How to Get a Puppy! If I Were Getting a Puppy in 2022 I’d Do Everything Different
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How to Get a Puppy! If I Were Getting a Puppy in 2022 I’d Do Everything Different

*IF* I Were Getting a Puppy TODAY… 🤫

📖 If you have a NEW PUPPY or you’re PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE, my FIRST book (broad overview of choosing, raising, and training a dog) is the one for you!!! Get it here:

📖 Order my NEW BOOK here (💥this one is a deeper dive into troubleshooting the most common training issues💥)

☝️👀👂 If you prefer to LISTEN instead of read… I narrated both of my audiobooks for you guys myself!!! If you listen to the audio versions be sure to let me know what you think! 🎙😜 You can find audio (and Kindle) versions at the links above as well.

Thank you so much for watching this video! If you have any feedback, requests for future content, or just want to tell us about your dog… We’ll see you in the comments!! 🤗 – Zak and Bree (and Inertia 🐾)

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80 Thoughts to “How to Get a Puppy! If I Were Getting a Puppy in 2022 I’d Do Everything Different”

  1. Joyful Dog Services

    Positive reinforcement is the absolutely best and only way to teach new behaviours, 100% agree. Especially for puppies/balanced dogs. Not great for removing unwanted behaviours though, severely aggressive cases or dogs that have rehearsed severe reactive behaviour if they are never told they are not allowed to do that behaviour and given an alternative more desired behaviour. All 4 quadrants are needed in my experience/opinion. 98% positive is ideal in any case, but sometimes it’s unrealistic.

    Congrats on the new pup! Surely share the journey.2

  2. ✰ Jxnna_luv ✰ #ILYGSM #200soon? #Addiismine!

    Getting my dog in a few days! I’m doing as much research as paw-sible!

  3. Linda S

    Looking forward to the new series!

  4. Christine Givens

    UK PetPlan insurance is simply incredible. I lost my Whippet pup at 2.5 yo to a rare blood disorder. 😢😢😢 But thankfully I had £12K insurance every year on her and they didn’t blink when the bills poured in. They paid every last one in full from the time of diagnosis at 16mos. They were also so empathetic thru the entire experience too, never a fight for coverage of anything. I miss my pup everyday but I can’t stress the importance enough in having excellent insurance. It bought us a whole additional year together that I wouldn’t trade for the universe. Great video, Zak. Thank you.

  5. mttw29

    My puppy and I just finished the Puppy 1 course at Petco and it was great! I bought a deal for Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 courses (six weekly sessions per course) and it was by far the most affordable option I could find.

  6. Rezchester

    I have been watching your videos for the last year and it’s really helped with my new puppy and how to correct his bad behaviour with positive reinforcement.
    My puppy is a Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless Dog) and he’s the cutest little boy in the world.
    I would highly suggest looking online as to what they look like definitely a one in a million kinda dog 💯

  7. abby theredwolf

    I got my pup right in the middle of the beginning of lock downs. It was terrible and great but, I didn’t recommend getting a puppy the past two years to most people, because socializing now with a full grown bully is not an easy task especially with kids unfortunately.

  8. Sati Akura

    Me: planning to have my first puppy as a grown-up in 3 years or even more

    Also me: learning all the information about the breed, all the essentials, foods, toys, and watching training videos for a year now

    My brain: *puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy* 🧠💥🐶

    I’m gonna be a responsible dog mom 💪So excited ✨

  9. That-animal-lover

    I love your videos so much, but this kinda felt forced and like you had to rush to put something together for the sponsored parts in the video. 🙁

  10. Jeff Cobain Rivera

    please help me, my dog stopped eating her regular food which is (different)meat and rice(for almost 4 years), shes a picky eater, im pretty sure shes just got tired of it because before she actually stopped eating shes showing signs that shes not that interested anymore and she always watch me when i eat waiting for me to give her my food..she always drinks water..
    now im trying to train her to eat kibbles, its been 4 days now but she only has eaten 8 pieces the other day and 9 pieces today(regular size kibble) she already lost weight since she stopped eating her regular meal more than a week ago..should i continue the training(giving the food on time then take it after 10-20mins until the next meal) thanks!!!!!……..😟

