How to safely use the E Collar- Dog training with America's Canine Educator

How to safely use the E Collar- Dog training with America’s Canine Educator

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How to safely use the E Collar is a question that is asked consistently. In this video, Thomas explains the main theory behind dog training with an E collar. You will learn why the E collar is not a “shock” collar and the differences between the two devices. When applied properly the E collar is an essential tool for off-leash training. Thomas explains how and when to use the E Collar and create the proper association between your dog and the E Collar. Any tool can be used improperly however, it is the operator at fault when this occurs. Once you learn how to safely use the E Collar in your dog training sessions the results will speak for themselves.

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151 Thoughts to “How to safely use the E Collar- Dog training with America’s Canine Educator”

  1. Wyatt Blacker

    Damn. I’m a fucking idiot.. thank you so much. There weren’t any recent videos for teaching e-collar training. I felt so bad and my dog was getting scared of me. This video honestly helped me so much. Thank you.

  2. Creole Creole

    Way too much talking.

  3. The Online Dog Trainer Review

    Love it! AWESOME

  4. Chelsea Christian

    How do I brake my dog from being a bully / aggressive at the dog park?. And how do I brake my dog from leash pulling?. And how do I train my dog to walk behind me when on walks?.

  5. hreins

    Well, I used to think e-collars were cruel, but you explained it very well. Thank you! My question is, once the dog is e-collar trained, will he be trained without the e-collar? Or will you always have to use the collar?

  6. Nancy Elaine

    Thank you

  7. carol Hettinger

    I’m buying an e-collar so…any way to give you you credit for the sale, ie, Amazon? And thanks for the education just the best! Carol in Florida

  8. Stephanie Gregory

    My dog has extreme food aggression and I want to train her to stop grawling at us. But I dont want to hurt her or be cruel. Idk why she is this way or why she growls at her parents. We spoil her maybe that’s why idk

  9. Daks Skier

    So I’m curious what this level you can’t feel is? I just received ecollars for my dogs because I moved to a large property, way too big to fence off (and we don’t want to), but even on the lowest level (that isn’t vibrate) my dogs jump. When I use it on myself I can certainly feel it. It doesn’t hurt per se, but I can definitely feel a snap on the lowest setting. It most definitely isn’t like e-stim at a physical therapy or chiropractor’s office (which I absolutely love). It does have a vibrate mode as well. Should I be using that instead? Both dogs are mid sized, about 45 lbs. These are not cheap collars either. My in-laws use them for their hunting dogs and they like them but I feel a little bad about the way my dogs are reacting to them. Any input would be appreciated.

    1. John Walton

      Oh! Also, is set on “continuous” mode.

    2. John Walton

      Daks Skier wow. I have the “mini educator”. I couldn’t feel it until I set it on 20. My dog’s set at 15. Goes to 100.

  10. Melissa Guardiano

    Can an e collar be used for training a dog that is reactive to other dogs on leash?

    1. Andrue Desmarais


  11. Ana

    How young is to young to start e-collar? Could we use that to teach them to stop bitting?

  12. Sandy Roo

    Could someone recommend a brand or model of collar

    1. Sara Sims

      Mini Educator is what I use 🙂

    2. Jacob Stanley

      sport dog, very simple to use and has a lot of custom choices.

  13. Rosemary Daly


  14. The fur Flock

    People think I am a cruel dog owner because I use an e collar.if you use it properly it’s so amazing!we would have probably had to re home my dog if not for the collar!its so great if used PROPERLY!

  15. Adrian Borg

    Thanks!!! Love my dog, this helped a lot!

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      So happy for you! Thanks for watching Adrian!

  16. Israel Morales

    Thank you man

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      you da man!

  17. Holmes416

    I have a 100lb mastiff which e collar should I go with?

  18. M Klos

    Great video! Will the dog only listen to and obey the commands from me or in general?

  19. Christy Sanchez

    You’re not making sense 🙁

  20. Why are people Subscribed to me

    Could it be used to stop my dog from being aggressive? She’s seven months old and bites really hard, she’s left marks bc she bites so hard. I’ve watched tons of videos, and read tons of articles on how to get her to stop, nothing has worked so far.

