How to Stop 3 Annoying Puppy Habits! PLUS Crate Training, Nail Trimming and MORE (Ep12)
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How to Stop 3 Annoying Puppy Habits! PLUS Crate Training, Nail Trimming and MORE (Ep12)

Stop puppy biting, jumping, resource guarding! Also, Crate training, grooming training, nail trimming, and teeth brushing!

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88 Thoughts to “How to Stop 3 Annoying Puppy Habits! PLUS Crate Training, Nail Trimming and MORE (Ep12)”

  1. Kacey Clark

    I’m doing good….. just need to stop jumping and biting. My dog is 3 months,she is a golden doodle and my profile picture!

  2. Catarina Carvalho

    I watched your videos for months before I got my puppy – and my dog already knows sit, waiting at the door, jump over things, paw, down, “baby” (lying fully down) and going up the stairs by himself! I’ve taught him everything he knows so far and haven’t had help – which makes me so proud, to see his progress 🥰❤️He’s only 3 months old 🥰 though he still play bites and pees/poops indoors, regardless how many times we take him out and regardless of how long we’re out 😅 but with most other things, he picked up really quickly!❤️😍

  3. Nat T

    Any suggestions for a good harness and dog bed?

  4. Cnilsso

    Can’t believe you’ve dragged 3 weeks to a video a day. This dog is probably huge by now. Bring back the advanced dog

  5. WillyVLD

    Hi Zak nice to see the progress.
    On the puppy biting, 80% of the time a sit or redirect to a toy works with our Aussi Aiko, but 20% of the time he goes ballistic (like a tug of war including growling ) and plays with my jeans or jacket and a sit, food or redirect doesn’t work. What should you do in those cases?

  6. Brainpointv

    YES this is the video i need for my dog.!

  7. Janan's World

    Thanks a lot Zak! My puppy is having a hard time with training and meeting new dogs but with your videos he is progressing much faster

  8. Paisley J Robinson

    Ready for Episode 13

  9. Kelsey McClure

    Question: since training requires a lot of treats for a puppy – does this alter the amount that you feed the puppy at each meal?

  10. 4K NoCopyrightMusic

    Do you brush Inertia’s teeth or use a chewable tooth cleaner? (Greenies). Are you against Greenies? Do you like them?

  11. Lacey Jacqueline

    Thank you for these videos. I trained my first dog using your videos and my knowledge from my grandpa. He’s so good he learns fast and prefers toys as rewards. Wellll we just added a puppy to the family and he’s a bully breed. I’m looking forward to seeing the differences in training him. Charlie my 5 year old pup is a blue heeler boxer mix he’s very smart and very quick to respond. My pup is only 6 weeks old so we’re working come his name and potty training. ( he wasn’t supposed to come home until 8 weeks but circumstances changed which is unfortunate but he’s doing so good!)

  12. Caitie A

    I spy a park in NOLA👀

  13. Stephanie Supat

    Hello, my dog recently turned 1 but he still likes to growl whenever we try to get stuff out of his mouth he’s not suppose to have. Sometimes he even bites which is concerning for us because we don’t want it to become a routine for him especially around kids. He doesn’t have a problem with me getting his food when he’s eating, likes eating from my hand.

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  15. Hailey Miller

    Seeing the successes and failures makes it a lot less stressful when training my own puppy. Thank you.

  16. BD

    How old is that dog?

  17. Lucetta Barlow

    How do get your dog to eat there dog food? My dog never eats.

  18. Creative Diamond Dogs

    I”ve never heard of “Born and Train.” I liked your explanation and believe that many probably make the mistake of depending on another to “fix” their dog.

  19. Cassandra Heayn

    Thank you so much for these! They are so helpful!

  20. MasterP

    Your videos are great but i thing iy would be much better if you label the parts of your video. Like make it say whatever skill you are training

  21. Launa Desimone

    Are shepradors good dogs

  22. Zulema Pugh

    I have a puppy and a cat they are fighting all the time please help.

  23. ysaha

    My dog run for his life when he see nail clipper.