  11. Tyler Hojati

    This video or SOOOOOOO helpful

  12. Jeff K

    I tried to adopt a puppy and the rescues are so hard to deal with that I just went to a breeder. I ended up getting a super sweet Aussie with great looking markings and no health issues. The breeder did all the health tests on the parents before breeding which can save you a fortune at the Vet even if you have to spend a lot buying the puppy. My experience is that you can easily adopt dogs over 1 year old from the government animal shelter that often have behavioral or health issues, but more power to the people that do it.

  13. Taylor Talbert

    Been in the dog training industry for a long time. If you ask any trainer who has been training longer than 10 years this guy is a laughing stock. No dog trainer who has put in the time respects this guy. He’s amazing at making money!!!!!! Real dog trainers don’t do it for the money. They train because they love it and are dedicated to helping dogs. This man is does not understand canine body language. May God have mercy on the souls who listen to his disgusting advice. Please hire a vetted local professional. This man is destroying the dog community!!!

  14. Barbara Viklen

    So I have 2 5 month old pups named Rwby and Gideon … I was wondering if you have ever done a set of videos on getting and training 2 puppies? Looking at both the good aspects of training a sibling pair and the extra time involved in training 2 pups at once … ?

  15. Numaz

    How old should a puppy be before you can tell what kind of personality they might have? My 6-week old is fun and playful for short spurts but is still very sleepy.

  16. ryan spurgeon

    i legit paid for my puppy bc of nfts 😳

  17. Cristina Elena Castro García

    Also, I volunteer for an association that rescues dogs from difficult environments, rehabilitates them, values their needs and finds them a new home. We’re just volunteers and we have little idea about how to train a dog, but since I discovered your videos they’re mandatory in the classes we use to prep new generations of volunteers and we’re generally getting SO MUCH BETTER results! Especially with dogs that have been beaten up or abandoned.

  18. Emily Romanello

    This was a really helpful episode. It was a fun summary of some really important things to keep in mind for getting a dog.

  19. Cristina Elena Castro García

    I wish we had something matching the quality of Pupbox in Europe 🙁

  20. Vishal Asokan

    I don’t even have a dog (yet). I just clicked by accident and liked your energy. Also you help me learn how to empathise with animals. Keep em coming.

  21. Funvetticake

    I worked as a dog walker for 1 year to get to know different types of breeds and learn what would work best for our lifestyle, it was the best decision I could have ever made! It’s so important to pick the right breed for your energy level, not just looks which has been a huge mistake before to be honest. I’m getting a Cavapoo soon and I’m binge watching your channel!!!

  22. mallorie moreno

    When you are assessing a dog’s energy from a rescue, you have to consider how long the dog has been with the rescue. Our dog was at the rescue for about a month and I think he was still adjusting. When we met him he was VERY low energy and the volunteers called him a couch potato. But after a few months of living with us, we found out he’s not a low energy dog at all!

  23. Charles Rogers

    Zak, looking for a miniature poodle, but will not actually get one for another year. Have to wait for house to be built. Anyway also when looking for dog, be careful not to select the quiet and non-energy one, because I did that when I was in high school just before college, and that puppy turned out to be a ball of energy. She was a mutt, but heave on the sheltie side, so she shed … a lot. Very bright dog, and trained real well. Very people oriented, so when I went to college, brother to high school and mother working, the dog was lonely. So my grandparents took her, and she became their new grandchild. That dog behaved and did things that amaze the whole family. Guess my grandfather just knew how to train dogs.

