How to Rescue a Shelter Dog - Episode 67
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How to Rescue a Shelter Dog – Episode 67

Shelter dogs are a unique situation and rescuing one of these amazing dogs has its benefits.

There are also some things you should be aware of before you bring a shelter dog home.

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In this, my New Year’s Eve podcast, I discuss one of the things closest to my heart, opening your heart to a shelter dog.

In my work with Bound Angels, I’ve worked with countless shelter dogs, trainers, rescue personnel, shelter management, and shelter trainers and volunteers to help them better understand the dogs in their care.

I hope this podcast will enlighten you on making the decision to adopt a rescue dog the best choice for you.

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17 Thoughts to “How to Rescue a Shelter Dog – Episode 67”

  1. Robert Cabral

    check my online dog training lessons at:

  2. HeyJoeHaze

    Awesome info!
    I wish that all people that want to adopt a dog see this video.


    Akita. Took home from a shelter. Person who relinquished dog hadn’t disclosed it was trained as a protection dog, “in fear it may not get re-homed.” Ended in a mess !!! Caveat Venditor simply means “let the seller beware”, which imposes a greater responsibility on the sellers themselves for the goods and services that they sell. In this case the shelter.

  4. Kat Sim

    Lol. Its just like a kid. You either have one, or adopt someone else’s. I prefer to say I got my dogs at an adoption event rather than say they came from a rescue. After all, they are awesome dogs. Why would they need to be “rescued”?

  5. jackandlilly

    Brilliant podcast!!! Especially for me who has done nothing else but adopt dogs from shelters. Currently have 2 little dogs- high energy!! I take 3 weeks holidays – usually planned ahead to get the new dog used to his/her new home. Establishing a routine. Sometimes hard work- patience is a must. So far this has always worked out. And I feel so lucky- they are happy… Thanks Robert. So appreciate your talks.

  6. Painted Pony

    I’ve just trained the most beautiful, high-drive husky who is with the 4th owner. I’m so sad, because the latest (4th) owner does not understand or value the need to bond. He is only interested in the dog’s behavior at dog parks. He won’t clean or secure the yard and is frustrated with the constant escapes. He won’t do consistent training. He won’t socialize. I fear for the dog. Owners should be licensed, not the dogs.

  7. Donald Dj

    Mr.Robert, Thanks So much for this Video, Way to ROCK OUT 2021!!!!! I know it’s A touchy subject, Please could u do all about Dog fights, I Really feel people need to know. Giving your Dog away on Craigslist , Or Free could be bad,U have done all my videos I Requested,

  8. Hector's Kmetija

    A couple of years back, I got another rescue dog. The shelter wouldn’t let me have the one I thought would be compatible with my other rescue dog. Instead the one they let me home, was a nervous wreck. I’ve had success in confidence building dogs in the past. But three weeks in, it suddenly turned on my first dog. The shelter wouldn’t take it back. I tried for a further 3 weeks, it did it again ( unprevoked). I had to threaten to leave it there before they would take it back. They were never unsupervised, constant training but twice just went mental for 30 seconds. No signals before and reverted to normal behaviour after. But my other dog was visably stressed out. Luckily now my original dog has new friends, three orphan sheep and a 7 month old doby.

  9. Artizan

    Hey Robert – we rescued a five-year-old female AKC shepherd from an abusive AKC breeder three weeks ago. Such a sweetheart. A little under weight/malnourished but doing very good now with food. She is bonding well with our family and finally barked at the UPS guy yesterday. She follows me incessantly around the house. I don’t mind, but wonder what your experience is with a shepherd that follows you EVERYWHERE. Thanks.

  10. onor enzieBian

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  11. markhalleck

    GREAT VIDEO ROBERT!! Matching a owner with the correct dog and visa a versa is the most overlooked principle by shelters and rescues and because of that they end up getting that same dog back!! Robert you are also right when you say you have to understand the breed and can you handle a dog of that breed!!

  12. ira IsiraIsir

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  13. Lisa Ann Miller

    Such GREAT information!! So much truth!! Thank you, Robert!

  14. Dave Hirst

    Great input ! HNY from the UK 🍻

  15. Cole Jude

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  16. Mister Robel

    Subscribe my channel for more videos with my dog!

  17. Bic narok

    We have a Malinois/Boxer mix shelter dog from greece, she has a fantastic character but unfortunately doesn´t always come when called when offleash (in a safe area with her dog friends or in a digging frenzy)

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