How to Properly Use a Prong Collar on a Puppy
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How to Properly Use a Prong Collar on a Puppy

The very first things I do before I use a prong collar on a puppy is:
1. Show the owner how it feels
2. Introduce the prong collar to the dog before I ever use it.

That is to say that I teach the puppy what he or she should expect and how to avoid this correction. the prong collar, often called a pinch collar, can be a very effective tool for controlling a strong, large dog without using much force. It is not a tool of torture that so many people will tell you. If it is used incorrectly (just like any other tool) it can certainly harm the dog. So in this short video, I show you how to introduce the collar to your puppy or dog and how to properly use it.

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20 Thoughts to “How to Properly Use a Prong Collar on a Puppy”

  1. Robert Cabral

    See the full version of this video and tons more:

  2. hollis

    It’s always so sad reading ignorant comments from people who so completely misunderstand the prong collar. When used correctly by a competent handler on a dog that needs it, it is %100 the most humane option and it saves countless dogs from euthanasia. I have seen slip leads, flat collars, and martingales cause more tracheal damage than anything. When incompetent handlers (assholes) misuse any tool they cause all kinds of damage. Prongs are meant to be used with a light hand by someone who understands them. Most dogs don’t need a prong, but when a dog does it’s the only way. The People on here are commenting like the prong is some kind of mid-evil torture device and it’s maddening. Thousands of aggressive dogs could be saved from euthanasia with the prong but prong stigma prevents its proper utilization. The craziest part is when throwing cookies fails to help an aggressive shelter dog, some people would rather see the animal euthanized than try a prong. Why not try every tool? Mr. Cabral has directly saved thousands of shelter dogs from this fate. His content now is saving many thousands more. To call his methods lazy or cruel is utter fallacy. If you think the prong, when used correctly, is cruel than you are completely misguided and certainly have never worked with working line dogs. I have seen it time and time again restore dogs that everyone said were too far gone to be saved. Thanks for the great content Mr. Cabral.

  3. Luxury Fred

    Thanks for the video. Is the idea to use it for a specific period of time, like a few months and then stop or will you always have to use one for the dog, as he grows up?

  4. Good Wellesley Dogs Training

    Love the dual leash idea for that first introduction…
    Thanks Robert 👍

  5. Donald Dj 🇱🇷

    Mr. Robert Outstanding Video 👉🏻🐶👍

  6. Diane Murray

    You ought to work on learning how to train dogs better instead of relying on cruel techniques that are punitive, counterproductive, and lazy. You are violating your own trade organization’s guidelines.

  7. Joshua m

    Why is the sky wearing a mask outside Derp

  8. Pat Munro

    Can I ask, how would it look if the dogs coat [fur] was too dense for the dog to feel the difference between your prong and a leather martingale? Thank you. Mine reacts to leash pressure the same, but I get a “little” more control with the 2.25, should I use 3.0?

  9. Adventures of Buddha dog training

    Great into to leash pressure. Happy new year to you Robert and to your wife and pups.

  10. Marcelino Rodriguez

    Thank you so much Robert. You are a wonderful mentor to all of us 🙏🏼

  11. Stephanie's Motivational Dog Training

    You said that the dog is going to go away from the pressure-which is you. How do you think that will effect recall? Keep it up with the micro aggression and this dog is going to end up aggressive toward the handler.

  12. Jack Anthony

    All the Wrong You speak of and here you are rotating the collar while its on him.

  13. Shane Drury

    How young would you introduce a puppy to prong? As soon as leash training, or waiting till initial leash training has been learnt? Many thanks great content.

  14. watchmoivies123

    Love this where do I get this prong collar but I wanna make sure it’s legit because sometimes on Amazon there’s knock offs

  15. Sara Schneider

    How to properly use it…

    You don’t.

  16. Cute Japanese Cats and Animals Channel

    Dogs give unconditional, unrestricted love. Dogs don’t care if their owners are bad people, rich or poor, or if the house is a mansion or an apartment. Dogs are always happy to see you home, and you too will be comforted and cheered up by knowing that every time you come home they will be at the door to welcome you.🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶💖💖💖💖💖💖

  17. Penelope Hunt

    Jesus wept

  18. MEHMD1

    Really great. I do this to polish the actions with me 3 year old Mal. I learned this from you. Great video.

  19. Tori Girl

    This makes perfect sense! Thanks for explaining this in such a great way. I don’t have my baby girl yet. (I’m trying to learn as much as I can now before we “find” each other.) I was never a fan of this type of collar, but now I understand! I can see how it will streamline our training and make things easier for both of us. 🙏

  20. daddymoon666

    face diapers are still a thing…???… good lord…

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