  21. rorykelly45

    Iv only heard the bad stuff about shock collars! So good to hear u explain it the way u did! Me personally I wouldn’t want to use an e collar! But still interesting to watch all the same 👍

  22. myah

    What e collar do you recommend there are so many choices.

    1. Blond_Albatraoz _

      I am not Tom but in my opinion Mini Educator,e tech

  23. Erin Barker

    Can you link the exact collar? I bought a similar one and it actually only has 10 levels. I can feel even level 1 without a shadow of a doubt. It’s very uncomfortable for even me. Should I just use low level vibrations instead of the static?

    1. Mary Vanderbloemen

      Erin Barker it’s the Mini Educator ET-300 from Educator Technologies. It has 100 levels, so the lower ones are extremely mild

  24. john watts

  25. Robin Bures

    Start watching at 7:45 for demonstration,

    1. Tiffany Pollard


    2. lamtdragon

      Thank you! Jesus I was about to click off….

    3. Donnie Postell

      lmao I stopped at 7:12 and almost left until i read your comment. thanks

    4. Liyana

      omg thank you for this im like duuuuude get to the demonstration lol

  26. Samantha Hayes

    I just starting to condition my dog to an E collar, using level 3 and he is LESS responsive and now just tries to hide from me. I watched all of your e collar videos, holding the button down when I say name and command and releasing when he accomplishes the task. I’m only doing sit and come commands that he already knows. Any ideas???

  27. Tyler Simmons

    With training them this way will you eventually be able to not have to have this on the dog?

    1. William Younger

      Technically, yes that’s the aim. I guess it depends on the dog. If he’s far enough away from me I’m pretty sure my whippet will always go nuts if a hare flits across his vision so I leave it on just in case, but will hardly ever use it because 99.9% of the time I don’t need to

    2. The fur Flock

      Tyler Simmons yes most likely!

  28. MTRX 2010

    i got a chihuahua. this is my first dog since i was a kid. she’s a wreck. it had gotten to the point that the previous owners simply had to keep her in a kennel all day, and she only got out for bathroom breaks, mornigs and evenings when the owners go home from work, and they couldn’t take her anywhere. ive been free leash training her, but we’ve had to breakdowns to where she hauled ass out the door after telling her to stay back, and she slipped out from under my feet and made me chase her down the street. she almost got hit by a car. luckily my friend was driving by in his car and picked her up. she almost got fragged twice.

    she needs to learn never to exit the door until i give the go, and to stay out of the street.

    I ordered a collar last night, and it will be here in a couple of hours. this dog is gonna need some work. she drags me by the leash, she don’t come when she’s told to if she’s interested in something else-usually smells.

    she had 3 major problems which i’ve mostly resolved but not entirely. she regresses at random points.
    she’s ran into the street twice, and we live on a busy street. she’s taken a dump on the rug a couple of times. and she attacked a kitten who was trying to play with her. verbals and such have worked in the passed, but it’s not sticking.

    aside from flaking on attitude on random she’s a really good dog. in credibly smart. the owners were gonna drop her off at the pound already, and as we all know you can drop an animal off at a no kill shelter, but if no one adopts them they will eventually get sent to a put down shelter. I didn’t want them to do that so i adopted her, but i’m very crippled, and it’s painful for me dealing with a dog who won’t work with me.

    I hate kennels. I hate leashes. i wanna be able to go in the yard without having to strap a rope to her, or open the door without her running into the street.

    I’ve created a mental leash on her, but it’s not strong enough. I’m really hoping this works. For both our sakes. -or she’s gonna fragged on the pavement. then i will have rescued her for nothing. I’m not a dog person-I’m an animal person. I have all species of critter living here, but never a dog, and the first dog i get is a broken rescue. hopefully she can learn some obedience and compromise. i don’t want a dog in a kennel. kennel should only be for travel and safety. -not bondage or punishment. 8(

  29. UKPurplePanther

    *_Is he on coke or something_* – his mouth is ahead of his brain 🤔 🙄
    Too many people claiming they are the best dog trainer on earth…… its just about $£$£$£$£ 😠

    1. UKPurplePanther

      @Samantha Hayes Jog On and give someone else a lecture 🤪

    2. Samantha Hayes

      Have you ever had so much knowledge on something that yes, your mouth and brain sometimes don’t connect at the same time? I certainly have myself and seen this in many people. He only has x amount of time to teach his clients and has loads of information to provide. Could he speak more eloquently or directly sure, but this isn’t a Taste Masters club. Its dog training and he is getting the results his clients paid him to get and providing the information to us for free.

