archaic tools for training dogs and they should be banned everywhere for the cruelty they enable, like they are here in the UK.

  16. Creative Diamond Dogs

    It was very nice when leash biting ended.

  17. Erin Bitterolf

    I am handicapped, walk with a cane and get dizzy and fall ALOT turning back and forth, circles, etc. How should I train that?

  18. kimberlymitchell_

    I have the exact opposite problem with my puppy. She stops and sits down every block. I look like a crazy person trying to get her to walk. It doesn’t matter if it’s her first exercise of the day or after she’s released some of her energy

  19. Karen Mannette

    Had to train my 12 week old Border Collie not to get the zoomies when a car drives by. Repeated sit and stay and it worked.

  20. Emilia

    Since Zak is too scared to say it, if you use prongs or e-collars you’re a piece of shit 😀

  21. Jay Tamber

    Zak George lowkey a millionaire

  22. ysaha

    Is it harder to train older dogs?

  23. Michael Trudeau

    Thank you for these videos Zak. It’s been very helpful when I encounter training issues with my dog. Umbra is a 1.5 year old black lab mix. I adopted her in February and she has been a great companion during quarantine. When playing with her, she loves tennis balls. So much so that she will not even look at a treat if there is a ball around. Is there a way to make her slightly less interested in tennis balls? I purchased some that stay inside, hoping to kind of desensitize her to them, but I can’t leave her unsupervised with them, since she eventually will chew them up. Thanks in advance!

  24. Never Mind

    What breed is She?

  25. Sydster

    Her body awareness. Those turns!! Amazing!!

  26. Jai Vora

    Hello Zak :

    Wish to SINCERELY thank you for being so open about sharing your knowledge and experiences as you train Inertia. Your videos have helped me understand the nuances of training like nothing else –

    I have purchased both your books that will re-enforce/support the YouTube videos – All in anticipation to when I invite a pup to be part of my life in the coming year or two.

    Can you confirm if these videos will be available on YouTube for the next few years ? Once the pup is with me, I would like to review them at each stage of the training thus this question.

    With gratitude for everything!

  27. Sergio Pacheco

    What are them white shoes with red he’s wearing? 😂

  28. Jack Smith

    It’s hard to take you seriously when you can’t go 2 minutes without shoving a product.

  29. Peach_oatmeal

    I don’t even have a dog yet, but I am addicted to this channel ❤️❤️😂😂😂

  30. Kenadee Farnsworth

    Will you do more trick videos I want to teach my dog some cool tricks.

  31. Oshi Plays

    I appreciate you, wannt be youtube friends?

  32. Jennifer Ashmore

    I have a question about barking at trash truck and ups,FedEx too. For my dog is a German Shepherd and he hate them so much how can I teach him to stop barking and running the fence line?

  33. not bd

    I needed this I just got a pitbull that’s 1 year old could you do a video on how to help a dog calm down? he’s always really hyper and he’s always jumping on me and trying to run into the house when he’s not allowed

  34. vegan4animals4life

    To large strong breed owners, please don’t forget some dogs such as malamutes and huskies love to pull, and we need to accept this and not force them to walk at a human pace or use any no pull harnesses that will damage their joints and muscle development. You have to go with their flow and either take them to safe off leash areas or understand it can take hours of exercise to get them to a slow human walking pace, and they don’t typically like to fetch or do anything that bores their active minds so easily. They will also not tire out as quickly as other dogs. Don’t force them, understand them. Try canicross or bikejoring activities to ALLOW your dog to pull and be part of the fun with them. And they love to swim too if you have dog friendly/safe rivers/lakes in your area. Ultimately you will know when you aren’t doing the right thing because you feel stressed and frustrated and start taking it out on the dog, when it is actually you that needs to change.

