How To NOT Totally Screw Up Your Puppy’s First Bath! (EP 14)
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How To NOT Totally Screw Up Your Puppy’s First Bath! (EP 14)

Train your puppy to like taking a bath! We will also train Kona the puppy in a completely new place too!This video is sponsored by BARK! For a free extra month of BarkBox or Super Chewer box go here: BarkBox: Super Chewer box:

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98 Thoughts to “How To NOT Totally Screw Up Your Puppy’s First Bath! (EP 14)”

  1. Certified Ben

    What breed is Indy

  2. Forrest Leaves

    Kona is wondering: what are you people wearing on your face?😷🥴

  3. David Frampton

    Unfortunately the mask makes this video unwatchable

  4. Inside The Dog-World

    Very cute dog, she’s in good hands I see 🤩 I also love training mine and other dogs

  5. Connor Casler

    I use a prong collar! And guess what! My dog likes it and gets excited when I pull it out!

  6. Katy Ailshie

    it would be absolutely amazing if you made a video on how get to dogs not to attack my bunnies

  7. brittany ouldcott

    What i really want to know is how to wash your dog without getting completely soaked and not have your back killing you! Peanutbutter has definitely made all the difference for my rescue dog, who now will stay in the bath for as long as there is peanutbutter to lick and let me do whatever but unfortunately for my back she’s huge so bathing her takes a while! All that bending over at the awkward angle is not great for me….

  8. Cardiogirl

    What happened to inertia

  9. Phil Klepka

    I don’t think the dog was nervous one bit to go through the moving door from lawn and garden to inside. Weird to see a professional dog trainer say that was being nervous at all. Surely hes seen a dog really being nervous.

  10. Alison Lee

    hey Zak, at 8:12 if Kona had an adverse reaction, say jump or pull on her leash how would you approach it?

  11. jenmontzingo

    Another great video! For your next series, could you please please work with a rescue dog so those of us who have dogs with a little “baggage” might have some could tips. Loving all your series so far!!

  12. Kaya Gaffney

    How would you deal with a dog who’s scared of rain? I dont have a dog, but I want one and I want to be super prepared for when I can get one. Thanks!

  13. Key

    The tub and shower head are so scary that treats are completely ignored😭 I hope my puppy will be less and less overwhelmed and eventually get distracted by and actually eat the treats and get bathed.

  14. Brittany Mauck

    These videos are oddly soothing. He is so kind to his animals.

  15. nic19las

    Hey! Love your videos!! I had a quick question, Why do you use a long lead instead of those retractable leashes??

  16. Violet Moon

    Your superchewer squeak interests my puppy.

  17. Matthew fransen

    You are a great trainer!

  18. Sisi Syonah

    Wow your good. I wish I knew this before I got my first puppy.

  19. Chris Gossman

    Anybody else watching this and their dog sits when Zak says sit?

  20. unknownpleasures

    I wash my rescue border collies muddy dirty paws in my bathtub 2x per day with a shower head. It is not that hard if done with kindness and treats.

  21. Simon D

    The bath part starts at 14:07

  22. mn629

    Really helpful video! and great timing for me to watch as I’m about to give our foster dog his first bath (with us – I’m sure he’s been bathed before)

  23. Totally Rad

    Your patience is second to none! You are such a GREAT trainer!

  24. Becca Geurts

    I appreciate all of your info so much, it all has worked so well for us! Your books are awesome as well and we’re currently going through your 30 day Pupford training with our new goldendoodle pup! It’s been so helpful and just want to thank you for making everything so affordable and accessible.

  25. Izabel

    I’ve tried this with my golden puppy when she was 7, 8, and 9 weeks, many times and went super slow. She is still terrified of the water coming out of the faucet sound and doesnt like the tub. We have used chicken and other treats, but still can’t get her comfortable.