    3. Upstate Canine Academy

      I’m sorry can you point out in any video I’ve said I’m the best dog trainer on earth?

  30. Florence Garzon

    Learn my easy techniques for unlocking your dogs natural insight to eliminate bad behaviour and create the obedient, reliable pet of your dreams

  31. Florence Garzon

    Learn my easy techniques for unlocking your dogs natural sharpness to eliminate bad behaviour and make the obedient, obedient pet of your dreams

  32. K C

    For GSD, with the mini educator, would you recommend the thick 1/2 or 3/4 points?

  33. Zoey Boxx

    Thank you so much I’m using an e collar for training in my service dogs life for my condition she’s very bad at whining at other dogs and very bad around food

  34. Ashleigh Mayhew

    My e-collar has noise, vibrate, and shock. Which setting are you using for “stimulation” as you call it? I was a little confused. Are you using shock on level 3 out of 100 or something? Thanks!

    1. Jamie Wu

      I purchased Dr.Trainer training collar, the e collar has auto retractable will not cause irritation to dog’s neck. This function I’ve never seen before from other brand. Also I can record my own voice to train my dog, say goodbye to the traditional beep sound for good. and the security keypad lock prevent any misoperation on the remote.

  35. canadianproud94

    How do you phase out the ecollar? I want to use for outdoors when my dog is distracted but don’t always want to use the collar

  36. Sharon Godin

    It is like the dr no system I use on my back and neck when I have a migraine I will incorporate ecollar when Kayne is about 8 months old just to fine tune what he has learned since he was 8 weeks old when I started his training

  37. martin schibli

    Wow great.I have a 5 month old male Labrador.He is a very happy dog .He likes to train as well as to play.So di I :-)))However since i would like to give him more space to run but still be able to call him to com I would like to have your advice if the e collar would be on option.Currently he is used to a 20meter leash and if i call to com in 90 % of the time he comes.He stays for few minutes, heels quit well. Thank you for your answer .Best Regards Martin

  38. Jennifer CD

    Very helpful. Easy to apply the techniques when training my dogs. Thanks for putting this together.

  39. Sherron Kincaid Bristol

    I have two dogs ( 60lbs and 85 lbs) which E-Collar should I purchase?

    1. Ana Nicola

      none. be nice to your dogs

  40. Courtney Santoro

    I have a question when it comes to those. How can you be sure you are getting a connection with a dog that has a double coat? I’m assuming there is prongs that touch the skin. What brand of collar are you using? Edit: Dogtra 1900s

    1. Courtney Santoro

      Thanks Zeph, the problem is that I have Huskies. I’m not getting a connection with them. I checked several times to make sure they work. Then I try to work the prongs into the fur, but it’s not connecting. I’ve tried seeing about getting any kind of reaction by turning it up slowly and nothing. I don’t want to hurt them. So I ordered some long prongs for it. If those don’t work, then I guess I’m going to have to cut the hair where the prongs of the collar is going to sit :/ I worry about inconsistent connection.

    2. Zeph Prime

      I have a blue heeler with THICK hair and you just put your finger between the prongs and the skin of the dog, once they touch mark it to know that that’s the tightness you need for the collar prongs to touch

  41. Brian Pacini

    Great video! –

  42. go away

    I just got some e collars for my dogs, this is really good information, thanks!

  43. kira elric

    What e collar do you use and how early can you use them i take my elkhound on walks and let him go (still have a 30ft lead on him only for canal walks but i dont hold the leash) but sometimes he takes a while to come it takes a few times for me to call him he knows the command just chooses not to listen until im really far from him.