  24. Lisa Read

    My puppy barks at me when I don’t give him treats fast enough he always acts like he is starving! He’s otherwise pretty good but sometimes it’s hard to get him to stay or lay down because all he can think about is getting the food. If I try to wait it out and let him think he will most often start barking. I hope this gets better as he gets older and I try not to reward the barking. He’s only 4 months old and some kind of hound mix so he’s very vocal in general.

  25. Lily Darrow

    I Recently got a new puppy and we have hit a block in crate training. He will go in there and he will sit and lay down and what not but the problem we are having is he freaks out when we close the door. We have tried to reassure him and give him treats when the door is closed but he doesn’t care he just paws at the door and cries. Any suggestions on how to get past this?

  26. Navjot Singh


  27. srinath vala

    Hi My dog Bobby is really pampered and he can’t even go 1 second with out us. He will start barking as soon as we leave him. Do you have any tips.Whenever we take him to the crate for the night he will poop in it. He also doesn’t eat dog food and only eats what we eat.

  28. Corgi Love

    Anyone else get the sexy swan bark box ad?

  29. xanelle lacerda

    Thanks Zak George, my dog has been doing quite well in matters of training.
    He has learnt soo much!!!

  30. Corgi Love

    Yes! Another video

  31. Flynn Luka

    Thanks for creating realistic and importantly force free training videos. Much respect to you Zak!

  32. Clara

    My fox red lab is almost 5 months old and puppy biting doesn’t seem to be improving, we’ve tried everything! Does anyone have any tips? I’m so worried I’ll end up with a bitey fully grown Labrador 🙁

  33. Patrick O'Neill

    REALLY CURIOUS! What are you thoughts on whimpering like a hurt puppy when they bite? I did that with my Great Dane and she responded very well and quickly. At 4 months she did not bite at all.

  34. muhammad qaiser

    Will the inertia series carry on after this series?

  35. India Hill

    Could you also do like an update on Inertia? I was wondering if she is completely off leash yet and how she is doing with other things like leash walking too.

  36. Chiannachan

    The “crating the puppy when YOU are frustrated”. That. I get that. I’m teaching my three months old pup on my own, since I live alone. And I tend to “put him to bed” whenever he gets tired and overstimulated and therefore starts biting like a snapping turtle. I love him, but I can’t train him when I’m frustrated because my ankles and fingers are bleeding… thankfully he tends to fall asleep immediately whenever that happens ^^” but it’s no good and your words made me realise that I’ll need to be better for him. I’ll do my best. 🙂

  37. Samantha Hu

    Got a good look at those sharp puppy teeth! Haha

  38. One Mike

    Can you please show if you have more than 1 dog at all times please

  39. Northwest Girl

    Love your videos!! Ending the play session with a stern expression, tone, and body language whenever my puppy bit/chewed helped a lot. Also playing the “leave it” game with treats/socks taught her more self control.

  40. April Lynn

    Should the kennel be in a main area around family or should it be in a more secluded area, like a bedroom or laundry room?

  41. R3N On Keys

    My golden is 5 months she turns 6 months tomorrow but we like her to be tied under the table is that good to do if she isn’t fully trained yet because she likes to go inside the trash can and eat what’s in it and when we are eating she jumps on the table so is it good to limit her space so she can’t do naughty stuff like that?

  42. Anders Lien

    Hey Zac, Love your videos, very helpful. I just got my first puppy ever 2 weeks ago, he is 10 weeks old now and has started to learn a few things like sit, down and when he needs to go potty he will go to the front door. But because i’m so unexperienced, i find it hard sometimes to know how to handle stuff. I watch your videos, but i can’t expect to get the same results as you do and i don’t. It’s a cavalier king charles spaniel, any advice? I’m afraid to make mistakes..