  24. Alan Tunucci

    I love your videos, but this was the first time I thought “ok, he’s crossed the line with the amount of commercials”

  25. S R

    Your TikTok link doesn’t take me to your page or a specific video or anything, just to random videos on there. Maybe I’m doing something wrong 😣

  26. FactsOver Fiction

    Great ad. Hope it paid well!

  27. judith smiley

    Zak- Absolutely love your videos. Question. I am expecting two mini corgis in two weeks. OI! Should I train them one at a time or both? Thanks. Judith

  28. Obedient Paws Dog Training

    If Zak was getting… he already has a puppy called Veronica!!!

  29. simpcam

    im getting a new puppy in 5 days and i’ve watched almost all your videos

  30. Jenni Stevenson

    I have a five month old dog who jumps up , especially when we are at the dinner table.

  31. Christian Tonello

    Whay are you NOT on ODYSEE guys??!!! Cm’on! Your contents are already copied and posted on Odysee and people is making money out of your work, is it fair?! You don’t have to switch to it (yet) but it’s the best alternative for a truly free content sharing without censorship and with the possibility to earn actual money (in$LYBR, a crypto coin) could very well be all of good-chunk-&LYBR-owners an unexpected anticipated well rewarder Pension Scheme! But most of all, PRIVACY dudes! YT (Google tbh) can do whatever they like with your channel. Ban it for weeks, months or simply deleting it from YT.

    Do you understand how BAD is this Monopoly for GREAT Content Creators who focus entirely to their/s YT channel/s? Google simply cannot have such immense power! It’s un-ethical at its best, scary more realistically. They OWN YOU! Please, start this LIBERATION!

    I’m not affiliated in any shape or form with Odysee nor any company related to it. I gain for advertising their platform, I do it just because I BELIEVE IN THIS PROJECT AND IN FREE SPEECH AND ZERO CENSORSHIP POLICY (Obviously Videos about child porn, animal and human abuse, inciting violence and other illegal stuff will be banned. And I’m perfectly happy with it, I would NOT recommend this happily it it wasn’t so.

    Please, help me spread the voice! Copy/paste my comment under your favourite channels asking them to upload to Odysee too. Plus, in exchange of a caffelatte per month ($2ish) you get uninterrupted videos ADS FREE!

    What else?!
    Yep, the platform has space for improvement, this is one of the magic that could make your $LYBR possession a darn good bargain! Cheers folks! See ya on!😃😃😃

  32. mecutetoo64

    OMG!!!! I love that dog painting behind you!!! LLLOOOVVVVEEEE IT!!!

  33. Connie Eneix

    My Raven went to puppy training school at Petco and she did well and graduated. Really liked our trainer. Look forward to seeing The Veronica chronicles!

  34. A 2

    Thanks so much for your videos! I have had friends and other dog owners who told me to use “correction” tools and I was desperate but did not want to do that to our dog. We came pretty close to surrendering him but after watching you and changing our routines We stuck to it and have seen so much progress in our sweet boy. No “correction” tools needed

  35. Jen Kirby

    I love border collies and get on great with them but they are high energy and I am disabled so many dog charity people wouldn’t let me have one of that breed. So I bought Marzieh. She is very good. She only has one problem for me to solve. She is afraid of moving big trucks. Parked ones are okay.

  36. Suzy

    I got my puppy Roxie a year ago and I binged hours on hours of Zak George content prior to her arrival. It really helped set the expectation and tone of how I wanted to foster my relationship with her: I never want to have the “she needs to know youre the alpha” method. I always think “I want her to do something. She wants to do something else, how do I get us on the same page? And I’m really glad because it’s also a much more fun experience, albeit a bit more work in the beginning, overall.

  37. Anita T

    Thank you for using your platform to help advocate for dogs and science based training.

    I have to call out Petco though. They do not always regulate their trainers well. I was in one a few months ago and came accross a trainer using adversive methods. The dogs where scared and confused and they trainer kept saying “they know what you want, they just dont always like to listen”…..