  44. Sergio Elizondo

    excellent explanation on how to and how NOT to use ecollars

  45. Sherry Walker

    How do we get the e-collar?

  46. Katharina Rüffin

    Awesome video👍🏻 I’m in a wheelchair and I got an 8 month old Labradoodle, who I train, together with a trainer, to be my service dog. I’m pretty interested in the e-collar training, because for me it’s even harder to „touch“ my dog off leash. But my main problem is, that I can’t ask him to heel and while pushing my wheelchair also pushing the button. If I only use it for things like sit, because then I can stop rolling, it wouldn’t be consistent….
    Do you think that the e-collar still could be a tool for me? I could use it while rolling, if it takes me the same time as giving a treat. But I’m scared that I accidentally push the wrong button, because I can’t look down on the remote.
    Thanks so much. Katy

  47. Andrew Thomason

    Definitely going to steal that “dial up” bit

    1. Upstate Canine Academy


  48. The Night King

    Conditioning the dog to the collar and teaching the dog how to turn off the pressure from beep, vibrate or stim is critical before using the collar for training.

  49. Isaiah Castillo

    Best E-collar video I have found that gave me a description of what to do & what not to do with the e-collar. Subscribed

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      Isaiah! Thank you so much!

  50. Munkee

    You would recommend the low level ‘shock’ over vibration as introduction to the collar??

    1. Jeannie patterson

      Munkee, the vibrations does not have a low level. It’s just a strong vibration. The stimulations can be adjusted to fit the dog.

    2. Jonathan

      The vibration setting is more of a surprise and disturbance to the dog then the low level shock is. The shock feels like a skin stimulation just like a TENS unit.

  51. Dena Martin

    I agree, well done, Tom. My sister has her King Shepherd trained off leash using an E-Collar. Is there a brand or brands that you recommend? Thanks in Advance.

    1. Jamie Wu

      I purchased Dr.Trainer training collar. It is so amazing, the e collar has auto retractable will not cause irritation to dog’s neck. This function I’ve never seen before from other brand. Also I can record my own voice to train my dog, say goodbye to the traditional beep sound for good. and the security keypad lock prevent any misoperation on the remote.

  52. Kira Wetzel

    How does this type of training work in regards to non-compliance? For example, if you’re working with a reactive dog who is quite prey driven and pops off on movement (small animals, children, other dogs) from a distance and they are not responsive to the low level vibrations from the ecollar/verbal commands, how would you proceed? Back away from the trigger and try commands (leave it) from a greater distance, or turn up the ecollar? This is where I get confused with ecollar training. I absolutely understand that it should be used as a positive reinforcement tool and should not cause harm to a dog, but I’m confused as to how it works with dogs who have a high level of anxiety/reactivity when they are out and about and who seem to “check out” and not listen to any commands and are hyper focused on an object and going ape shit, for the lack of a better term.

    1. Brandon Willsey

      Upstate Canine Academy and the dog needs to completely understand the command being given

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      Kira, good question, all my ecollar training videos highlight the introduction stages of the ecollar. To answer your question absolutely you would then turn it up if the dog wasn’t listening. The most important part to this is to make sure the dog knows WHAT the ecollar is before you ever use it as a correction.

  53. jeffrey9135

    So why not just use the dog’s name to get the same results? I have no problem with e collars used in this way (or used for negative reinforcement) but honestly all of this seems pretty easy to achieve by using their name to call them to attention. What makes this better?

    1. Dylan Rodrigues

      Say you have a very high drive dog that just stops listening because of a high distraction

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      The ability to use the ecollar from a distance to where your dog can no longer hear you. Also being able to use the ecollar to correct the dog from 1/2 mile.

  54. B Lamp

    I understand what u saying but your metaphors suck bro…..

    1. Dylan Rodrigues

      B Lamp long as someone understands them they dont suck

  55. Sean O'Neill

    We rescued a puppy mill Doodle about a year ago. He’s about 5 or 6 years old and we’ve had him out at dog parks a number of times over the past year. He does well with other dogs in big groups and has a great time playing. He has one major issue that I’m not sure how to address.