  35. Arbi

    Corrective tools don’t exactly work like that. For example reactivity. In most cases, when dogs are corrected for reacting, it’s already too late. It’s not how most of us, the tool users, correct our dogs. I, personally, use LIMA for reactivity and try my best to keep my dog UNDER threshold, if I fail to do that I abandon the mission and get the hell out of there. I don’t go straight to corrections. Remember, corrections are for things that your dog already knows(most of the time). You correct if the dog fails to deliver a known behavior.
    You also mentioned how a dog becomes what is knows as collar-wise or collar smart. It is easily preventable and I’ve weaned off tools faster than food for example. For example a prong collar. I used it for a couple of months and after that weaned off of it within a week and my dog can do everything without it. I haven’t used it for 7-8 months and don’t plan to go back to it because my dog learned and isn’t dependant on it. The amount of research that goes into tools is crazy and the people who use them right, have none of those problems you mentioned. My dog acts exactly the same when he has an e-collar on as he acts without it. It’s all about how you trained, prepared for the tool use.
    It’s common to see misinformation spread like that. It’s always the same points that can be proved wrong within minutes. Before I used any tools, I believed the same thing. It hurts, it’s just a bandaid, you depend on them, your dog won’t do anything once the tools come off…yet here I am, using tools and have NONE of those problems. The tools don’t train the dog, you do. So if you are having any of those problems mentioned, it’s the problem of the handler/trainer, not the tool.

  36. Emily The Disney girl

    My dog, I bought when he was 10 months. The people I bought him from, didn’t take him out much. I need him to be convertible in public. Someday I want him to be my service dog. How many times a week, do you recommend I take him out in public?

  37. Saumya Nigam

    why was there sooooo less of Inertia in this video!!! This series is ALL about her🥰🥰

  38. #Triple Threat's Tutorials

    Hi Zak! Me again! I just got back from walking my puppy and she yanekd the leash out of my hand and bolted. She’s okay and we have her but can you give us some tips? Please?

  39. Sophieeyc Rulesajpw

    My dog Miko likes to pull her leash often since she likes to sniff literally EVERYTHING. Haha my dog Miko is just insane!

  40. Thanika Puhazholi

    any tips if you have a small dog? I generally think leash training is harder for small dogs since their nose is really close to the ground which means they attract more smell than big dogs.

  41. Sashka Aleksandrova

    I wonder what would Zak do if he does not have treats and his dog is around high distraction environments? The benefit of corrective collars as the e-collar is that you are prepared to communicate to your dog what you want in a situation when he/she decides to disobey. Saying that e-collars can make things worse by associating the corrections with other dogs just shows that he does not know how to properly use such tools.

  42. Tijash 30

    Mi Border Collie is black and white, he has the same age as inertia, he is a disc dog, he’s trained bye me, they look exactly the same. I think they would be best Friends hahahaha.

  43. Wafflestraw

    So helpful! My puppy pulls a lot. This is way to helpful! I also signed up for the 30 Day Pupford Course 🙂 This is amazing, thank you!

  44. Isshaan Goel

    Who all think that he is the world’s best dog trainer

  45. Ashton Roberts

    Your the only reason I’ve been able to well train my puppy through quarantine. Thankyou Zak!

  46. MASKAS 19

    Please tell me a trick so that I could convince my mom and dad to buy a new dog and tell which is a great dog to buy to start training it please please please

  47. Hope Yerkes

    How is Inertia doing around strangers? other dogs? with separation anxiety? crate training?

  48. MASKAS 19

    I love dogs so please tell me a trick to convince my mum and dad please please please

  49. Gaddam Harshith

    Today I thought that u should upload any video

  50. Hope Yerkes

    Where did you get the weave poles in the house Zak George?