  38. Isaiah Moses

    I am afraid of dogs due to my childhood experience.

    However, recently I’m feeding a 3 small street puppies 🐶 near to my house with Dog biscuits.

    Those puppies are adorable 🥰 and they obey my commands with respect ✊

    Whenever an adult angry street dog barks at me. My body jerks or shivers to its reaction.

    Can you make a video on
    how to handle this?

    My mindset towards dogs is changing after feeding puppies 🐶

    But I lack discernment to react street Dog aggression.
    That’s why I’m requesting this.

    This will be helpful for me and others
    Thank you so much 🤝

  39. Vansh Verma


  40. yammert

    Zak! Please help.
    My four month old GSP puppy is wonderful, and she’s picking everything up so quickly.
    We play fetch and she loves it! She brings the ball/toy back every time, but she fully barrels into me at full force!
    How do I teach a polite return? I ask her for a drop/give and for a sit every time I throw the ball, but I’d like her to slow down before she gets to me. I don’t want her barreling into a child or elderly person when she brings the ball back.

  41. Mason Stoufer

    Thinking about the questions Bree was asked in her applications is SO important. I live in an apt community personally. The things I’ve seen or heard can be really concerning to a person who is invested into a dogs training and socialization but to someone who is not educated in modern methods wouldn’t think too much of those questions. I’m glad rescues are doing this because it is so tough and people don’t realize the true investment into a healthy communication with their dogs.

  42. daze 113

    I really appreciate your content and training style, has definitely helped us with our 16wk collie lurcher, thank you!

  43. Jerrella60

    Where did he get that painting of inertia. I want one of my pupper

  44. Vanessa Packham

    Zak where did you get that wonderful Berner picture from?

  45. Blind Ryan

    100% positive doesn’t work. It’s all about finding the right ratio for the dog. For my APBT, it started at around 75% positive and his been slooowly going up to about 90%. But he tries to step and that shit will not stand. He wants to step, he gets disciplined. Not hard. Just enough that he knows we still aren’t going on other peoples’ properties, barking at passersby, or not listening when I tell him to get his ass over here. With that being said, the worst he gets is a zip on the leash or a firm grip on the shoulders or under the jaw to let him know that I ain’t fuckin’ around and he needs to STOP this bad behavior… beat… and what a good boy he is for listening, yes he is.

  46. jimin's killer thighs

    We’re getting a puppy in a few weeks! Just met the litter today! Currently we have a good situation as my mom works during the days and I have evening classes, but I will be working day shifts over the summer, meaning our puppy will be alone during the day for a while. That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

  47. Mariangela Matos

    Concordo !

  48. Amy Marks

    I noticed you were training biscuits to sit and stay without saying stay please explain! 🙂

  49. Luciana Coutinho

    It’s so important to know the real energetic level before adopting! Great tip!

  50. Rachel Crossen

    I really want to get a goldendoodle but my vet was sort of discouraging me by saying they are extremely high energy. Would you agree with this?

  51. Here This

    I would recommend the trainings class for puppies at Popford from Z. George , that is very helpful . Maybe You two give it at try , Bree and Zak ? 😉😄

  52. Lorelai Charpentier

    I’m so excited to see what you have coming, Zak. I don’t have tiktok, but I found a spoiler, and I can’t wait for you to announce it to everyone. I can’t wait to see you deliver more great content, and I support yall 100 percent. Have a great week!!

  53. Dorottya Jakab

    Haha, I adopted a dog during pandemic, could not see her for myself but I chose an organization I thought I could trust. I did not even choose based on look, it did not matter to me, I wanted an energy level 2 dog. Well, I got a high energy one xD So I will not trust organizations in the future in this topic xD Anyways, our case turned out fine, I mostly had high energy dogs, so even though I did not have my break with a moderate energy dog as I wished, we make a great team. But I do think that if organizations offer dogs they do not assess well, that could make trouble in families adopting dogs by giving them dogs who totally do not fit in.

