How to Get ANY Dog to Do Whatever You Say By Being Nice!

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How to Get ANY Dog to Do Whatever You Say By Being Nice!

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25 Thoughts to “How to Get ANY Dog to Do Whatever You Say By Being Nice!”

  1. All About Canines

    Love how you take advantage of the varied terrain to generalize behaviors. Boy are they going to be well rounded.

  2. Tom and Missy Northam

    Awesome video, love the way you incorporate the training and the location you are visiting. Thanks for sharing your journey!!

  3. Karrikua

    Great video.

    I wish I could get my 1y9m old labradoodle to play, especially fetch. She does not care about any toys or games at all, even when I try to make them fun by throwing it around or making it look like I enjoy it. I even tried to put food in a toy but it didn’t help. She does not like chase either. She just looks at me like I am stupid lol.
    I got her 3 months ago. Typical teenager behavior?? I hope that’s all it is.

  4. gail.dupuis

    How do you train a dog who has digestive problems and can’t have treats as a reward ?

  5. RebelBart67

    I can’t wait to hear what her DNA says, she is getting really leggy, and with those ears that fold back, I wonder if there is some sort of sighthound in there.

  6. Christine Leonard

    I unsubscribed from you because you don’t upload on a regular schedule. So annoying.

  7. Kyrstin Macias

    Barking at dogs is a struggle for my boy too.

  8. Staci Spigner

    Whenever I see that a new full video has posted I get so excited! I’m thrilled that we got to see a lot of interaction with both of your babies in this video. My baby comes home to me for the first time next week and I’m looking forward to using all of your materials to train her from 8 wks old and beyond.

  9. Raven

    Inertia is brilliant and so focused!

    My Pyr could never, no matter how much training we do she’ll always have that independent Great Pyrenees spirit, but she’s still a pretty great pup. My Pyr/Border Collie mix did definitely not inherit the Border Collie obedience, but both dogs are very intelligent even if they aren’t exactly super intelligent!

  10. AniFam

    Wow, outdoor training looks awesome~👍
    The dog is sooo smart as well~
    Thank you for sharing this video~🤗

  11. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    What did you guys think of today’s episode? What would you like to see different? Or do you like how things are going?

  12. Carolyn Vines

    “I’m so proud of her.” And, well he should be. 🥰 Thank you for having beautiful Inertia perform for us. She’d be a perfect model for a photographer. I wish I could have a practice session with her. 😍

    Veronica just keeps getting cuter and cuter. How old is she in this video? Have I missed the announcement of her DNA test results?

    I’m glad Zak said that it is perhaps unethical to insist that your dog not bark. I mean, how would we feel if someone was constantly telling us to shut up every time we open our mouth to talk or sing.

  13. Pat A

    Ground squirrels or gophers could be in the burrows. Ground squirrels in the west can carry bubonic plague, don’t make friends.

  14. Navjot Singh


  15. Ilam Shark

    Hi my puppy Belgian Malinowski is ignoring me and won’t train mostly and always bite me to bleed and I wash his place every day and give him attention for one hour each day and he is not in our house a outside dog please tell me the problem

  16. Jen Kirby

    Inertia is brilliant 🤩

  17. Pax the Puppy

    I’m going to watch it now

  18. Alyssa Gammon

    Inertia is such a perfect lil angel!!! Loved that pupdate. 🙂

  19. NoOffensePies

    Inertia’s heel was hilariously cute

  20. Carla Ramirez

    Do you have a list of links of all the leashes you use?

  21. Blue Pitbull TV

    ohh this is amazing love love the obedience with this unknown terrain

  22. Ashely Huizar

    Can I train my older dog I’ve had for a year already? She’s a year old

  23. Estella Eggleston

    I am looking forward to my children’s 9 month old pups getting trained!

  24. M.B.I

    First i swear your videos help me so much with training my golden retriwver puppy

  25. vickitm

    I wish you could train our schnauzer

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