How to Introduce Dogs to Newborn Baby
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How to Introduce Dogs to Newborn Baby

Introducing your dog or puppy to a newborn baby is probably a big concern to you. It should be. Way too many people make many common mistakes and that puts both the dog and baby at risk. Dogs play very differently than humans and their style of play can be VERY dangerous to babies and small children. Your dog plays, engages, and communicates with his or her teeth and that can be very dangerous to young children.

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I’ve talked about this for years, but only recently had to opportunity to make this video since my friends Yossi and Vera just had a beautiful baby boy. In this short video, I give you 9 tips to safely introduce your dog/puppy to your new baby. I seriously hope that everyone with a child will watch this, share it and learn from it. I’ve heard and seen too many bad stories in which children were hurt or disfigured and inevitably the dog will pay the ultimate price. It doesn’t have to be like this. Dogs can live with children, toddlers, and babies very well. They rely on the structure from you, the humans, to make that happen. In this short video, I’ll give you a lot of information to help you how to keep your dog and children safe.

Watch this video and share it with everyone, hopefully before they ever need the info.

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25 Thoughts to “How to Introduce Dogs to Newborn Baby”

  1. Robert Cabral

    please share this video and visit my online dog training at:

  2. Duke Jitz

    Thank you very much for this video 👍🏼

  3. Debra T

    Thank you!! My mother in law stuck my newborn in her dogs face! (“To smell her”) I immediately sensed the dogs nervousness. Took my child back before disaster struck. Frustrating!

  4. Brandon Dillon

    very nice! I dont get why people say the whole hierarchy thing is a myth for dogs =( also!!! where is that dang training vest!?? cant find it on your store yet =)

  5. mike stevens

    Unbelievably timely video: Our second grandchild is due today, and we pick up our new puppy (Stabyhoun) this coming Wednesday. We are part of the childcare rotation and have wondered about training our puppy in this setting. Thanks so much Robert!!

  6. npc 123

    Thanks. Great content

  7. Koushik Ghosh

    Very important structure.

  8. Vasquimho

    Please do a video about dogs and toddlers /children

  9. 337 337

    Just get Bully type breeds, they LOVE taking care of babies.

  10. Atom Gullo

    Awesome video brother! Thank you

  11. Nik Ang

    Gosh what a timely video. We just had a new arrival! Thanks Robert!

  12. Amazing Mazey Rottweiler

    Thanks for making this video. People can be insane with their furkids v new babies’ safety.

    Online forum years ago, guy looking for advice, says dog broke out of crate, then broke down a door to get into room with newborn baby, first day baby was home and crying. If wife had been there alone who knows what might have happened, but he grabs dog, dog redirects and bites him badly, but he has it and drags it from the room. This was a large, powerful breed with the genetics to be aggressive. He REFUSES to immediately take dog to place of safety for the baby and insists it stays in the house until he can board it. You know – the house it had battered a door down to get to the baby, after it broke out of a crate. So, after suggesting a trip to the vet was making him hostile, I said at least have keep many shut – unbroken – doors between them as you can, and put a soft muzzle on the dog – you don’t have one then make one with whatever you have to hand, so it can’t open it’s mouth. It doesn’t need to drink or eat until you get it to a place of safety (for the baby) the next day. Also bear in mind ramming the baby muzzled can easily kill the baby too. ITS A NEWBORN BABY. TAKE THE DOG TO THE 24 HOUR VET TO ‘BOARD’

    Apparently, the forum agreed muzzling the dog at all would be ‘cruel’ To the dog. And it would get used to the baby in time – just a little sniff when it had calmed down. Jesus! I would suspect a brain tumour from such an adverse reaction from a dog and I was half ‘this is a prank’ to ‘ I need to contact child services in whatever country the guy lives in (I didn’t know)).

  13. Vampire

    This is amazing teaching, I love it and keep updates brother

  14. betty mcconnell

    Excellent video should be a TV advert well done

  15. Milena Taylor

    Thank you, Robert for this particular video. It is such an “under-covered” topic. Your tips make so much sense. But the question I have is: at what point would it be ok for a dog to “meet” the baby at a much closer distance?

  16. Don Letendre

    So important information about interaction with baby. But in general. Meaning structure obedience and rules

  17. Jan

    Veeery educational!👍💯 For intelligent parents/owners.

  18. Camilla Hunt

    Do the same rules apply when family or friends with new babies visit?

  19. Kaiser De Emperana Beelzebub IV

    That’s probably the most beautiful Malinois I’ve ever seen

  20. אמיתי איבנשיץ

    Great video thank you, very informative

  21. Kaiser De Emperana Beelzebub IV

    Great video, now all I need to do is hope that at some point in my life I can have a baby.

  22. sallyostling

    I could see him air sniffing towards the baby. He absolutely knows what it is and it’s there!

  23. sharman collins

    HI I do Appreciate your Talk ,but I would just like to add whenI came home with my 4 day old son I put the baby on the lawn with 6 GSDs let them smell .All went well they had a 10 year bond..I have done the same with my Grandchildren ..Just my penny’s worth…

  24. Spooky

    What a great video! Thanks so much! Same rules apply for older/adopted dogs?

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