  54. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Hi zak again brilliant video as always love your content keep it coming have you ever thought about training a minute dachshund that would be appreciated as my favourite breed is a dachshund 😀

  55. Mari

    We (our puppy and us) like your videos! 🐶💚

  56. EsJayGee

    Definitely curious if you’ll do clicker training with your own dog, since I haven’t seen it since Inertia. Getting our first dog this summer and trying to study up.

  57. Karla Santoro

    I miss seeing you here. I don’t do tictoc.

  58. Nadine Hoogenboezem

    Still living with my parents, have 2 cats and man, they are completely different from dogs and pups, but I love big dogs like Rotties, boxers and pit bull type dogs. My aunt used to have a staffie, she was the sweetest thing. As a 7/8 year old kid I could literally just sit in front of her and pet her for a long time. Your Moira episodes helped me make more sense of German shepherds. I was like 7 years old when a German shepherd pup jumped me and stared me in the face. He was actually friendly, but… I actually ended up with my back against a pillar. There was railing on my one side and a few small stairs on the other side of the pillar. That spooked me of German shepherds until I was about 12/13 years old. My one friend had a boerbull which was sweet, but played chase a lot. I was quite fond of her. The stables I used to ride horses at had two of the sweetest Rottweilers, siblings. I would kneel down and just pet them like crazy. The second stable had a bunch of dogs, a few were like border collie and terrier mix. While the owner had a husky and swiss Shepherd mix as well as a pure swiss sheperd dog on the farm. I’ve grown up around bigger dogs and think they are amazing, you just need to be confident around them and show them respect

  59. CK

    Will stop watching these non stop commercials.. no content..just sponsors…

  60. Denise Boucher

    I did a lot of research on many breeds to make sure my lifestyle & theirs are a match. So glad I did we are happy with both dogs we have .

  61. Jean Pernarelli

    Biscuits….my favorite….

  62. Melissa

    Speaking of finding the right dog for me . . . We don’t feed mammals to dogs, that can’t be changed. Which breed is most likely to thrive on dairy, fish, and birds? I’m guessing a water-retriever, like a poodle. We use Wysong Vegan pet food (kibble) for the cats and they supplement with their own mice and rats. Thank you for everything, I’m a subscriber, and I have your books and app.♥️💜❤️

  63. As You Wish Dog Training

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

  64. Nancy Craig

    What about teaching an adult dog? Older dogs need homes too!

  65. Donald Hernandez

    Apreciando a una mujer tan hermosa. 2:8 sentadillas son unos LIKESEX.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world losr mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  66. Capri Joelle

    Great video

  67. Mary Sheahan

    I have been loving the content on TikTok… I was all over it when this was mentioned in the last YouTube video. I’m excited to see the progress with your new daughter ☺️

  68. Angela Lewis

    Zak, I like your voice reading your audiobooks. Your voice is the perfect type of voice for … a Brandon Mull novel, for example! It’s easy to just listen and listen!

  69. Mirrikh

    I actually adopted my first puppy in march and your videos have taught me so much. Keep up the great work

  70. meeptoons

    Her name is Veronica…🐶

  71. Secret

    You always try to do something new and extra ordinary and make ur audience feel excited for every next video. I took some inspiration from you especially in my video where I paid $100 to my subscribers! 😂💕

  72. YairTheBuilder

    If he likes me comment I will do the first dare that someone told me to do In the comments 👍

  73. Angela Lewis

    Happy Sunday, everyone!

  74. 단군&여우 진돗개 Dangun & Yeou Jindo Dogs

    🐕 🤔

  75. Derek Douglas

    Hmmm good timing, I’m on my way to pick up my Nova right now 🙂

  76. YairTheBuilder

    Cool video

  77. POTATOE 🥔

    Hello early!

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