    He hates it when other dogs that he doesn’t know get in his face even if its pure excitement from the other dogs end. He is fairly clumsy and when this happens he lunges at the other dog’s throat and bites. he’s never drawn blood on another dog, but it usually end up in the other dog yelping loudly and running off OR the other dog fighting back. My dog does this 50% of the time, so it’s somewhat sporadic, but it always leaves me in an awkward position. He never does this when he’s on a leash.

    Since I don’t know exactly when he’s going to lash out at another dog that’s simply trying to play with him, I think the only way to fix this is through negative reinforcement with a dog collar. I’ve already tried other forms of negative reinforcement such as disciplining him right there on the spot (ie stern NO!, small spanking…etc), but he just kind of goes into a lash out trance when it happens, so I feel that having a collar to teach him to not do that would be a good thing. He’s extremely scared of a lot of things since he was a puppy mill dog, so this is definitely a defense mechanism probably stemming from being around a ton of dogs & puppies crawling all over him all the time. Not really sure that positive reinforcement is going to work in this scenario or how you would even go about positive reinforcement here.

    should I use a dog collar? open to ideas here since I highly value my dog’s time playing in the park with others.

    1. Dog Speak

      I agree with Dylan 100 percent! Yes you can use an ecollar to teach your dog not to do that or bite collars, give cheap shots, exhibit controlling behavior, making dominant gestures, guarding etc.. Just make sure that your dog is well versed with the ecollar first. The dog must know that it’s his behavior that turns the collar on and off and that it has nothing to do with the other dog. Based on what you said I would guess your dog is uncertain about some dogs intentions so he lashes out in a half hearted attempt to stand up for himself due to lack of confidence. I would find a friend with a fairly well balanced dog. A dog with a good positive playful energy. These dogs often have one thing in mind, play. So they give off good no harm signals to encourage and reassure your dog that they would rather play than fight. I like to start through a fence. let them smell each other and watch the reaction. If there’s a negative reaction, correct it, move the dog away from the fence, Put spacial pressure on him, when the dog sits and acknowledges that you’ve asked him to submit, restart. Once you feel comfortable you can drop leashes and watch their reactions. Anytime you need to correct you have to follow through until the dog acknowledges by sitting. Both dogs will begin to see the role you are assuming. Once the dogs have initiated play and have tired themselves out you can now pick up the leashes and open the gate. Both handlers should start walk in the same direction with one behind the other. Allow the rear dog to sniff the other dogs butt. Keep it short and sweet at first. Then switch places. Correct any attempts to hump or to place their paw or chin on top of the other dog. When you feel like the dogs seem calmer and more comfortable you can drop the leashes. If one dog is behaving particularly well I usually let that one go first. I also usually leave the leashes on for a while in case we need to grab them quickly. It can help to just keep walking once the leashes are dropped. Dogs will often find common smells that they can enjoy together. This can help them to bond in a much calmer way. Once they start playing you just have to watch them and correct unwanted behaviors from both dogs. All corrections should end with their compliance. ( IE sitting, which is a dogs way of saying I don’t wish to challenge you) When the dogs see you as someone who is taking charge it sets them at ease knowing someone is in charge. Once the dogs understand the rules of engagement , they accept that you are in control and they form a bond with each other.. They are 1000 times less likely to fight. Also your dog is learning the rules of engagement which are always the same. From there you can invite other dogs in. Once two dogs understand the rules the third dog is much easier as they usually just fall into place. The dogs should not be allowed to control the environment or the other dog. Meaning they should not block access to you, push the other dog out of the way, control resources. No humping, no chins on top. No correcting. If a dog corrects you correct and follow through. If you see the other dog try the same thing that caused the dog to correct, you correct that dog for his offense. If early on you see and still or stiff body posturing, side eyeing, lip licking or curling or even snapping, then you’ll probably have a difficult time matching them. Other than that always end on a good note and for the next couple times always reintroduce them the same way. It usually goes much faster. Since your dog sounds like he has kinda minor insecurity he will gain confidence through socializing and he will feel safety knowing that you are there to control the situation… Oh yes, also it’s best not to let things get to over excited at first too. They can get rough and take things the wrong way. I usually give a vibrate and call the dogs back to me and have them offer compliance. When they do just go back to what you were doing. Once they bond more you won’t really have to get on them that much. Make sense?

