How to Raise a Good Dog - Puppy and Adult Dog Questions
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How to Raise a Good Dog – Puppy and Adult Dog Questions

When you get a puppy, you’ve got a lot of questions. In this video, I address viewer questions including:

1. My Cane Corso got attacked and now isn’t confident. What do I do?
2. How old should my puppy be before using a prong collar?
3. Is adding a Dutch Shepherd puppy to our family a good idea?

Each question needs special attention to take the dog’s best interest into account.

I address each of these questions in this video.

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11 Thoughts to “How to Raise a Good Dog – Puppy and Adult Dog Questions”

  1. Robert Cabral

    check out all of my online dog training lessons in one place:

  2. natalie hernandez

    My dogs were trained by a positive only trainer unfortunately when they were puppies and now they won’t come inside unless I have a treat. They will come inside for my husband without a treat but they won’t for me how can I change this. Thanks Robert!

  3. Roux Chat

    Great advice, as always, particularly with regard to bringing two pups into the home at the same time. Thank you. 💖🐶😽😻💖

  4. Jarek Kubala

    I value your advice but I have to say I strongly disagree with you regarding litter mates. Few months ago I got two cane Corso bitches from the same litter. Yes it took lots of time to train them, yes it took even more patience but it can be done. It was even harder as they have completely opposite personalities. One is a lover and wants to cuddle all the time. one is a fighter. Very energetic and high prey drive.

  5. Ralph Tarraf

    i trained my dog following your advices and ZakGeorge from day one and now my gsd malinois mix can go off leash and knows all the tricks i credit you mostly and him and thanks for this amazing journey

  6. Tanvir Kemp

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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  8. Virginia Pursley

    Thank you Robert! This is really helpful.

  9. Dave03Ares

    What do you think about Don Sullivan?

  10. Jannell Meagher

    Perfect advice all around. Very well done! Thank you.👏

  11. Jeena Bordoloi Deka

    Very informative 😁

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