  43. Mxrina


  44. PetrulaDentGame s

    Zak George do plis a video how to train a rough collie beceouce is the first time of i have a puppy 4 months old

  45. Certified Ben

    My dog always jumps on people when they come to the door

  46. Georgy P Joseph

    Can u pls mention how to make a dog to bark at strangers..pls…as my dog don’t bark at strangers

  47. BENNETasThePro Gaming

    Isn’t three weeks over yet

  48. JuicySkittlz

    So I was curious, if you say yes, go down to reward, then she does the behavior you dont want before you were able to give the reward…do you withhold that reward, or still give it?

  49. Star Sisters

    Thanks a lot!!!! The video is very helpful awseome topics covered And Kona is soo cute as always

  50. Sri Hari

    Hello sir i love your content but I need to know how to raise a protective dog which can protect from burglars because my last doberman was too friendly with everyone I don’t want my new doberman grow that way

  51. winxred12

    Sooooo cUte 😭🥺


    This is such a friendly and nice community! KONA IS SO CUTE I WISH YOU COULD KEEP HER!

  53. Jenn c

    My puppy only does leave-it command inside the house. When we go outside she leaves it then goes back after taking the treat. How can I get my puppy to permanently leave something when walking outside?

  54. Clara

    My lab puppy will only listen with treats but I don’t want her to become overweight. Any tips?

  55. How to train your dog

    Thank you 😊 Zak

    I hope you know my puppy lunar because I always get tips from you through email and I have my own YouTube channel training my puppies. But I’m still bad at my videos

  56. Ik Em

    The five protagonists in your videos I like most: the topic, the dog, the camera, you, your shoes !!

  57. Olivia’s DIY’s! !

    Hi, my mum and I watch your video’s and it helps us train our dog 🐶 Gabi. We are struggling with the house training and she is almost 6 months old. She is a Bichon Frise, do you think it is connected to the breed? We got her when she was 4 months old. Thank you 😊! Please Respond😃🙂

  58. Noob SKlllZ Gaming

    My both dogs always fights what to do 😭💔

  59. Audi Man9

    These videos help a lot
    For a 6 week old puppy

  60. Noob SKlllZ Gaming

    Imagine getting a heart from zak💓

  61. dragonwings gamer

    Hi I love your videos

  62. Sarah Akers

    Thank you for making helpful and entertaining videos Zak!

  63. Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

    My puppy is wild. She won’t stop jumping on people and she has a short attention span and is afraid to be alone. She also gets into everything on the floor.

  64. The Gaming Nature

    I’m getting a borador puppy soon would it be a good loyal pet

  65. Mike A

    Always great videos! Standard reference for my new puppy training.

  66. Sagar Sharma

    Can we use chicken biscuits to train dog?

  67. Siddharth S Nadimpalli

    There is a YouTube channel called goxxly who says mean stuff about u

  68. Kyra Grant

    Hey Zak im a big fan of your videos and have followed Inertia (and Kona I guess) from the beginning but I was wondering if you are going to do another series on another dog for a few weeks if you could try a more stubborn breed like a husky p.s: I know that Border collies ( Inertia ) can be stubborn but are still very eager to please

  69. A Jackson-Ross

    Is that a cockapoo

  70. Kevin T.

    Do you train any dog

  71. Randy Armstrong

    Thank you for your help I have Learned a lot training my cane Corso she is almost 4 months old and is very good.

  72. EduTwork

    Hey Zak Thanks for the new video! Do you by any chance know if music helps calm down dogs? Thank you and happy 2021.

  73. Emanuel Hurley25

    We just got a new puppy, these guides are really helping. Thanks zak!!!!


    Thanks for the guidance and I will use it for my pup

  75. JJDC

    Think your amazing Zac thanks for these videos they rlly rlly help

  76. Hye Oh

    this is amazing!!

  77. Ashley Animations


  78. Kylee Liden

    I love your videos!!! I have been training my friends lab and you have been soooo helpfull

  79. sailoria

    Thank you so much! I’m getting a new dog today!

  80. Yuvraj Manoj Sharma


  81. Yuvraj Manoj Sharma

    Second lest goooo

  82. Elizabeth Fuentes

    Love you Kona!

    I am getting a border collie soon too!

  83. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am 1st

  84. Life Is Animated, Inc.


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