  51. Charity Blackwell

    Fence barking?
    I’m about to be Inertias PR representative lol 😆 😂 🤣

  52. Hope Yerkes

    One thing that helps is playing with your dog in your yard or house so they’re a bit tired. Then be very patient! Don’t let the dog pull. If the dogs pulls turn around and click and treat for when the dog is by your side and say “good heel”. Don’t let the dog move forward if they are pulling either wait for the dog to come back to you or turn around. One thing that really helps is teaching “go sniff” and “come heel”. For example when my 1 year old Maltese/ Shih Tzu mix, Milo, is on a hike with us, on narrow areas I tell him “go sniff” so he can venture about 5ft ahead of me and then I say “come heel” when I want him to stay close, like if there is people or other dogs. I tend to let him “go sniff” at new places, especially hikes, I can these freedom walks, because he can sniff around and climb on rocks, but he stills needs to listen if I call him. More structured walks like around a neighborhood are mainly heeling walks unless I tell “go sniff” around trees. Hope this helps!

  53. Amir Wolf

    Took me 10 minuets to teach my dog to heal without treats. He’s 10 years old and a reactive rescue so if we can do it you have no excuses.

  54. Amy Peraza

    My dog pulls a lot so this is very helpful thank you 🙏

  55. Katherine love kitkats ARE DA BEST,dianas

    Woah this is so perfect for my walks with my mutt dog!He is always pulling the leash and he would also try to run away and he pulls my sister a bit too but this really worked for him to learn not to run away or pull the leash thank you!!!🐶🥰

  56. Hidden Spring Farm

    Awesome video! My Molly is a 5 month old Old English Sheepdog at my farm and I started my channel back in July chronicling the transformation of our farm stay startup. Molly shows up as an 8 week old pup in episode 6 and we’ve been watching her train and grow since then. I’ve started leash training a while back and she’s doing very well… she still pulls a bit though, still working on that. Molly is not longer chasing the chickens, but she still wants to chase our ducks. I’ve been training Molly with a lot of what I’ve learned from your channel and will keep doing so.

  57. MariaEleni Bakalos

    hi early!!!!!!

  58. Swayam Khanna

    which dog is good in india as a guard dog

  59. David Ramirez

    I am going to get a poodle but I need to finish my final exam. Bless me that I will do good

  60. Joy Cranker

    thank you zak this helped me and my dog so much.

  61. Abhishek Tiwari

    I have two dogs both are 4-5 months but they never pull leash and never move further than my legs

  62. Deepa Suresh

    Does Inertia try and herd your cat, Zak?

  63. Kyra Grant

    Hey zak it would be great ufa ta ll possible you could make a video on every trick you’ve taught Inertia or you could make it in to a mini series can you also make a video on how to get your puppy to behave around people. Love your vids keep up the great work. Also for the tricks if you could do a brief description on how to train each.

  64. Ali Ali

    LOVE YOU❤️❤️🧡YOU DESERVE MORE THAN LOVE, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU INCREDIBLE VIDEOS KING OF DOG TRAINERS. You helped me to train my Australian Shepherd well. ;)❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. Priyantha Pathirana


  66. Denise Medina

    I need your help… my dog is an 8 month Italian greyhound and is a pain in the butt when it comes to food on the kitchen counter and at the dinner table … Any suggestions to stop this behavior?

  67. CharmBear


  68. Otis The Half-Obedient Husky臭臉哈士奇

    How do you train a Siberian Husky who is bred to pull? Lol

  69. Ali Hussain

    I love your videos, I have a labrador. Keep up the good work

  70. Amazing Me CR

    I might get a pup soon. How many days should you sleep by your new pup before you can sleep in your own room again. This includes taking the dog out during the night

  71. Livie Bills

    Puppy in these videos help me so much thank you so much 😊

  72. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    Thank you helped me and I found out a lot I hope you to reader

  73. Bxah

    She is such a good dog

  74. Hanna Hu

    omg I’m soooo early! There’sonly 69 views!

  75. Minecraft Challange Hard Watch

    first as usual

  76. Lazer Lord15

    I love this chanel

  77. Sriya Gummadi

    I love your videos <3. I have recently got a dog a few months ago and he is well trained only cause of you!

  78. Cbse Alien

    Hey Zak, I am getting a golden retriever puppy this month, is female one is good or not? *PLEASE REPLY!!!*

  79. Calyx Vhiel Mendoza


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