How to FIT a Prong Collar on Your Dog - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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How to FIT a Prong Collar on Your Dog – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

How to fit a prong collar on your dog is an important thing to know before you start using a prong collar on your dog. Prong collars are also called pinch collars. If you use one, I recommend using this Herm Sprenger model:

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8 Thoughts to “How to FIT a Prong Collar on Your Dog – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. Naomi Pauer

    Hi Robert, what are the differences between the Starmark, the prong and the Necktech Collar? From what I can tell their function is the similiar?

  2. Birder Collie

    How would a prong collar work on a dog with a lot of long, fine neck fur? Or does fitting the collar properly on the neck bypass all that fur without damaging the coat, ear tufts, etc? (Specifically thinking rough collie and shetland sheepdog here, although I’m sure many other breeds have this challenge)


    Great man !!

  4. JSiah

    My GSD/Malinois, he is full of energy, loves walks and runs, house training rules, Henrik, is his name. And Henrik, doesn’t seem to be tired from 3 a days of walking, around dinner time is mental exercise, when we are done sessions, he still wants to work. It’s a 24/7 thing with Henrik. I give him my all, and do not stop working with him. I follow your instructions a lot. And curious to know what you think I should get more into, because my pal here wants to work all day. He is now 4 months old. Thanks for reading. 🙏

  5. Mister B’s -fish and things

    Any tool is just that, A tool. Used correctly, works great. Used incorrectly can cause problems. Follow what Robert is telling you here and you will not have any problem.

  6. Mister B’s -fish and things

    Great info. Tnks for helping educate us.

  7. Debbie Bart

    Once again ROBERT— thank you for this advice as my 9 month old B/C still drags me when we walk. I’ve been very patient with him trying new ways before trying this. You helped me understand the proper way to use it.

  8. Veran Edits

    Robert what should i do, if i put the prong on it slips down slowly overtime, if i remove a prong its too tight. I don’t really know what to do about it, hes a golden retriever so he has thick fur obviously so hair is all over the place.

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