    2. Dylan Rodrigues

      I would just avoid dog parks all together. They arent great for socialization since many dogs that go there dont have manners or understand boundaries and especially since your dog reacts that way inconsistently and is unfair to others and your dog. Also you its harder to advocate for your dog at a dog park since if your dog isnt being a problem but another dog is instigating your dog you cant correct that dog because it isnt yours and you dont know how it will react and if you know how your dog is about to react badly for being instigated it is unfair to correct him because the other is not. My experience with dog parks has not been great since it mostly consists of people who dont understand how dogs work and bring in pushy, snotty, and mannerless dogs that would put my dog and my friends dogs in unwanted situations that would make them look guilty because of their breeds which consist of my german shepherd and her two staffordshire terriers who all do fine with balanced dogs. This is just from my personal experience at dog parks and information i got from trainers and behaviorists and is by no means a professional opinion. But i will reiterate do not bring your dog to dog parks because one day hes gonna snap at a dog who will make him stop. If you want your dog to play with other dogs though just get people that you know that have dogs that you know your dog has no issues with and go somewhere where they can play together.

  56. vce

    Great vid, thanks!

  57. Captain Ron

    This is a great explanation. Thanks for that. But you will never convince everyone

  58. MrDeathd

    have you ever had your controller get turned up by accident in your hoody pocket.I did and I didnt realize it ,man i felt stupid, i gave my dog a command hit that button he jumped straight up in the air yipped ,i was like why did he do that when i looked at the controller and it was on 12 instead of 4 ,I felt so sorry for him and believe me i know how bad those damn things hurt i was curious turned it up to 30 i had it sitting on my leg ,shorts on when i hit that button oh my lord thats a jolt.

    1. Paschal Duckett

      A good e collar has a lock on it so whatever stimulation level you use, you can lock it in so that mistakes like that don’t happen.

    2. MrDeathd

      @Captain Ron Be observant check it before you use it , i should have looked at it before i hit the button but at the 3 rd command he still hadn’t responded , Its made him a little leary of it but the training continues

    3. Captain Ron


      So your point is that you have to be careful when/if you use e-collars? Right? Or are you saying that we shouldn’t use these things because there is a potential for harm?

    4. Upstate Canine Academy

      Yes! Shit happens!

  59. John Hilton

    Once you use an e collar on the beast can you cement the the training foundation enough to allow you to stop using the collar and still getting the desired response? Thanks

  60. G-dogg

    My only thing is it seems to make the dog timid what’s wrong with that pup why does she seem timid?
    I have a malamute and could never get him to act like that

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      G-dogg and malamutes are never supposed to act like that. They are one of the toughest breeds to work with for that reason .

  61. D Baby

    My only concern is will the dog listen when the collar is NOT on them? Because they know when it is or isn’t around their neck.

    1. Dylan Rodrigues

      I have that problem. My dog either blatantly ignores me or uses shortcuts to do what i say if he is not example. For example i tell my dog bed but he just stares at me i wait a bit i tell him bed again he sits this is without ecollar. But when my dog is wearing the collar he will go right to his bed and lay down. Hes not corrected for not listening to commands while wearing the collar but is just more likely to listen i usually use it for if hes gonna do something like eat a sock or becoming reactive to my neighbors dog.

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      Jaime Lopez good point

    3. Jaime Lopez

      You’d be taking that risk with any training method, whether it’s treats or a e-collar

    4. Upstate Canine Academy

      Yes, I stress this a lot in most my videos!

  62. saq010101

    My dog is laser focused on the leash at home. He walks & runs great until we see another dog. Then he pulls cause he wants to play…. unless the other dog is aggressive, then he’s ready to fight. I got the e-collar to try and help with the reaction to other dogs. The thing is, he listens perfect at home. Put him on a leash or start training and he’s next to my side and will do anything on command. Until we see another dog outside. Not sure how to properly use the collar to train for that. Any advice?

