Dog Training QA - How to Solve Common Dog Training Problems
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Dog Training QA – How to Solve Common Dog Training Problems

This video addresses the following questions and more:
Will free feeding a dog solve the dog’s desire to forage and sniff?
I want to try raw feeding my dog.
Crate training issues with my dog.
Bringing outside living dogs inside.
Jack Russell Terrier chasing small animals.

All this and more. Be sure to check our online dog training lessons here as well.

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8 Thoughts to “Dog Training QA – How to Solve Common Dog Training Problems”

  1. mcwbrasil

    Many thanks for answering my question. Made my day! 😊

  2. raqueltheboss

    Hi, I have a 9 week old GSD and he is a water hound. He wants water allll the time and is constantly looking for it. Is this normal for the breed or could he be sick?

  3. Shahid Ali Bhutta

    You are the best trainer around the world sir

  4. Nancy Rivera

    I made a mistake and played tug with the long leash with my 8 week GD. She is 1 week shy of 4 months, so big, so strong and wants to tug on the leash the entire time and sometimes her teeth catch my skin. My fault, how can I resolve this? Thank you for all of your informative videos.

  5. Alysani01

    How can I teach a small dog who has to be on a harness to walk properly on a leash? my 2 year old suspected terrier chihuahua, Loki is surprisingly strong for such a small dog. every time we try and go for a walk he is barking and whining like crazy and pulling the leash because he wants to sprint out the door, I try and tell him to sit and wait at the door but he just keeps barking and whining. I end up picking him up and carrying him to the sidewalk because that makes him more calm. all of the training tutorials I see are directed toward big dogs and always say “Use a prong collar, a slip collar.” etc. no one goes over how to train a small dog to walk on a harness. he cant have pressure from a collar because of throat issues where he starts coughing. he has a harness with both a back and chest loop for clipping the leash on.

  6. Adrian Richards

    E collars banned in Wales ….don’t believe banned in England…..i wait to be corrected Robert

  7. Loretta Powell

    I would cry all night if I couldnt sleep with my dog.

  8. The Jindo Man

    Heads UP!! Today Petco has stopped selling what they call “shock collars” and is now circulating a petition on its website to limit the sale and use of these tools. I have called Petco advising to remove the petition from their site: it is their business what they choose to sell, however politicizing this issue to better their image and get more customers is ultimately going to do a disservice to many dog’s lives. If you see this and understand the damage limiting the use of these collars can do please share this and contact Petco. Thank you.

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