How to Make Your Own Magnet Ball - The Best Dog Training Toy
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How to Make Your Own Magnet Ball – The Best Dog Training Toy

When it comes to training toys, I will try anything and just about everything. I don’t think there’s a toy or training tool I haven’t tried with my dogs or the countless dogs I’ve trained. I think the magnet ball system is about the best.

In this video, I show you how to make your own magnet ball system. This video features the ball, magnet, and rope, I will post another video on the actual magnet system as well as my Team Cabral exclusive vest which I personally designed to be the best magnetic vest system anywhere.

NEVER leave your dog unattended with toys.
ALWAYS use large toys to prevent choking or swallowing.
NEVER let your dog play with magnets
ALWAYS remove damaged toys immediately.

Here are the links to the chew king balls on amazon:

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23 Thoughts to “How to Make Your Own Magnet Ball – The Best Dog Training Toy”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Check my online dog training:

  2. Jay Son

    I was just wondering about this. Thanks Robert.

  3. joda7771

    It’s just on my list to order a tug with magnet and two balls at ABC Klin Sport tomorrow. They have a square magnet to put into the pocket as well.

  4. My Hypermotard

    Great video. Which magnets do you recommend for inside the jacket?

  5. watchmoivies123

    I’m lost,,, how does the magnet stick to my coat?

  6. Nicolas

    Great video! I have a Topmatic ball and my dog loves it. In fact he loves it so much that he is chewing it like his life depends on it. Any tips for a consistent out with a dog who has super high ball drive and goes crazy with chewing? My only options right now are yanking the prong while giving the command or waiting for him to drop it by himself which can take a while. Both methods work but we don’t seem to make any real progress with a quick and clean out.

  7. AJ Selvaggio

    Words can’t describe how perfect this video is for me right now. Me and my 80lb Rottie love these kinds of toys, but they only last a dozen or so training sessions before the handle breaks, or is ripped through the ball AND I couldn’t find anywhere to get one of those vest/magnetic ball combos.

    Thank you SO much for this vid and for sure going to get a vest.

  8. Antho Bellant

    ??? what do you use on the inside of your training vest to stick the magnetic ball to?

  9. Great Dogs

    Monkey Fist is the fun knot. Also consider regular old velcro 😜

  10. PaPa's Woodshop

    Anytime I’m felling lazy and don’t want to take the time to train and play with my dogs. I just watch a video from you. 10 minutes later I’m outside with my dogs having the time of my life. Well we are heading out the door now. Thank you for inspiring me time after time.

  11. Michelle Manning

    Wow thanks for sharing this definitely never thought of this or heard of this please share this in Belgian Malinois Enthusiast group mal owners will love this 😀 ❤

  12. Emo

    My right ear is lonely

  13. Theodore Hyatt

    Be careful around swipe cards those magnets will ruin them they will be the last thing you buy with that credit card LOL

  14. Jim Kamradt

    My labradoodles don’t like balls (go figure) but are crazy about flirt poles.

  15. wayne wilturner

    This guy is the best on the tube! Thanks my man!

  16. Lee Miller

    also magnets must be on cloth right?

  17. Ravindra Wagh

    Nice information sir

  18. elisa Tigon

    Never though about attaching magets on jackets and toys. That is awesome. Thanks for the tips.

  19. Everything_DogsKenya

    Very educative video sir

  20. Cretu David

    Hello! This is verry informative thanks, I can’t find any retailers in my country yet. I have one question. I have fully and functionally trained my dog off leash. I can go with him anywhere anytime without a leash. The only problem that I find is the lack of attention I get. For example : if another dog plays and runs, he won’t go to play with him, he knows he isn’t allowed. But he dosen’t really want to play with the ball or interact to much with me. He still sits, downs heels, but he won’t play that much.
    I’ve done structured play with the ball with him.

  21. Peter

    Awesome great video. Dog training. Walking dog. Great show

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