    1. monkeybutt

      you being nervous about the other dog will make your dog nervous. try to remain calm and don’t make the leash too tight. if need me, lightly tap your dog with your foot (not kicking or anything like that but a light little tap just to get the dogs attention)

    2. Montly99

      Lol I need some help with this too, my 7 month old Beauceron is the same

  63. wolfygrl24

    I work at a training/daycare/boarding place that pushes e collars on owners. They use them more for punishment and the handlers are irresponsible with them during dog daycare. They sometimes get the remotes confused and “correct” the wrong dog, or accidentally push the buttons and shock or vibrate a dog by mistake. I watched a dog freak out and yelp in pain because a button was accidentally pressed and the dog was doing nothing wrong.

    1. Dylan Rodrigues

      Most daycares have people working there that dont understand how to correct a dog or identifying who to correct. I worked at one and would get in trouble for kicking a dog out of day camp because of behavior because to them it wasnt the problem dog it but said it was the dog reacting. Eventually one day i wasnt getting a response from any co workers to remove said problem dog and eventually he attacked one of the other dogs and a multi dog fight broke out and i got bit because i had to use an air horn (as instructed when a fight happens) one of the dogs decided it didnt like that i used it and latched on. That day i quit. Most dog day cares are ass and shouldnt be used. It can reinforce or teach bad behaviors and start problems especially with hyper dogs. There are good ones but most of the time they arent

    2. Upstate Canine Academy


  64. VCMD propulsion

    you are super well spoken and mark all the good points! do you have or could you make a few more videos about “why training is so important” i.e safty, and good vs bad callers like a review video

  65. VCMD propulsion

    very well done, I live in the mountains. have a problem with a new puppy roaming. both dogs know they are supposed to stay on the property, but they are smart. dogs are like kids, they will play by the rules till you’re not looking, then poof gone.

  66. Tosi Yamato

    You follow my command or you get electrocuted ……

    1. Amanuel Refu

      Tosi Yamato when puppy’s are over excited and start charging their mother for milk, the mother starts growling and will bite the puppy’s as a correcting measure.. so don’t think of it as in cruel just compare it to the natural world and how it’s quicker and not as painful

    2. Ana Nicola

      I just hate e collars. I wish they weren’t invented.

    3. Dylan Rodrigues

      Tosi Yamato i mean the difference following a command or ignoring it could mean life or death. For example a dog starts to eat something it is not supposed and doesnt drop it when you tell it to oh well dogs dead nothing i couldve done about it

  67. Robert A. Lofgren Jr.

    It’s a cruel thing to use on your dog. How would you like to be shocked or tasered? You can still train a dog without electric collars.

    1. sheneil parsons

      If you listened you would know it’s not a “shock” it’s basically a vibration, educate yourself about it before you assume it’s automatically a bad thing to use

    2. Dylan Rodrigues

      It really isnt….. yes people misuse them and hurt dogs intentionally and unintentionally but when used properly theyre amazing tools. If you actually watch the video you wouldve gotten that. Also many dogs need these types of tools but many dont. Sometimes these tools can be determining factor between life and death which more people need to learn.

    3. Upstate Canine Academy


  68. Kio

    We just launched the new version of dog training collar, which has 3 modes and 100 levels intensity, besides we seperate the function buttons, it’s one mode one button now. We believe it’s easier for expert trainers & first time pet owners to use, and it’s also safer for your dogs. So if you are interested in testing, please let me know : )

    1. John Hilton

      What collar did you introduce?

  69. L.A. November 2019

    My GSD has a bomb proof recall, but I will always fit him with an E collar when off-leash; because you just never know. I have invested countless hours and dollars into my dog, and I love him like he’s my child. Great video, there’s much ignorance out there.

  70. Ellie White

    What brand of collar were you using?

    1. mattystewart8

      Mini educator et-300 by e collar technologies.

  71. Joel Dennis

    Wow great way to explain this! I used to think it was cruel to use these, but it was just because I didn’t know the proper way to do it. I just bought one but haven’t started training my dog yet. I have a 1 year old German Shepherd/Husky mix and she LOVES to run. She listens to me most of the time, even when she is after something, but occasionally she gets to caught up in chasing an animal that she tunes me out. She was gone for 2 hours one day and that’s when I decided it was time to train her with an e collar. It looks like it is best to begin with training her on the leash until she associates the stimulation with a command.