    I would like to have waited longer to bathe her but I have bad allergies and really have to bathe her weekly.
    She is more ok with baths if the water is already in there and we lower her into a bath. As long as she doesn’t have to hear it coming out she tolerates it. She takes treats the whole time, but isn’t happy and tries to escape. We realized she also only wants the water to be really really warm or she starts screaming. She is 12 weeks now and still hates baths. Any suggestions?

  26. Na z

    Her walking looks so good!

  27. Julien Tant

    I was wondering… can we all agree they Kona is just doing great on everything and this is not your average dog xD

  28. Rachael K

    As I’m throwing my dog into the bath and he’s looking at me like I betrayed him. “okay well… Zak George says there’s still time to get you to appreciate the tranquility of this moment…”

  29. Noah Casa

    Do you recommend putting a dog crate in a bedroom

  30. Vivaan Modi

    The nostalgia of back in the day when inertias first bath


    My 8 month old puppy hates the bath so she pants then later throws up and now I am watching all of videos to help me with my puppy because she won’t stop biting.

  32. BananaPlaysRoblox

    hey zak i got your book!

  33. Kama Madana

    Good job. That’s the process I used with my puppy, and it was effective from the start. Also, we tend to caudle our dogs when in a bath: ” Aaw, it’s ok Fido. Ooh, you poor thing.” It’s so much better to be upbeat and playful when associating voice with a bath.

  34. Mansi G

    Does anybody have any tips on how to get your puppy to stop eating grass???

  35. Priscilla

    Just a question but I always thought pups may not walk stairs till they’re 1 year old? Otherwise they can develop issues in their joints? Is this true, I do see Kona walking the stairs. We’re very strict with our puppy but seeing Kona do this makes me rethink that theory. 🙈

  36. Light and Love To All

    I’ve been watching you since I discovered you during early lockdown. I’ve been on a waitlist since July for a Sheepadoodle and I can’t wait to get her and train her with your method. I’m so ready and she’s going to be so well trained! Thank you 🙏🦮🐕‍🦺🐩

  37. Lizette-Lee Labuschagne

    And can you please make one more video of come when called? Because I’m struggling to teach it to my dog

  38. Aᴋ᭄vignesh gaming

    Only true fans know that the title have changed

  39. Lizette-Lee Labuschagne

    Thanks for sharing this is really helpful especially with my new 12weeks old puppy that l recently got and it’s amazing how fast they lern because my puppy already knows how to sit and play fetch

  40. The_Supreme_Waffle

    HIII im one of ur biggest fan i think ive watched all of your vids im getting a dog in four month kona is so cute so is inetia and indie keep growing 🙂

  41. Louise Marie Beckham

    Good to see today’s video, as have mainlined all Inertia’s and Kona’s videos over the last two weeks and was feeling sad I had come to the present! I don’t have a puppy yet – going to get a whippet in 6 months time. My concern is that I don’t have a bath in my apartment, just a shower. Do you have any tips? I can imagine breaking down the action for being in the bathroom / noise, but there isn’t much room for introducing the water – the shower is either on and wetting the whole cubicle or off. Any thoughts?

  42. Linda Kurman

    How do I keep him from biting my cat? I have 4, he only is friends with this one and he constantly bites her on the neck. She doesent cry and goes back for more but I think he’ll hurt her

  43. Linda Kurman

    I tried it in the kitchen sink. He’s tiny. Hated it. Then one day I had him in the bathroom with me and he ventured I to the shower as I was in there. So I took the opportunity to wash him. He was ok with it. Hope he does it again

  44. TheChef

    Who else just had to shave their doodle for the first time because their coat was changing and matted beyond repair 😭

  45. Kaitlyn Watson

    as per corporate policy, home depot isn’t pet friendly. please find a different place to train!

  46. FearOG

    we you just took her a bath beuhhhhh

  47. Yeoman

    I want his shoes

  48. Vivaan Modi

    Heyy Zak still waiting for the inertia’s hug !

