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How to Make a Slow Speed ​​Dog Feeder – Top Dog Tips

Some pet owners find it funny when their dog swallows food. You joke how fast your dog eats, but it’s not a laughing matter. Eating too quickly is very bad for your dog’s digestion and can cause serious health problems. Learn how to make a slow dog feeder is an easy way to slow it down.

Eating too quickly can cause your dog to gag and gag – if you’re lucky. Peeling food can also lead to a condition known as Stomach- Dilatation Volvulus (GDV), a very serious condition.

If your dog eats too quickly, excessive fluids, air, and food fill his stomach. This can be followed by swelling of the stomach cavity. When the stomach grows, it can rotate around its axis (volvulus). This makes it impossible for anything to enter the intestines through the stomach.

You only have a short time to see a veterinarian once the GDV has entered. If not treated quickly enough, your dog may get shocked or even die suddenly. I’m not saying this to scare you. I just want you to understand that eating too fast is no joke! It is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

If your dog is a fast eater, learning how to make a slow dog feeder will help him eat and may even save his or her life. This option is simple, requires no assembly, and costs less than $ 1.

How to make a slow dog feeder

All you need to make this homemade dog slow feeder is a tennis ball or two. You may already have a pair on hand, especially if you have a pooch who loves to play fetch. If not, you can pick up some for around $ 1.

Just drop a tennis ball into your dog’s food bowl. If you have a large breed dog that has a very large bowl, you can put two balls in it. Your dog will have to use his nose to move the balls to reach all of his food.

This method doesn’t stop him from reaching the nibble, but it will take longer to find it all. He won’t be able to eat large bites either. He’ll get a few nibbles at a time, and then he’ll have to move the tennis balls to find more.

Slow feeders are beneficial for any dog. Even if your dog is a slow eater, there will be additional mental stimulation from using this type of feed dispenser. Instead of just chewing food from a standard bowl, mealtime becomes game time.

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