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      Joel Dennis awesome to here Joel!!!

  72. Randolph Pettit

    You lost me lol. You’re bouncing around from one concept to the next lmao, but I got an idea of what you mean.

    1. Brew

      Yup, a lot of talking without actually saying anything. Understand his point, but really no instruction by him.

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      Stan Pettit sort Stan

  73. Muffin Top

    I have never used an e collar before and wow the results are instant. I have a new german shepherd puppy that was starting to see my little dog as prey when running outside. She was getting too aggressive with her and no amount of training would stop her. Plus the other dogs thought I was correcting them so everyone was not having fun. I tried it on myself first to know what she was feeling. I have it set to 17 which feels like a tingle (she is pretty sensitive). She stopped immediately I only used it maybe 4 times before she got the message. This thing is great and everyone is happy on our walks. It even stopped her from eating poop, which was driving me crazy. I highly recommend.

  74. Belinda Roca

    Hi Tom.. can u do a video on barking.. specifically in the Crate pls. We just got a 1 yr old terrier mix rescue.. she does not stop barking. We ignore her and she’ll stop only when we leave the room. It’s very frustrating. What are the correct steps in handling this? Don’t know if this is the correct place to write this. Just discovered your channel and I’m hooked. Wish u were in Miami.

  75. marcos padilla

    I took my dog to a trainer and he punished my dog using the E-collar. Automatically dropped him off the class and started training him myself. My dog now sees the collar as a negative thing. How do I transfer the e-collar from being a negative thing to being a positive thing for him?

    1. Bob Dole

      You may have to feed the dog every time they see the collar and get them acclimated to just wearing it. Eventually when they wag their tail when seeing the collar you train them to positively associate stimulation by feeding them when you click. Eventually the negative behavior goes extinct with only positive reinforcement.

    2. waxxy mouse

      New ecollars and lots of positive association. Feed dog every time you tap

  76. Brian Belknap II

    This is what people need to hear. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. Buy the best products and learn from the best. But, sadly there’s ignorant people abusing a good tool. That’s all an E-collar is, a tool. Well spoken sir

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      THANK you Brian

  77. Jake Elkins

    thank you for this video tom. my german shepherd and I just started using a dogtra 1900s and it’s a well made piece of equipment. sure brought a ton of fun back into what we’re able to do together. your statement about how well dogs respond on the 3-5 setting is so true… when we can’t even feel a thing. the man!

  78. Jocelin Mauricio

    Any specific age u recommend to start conditioning a dog to the e-collar?

    1. Kc Lee

      Typically 5 months or older.

    2. T Miller

      Jocelin Mauricio i have a 7 month old german shepherd (male) and I’m looking forward to getting the collar.

    3. Jocelin Mauricio

      I have a German shepherd 😊

    4. Upstate Canine Academy

      Jocelin Mauricio depends on the breed I’d say, what do you have

  79. Steve C

    Tom you previously did Ecollar 1and 2/3 but never 4/5. Could you please add this to your list in the future. Thank you so much for your videos.

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      Im working on that, this video sheds light on the whole process!

  80. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Really well explained Tom. My 18 month old BC would be dead if I hadn’t e collar conditioned her. She had a fear response to traffic and would lunge at every passing car, chase industrial lawn mowers and lorries etc. Now on very low levels she just looks at me. Usually I only need to page her. Occasionally I have to use a nick but she can be off leash and obey all commands just with a no. I agree the cheap ones should be avoided at all costs. Zed also has Pica which the e collar stopped. Such a shame that e collars are misused by some trainers. Now layering it into her work on even lower levels like a 1 or 2 🙂
    Love your open mind. Keep it coming . Thanks 🙂

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      Thanks so much! I always appreciate the love!

  81. Andrew Ramos

    Love those things. My dog has a lot more freedom because of it. Rarely even press a button now.

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      Right? It’s amazing how close minded people are!

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