  49. Majd Sawan

    How many Should you bath your dog

  50. giddyrobertson

    hi zac we really need some tips our puppy has got a pretty bad case of coprophagia and it is really gross please help!

  51. Aurora Steen

    Zak, in my opinion is the number 1 dog trainer. I love how you work with the dog!

  52. Swayam Khanna


  53. Jessica Hu

    Love your videos ❤️

  54. asiana pai

    thanks for sharing well video

  55. Prunella Fernandes

    Love ur v8deos

  56. 1Punch KillZone

    I got my dog and I’m bringing it in the bath soon thanks

  57. Regal Gaming

    i remember zak bringing inertia here too

  58. kitkatcats321 Roblox

    Hi ☺️

  59. Lexi Jefferson

    I just want to say that you helped me and continue to help me raise my dog. I am a part of the 30 day perfect pup program and watch every video you post. I love what you stand for and how you train. Thank you so much for what you do!! You are amazing!!💓💓

  60. Guinea girl piggies.

    Zac is the best trainer

  61. Regal Gaming

    ayyyy let’s goo new episode

  62. 으라차차행복이

    You’re the one who cares about dogs, takes care of them, takes a bath, and you’re the best.^^

  63. ivin sam

    Best dog training videos ever💥👊

  64. Navjot Singh

    luv u Zak, Brie, Inertia, Indie n Kona 😍😍😍😍😍

  65. Lays_NL

    I just washed my pup for the 2nd time just 4 hours ago.. I needed this ! Hahah


    Very useful tips thank you ❤️❤️❤️ 🧖‍♀️

  67. Allison

    My dogs absolutely hate the bath hopefully this helps… Also question for Zak, how do you get two puppies to listen when they’re playing?

  68. Victor Eke

    First bath??
    In how many weeks

  69. mimi gaming

    How do do I get my puppy to stop barking if she sees a dog

  70. Saisha the great M

    Idk why but My dogs loves water but I have two dog the second dog is very sceared of the dog 🐶 so this helped me a a lot 🌓🌒🌓🌒🌖

  71. EmpKing

    Haha its definitely hard for me to train my puppy to take a bath, but for Zak, it’s just a piece of candy

  72. PRO BOI YT

    Yay thanks for this

  73. Danny

    I always gave my dog lots of treats in the bathtub when he was still smol and now he loves bathing and when for example I clean the bathtub then he sits in front of the tub and wants to take a bath

  74. CinnamonToastStx

    Very helpful 👌

  75. Michael

    Just want to let you know, I have learned so much from watching your videos, I really enjoy them and your tips work! Helped so much with my foster dog who is leash reactive. Thank you!

  76. Zoe Monteith

    I love your vids. They have helped me out so much. My dog now knows loads of tricks 😁 and the standard stuff

  77. EduTwork

    Zak Can you do a video on how to deal with dog death?

  78. The artist who cooks

    Your training skills are the best! And it’s very helpful that you include all the details and what techniques didn’t work out👍

  79. AydenS5

    Hi Zak George, you are a great dog trainer 🐕 and I really enjoy watching your videos!

  80. Buzz Barks

    My Buzz loves his bath….I started when he was a puppy with treats and now he loves his bath…The funny thing is he hates the rain..Figure that out! lol

  81. That_Guy_is_sus_For_me

    Zak I want my dog to live the best life but my parents won’t allow my puppy inside the house, pls can u state the advantages and disadvantages of keeping ur dog inside the house, my puppy wines when I leave her outside and I hate to see her like that

  82. Lyla Pittard

    I love this Series

  83. David Stone

    Zak how can a person address dogs who lose it when they see other animals and or people by barking like a maniac

  84. dogs rule

    Read my name!

  85. Lin NiuDing

    Omg I’m so early 🤩
    Edit: I can’t believe zac ❤️ this, Zac you have the best techniques keep up the good work!

  86. Hafez Elachkar

    Hes a good boy, period

  87. Drake

    If you seeing this the duck gods have blessed you.

  88. Ashley Animations


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