How to Choose a Breeder for Your Next PUPPY

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How to Choose a Breeder for Your Next PUPPY

Choosing the right dog breeder is one of the hardest things to do. If you make a mistake, you will live with that mistake for the next 10-15 years.

What makes a good breeder? What questions should you ask? What do you need to know to choose the best breeder for your next puppy? I address all of this and more in tis video. I hope it will help you to choose the best breeder and that you will get the best puppy.

Whether you’re getting a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, Border Collie, Dachshund, Beagle, Doberman, pet dog, sport dog or something in between… this video will give you things you should know before you begin your search!

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30 Thoughts to “How to Choose a Breeder for Your Next PUPPY”

  1. ajo518

    Agreed. Refuse to buy if you cant see where ALL the dogs are.

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great advice. Zeds breeder did nothing with the litter so Zed was a lot of work from the start.

  3. Every day man

    Second question…what’s your views on amstaff’s for a family pet?

  4. Every day man

    Great advice! Random question ish…What’s your view on mixed breeds for family dogs? I’ve always been told that mutts are typically healthier. For instance, our 3/4 boxer 1/4 pit mix is now 10 and vet says outside of his allergies he’s in amazing health for his age.

  5. IAMGiftbearer

    Great topic!

  6. Sam

    What i want to know is, what results do you get breeding an F1 to an F1. Do the F2 puppies look like the F1’s or do the look like the P’s? Theres very little info online regarding this

  7. D J De Luca

    Great advice Robert! We settled on a hybrid cross breed for our family dog. He is half Labrador (mom) and half Golden Retriever (dad). He is so smart at 8 weeks old and I’ve started doing the basic training with him and he’s learning it so well. I appreciate all of your knowledge you share.

  8. socratesXLIX

    I think through my own experiences that you should look at how much inbreeding is in the dog? Every dog I got that was overly inbred had issues like health and lack of intelligence. Out cross dogs are generally healthier or loose line bred. A good breeder will not rely on heavy inbreeding.

  9. DeAnna Martin

    I noticed a lot of the puppy mill dogs had registration under an alternative registry. Just maybe AKC stepped up enough to overcome public outcry/ raised awareness? It seems like it takes an awful lot to shut a puppy mill down due to USDA being very lenient. I just wish people didn’t have to pick up the pieces when animals get confiscated. It’s very expensive and often at tax payer expense.

  10. Baraka #

    Crigslist 🥴

  11. JimmyJ123

    What about Nerves? Health temperament and more importantly the nerves of the animal. Whether its a pet or working dog. This is all genetic. You should be able to leave your laberdoodle and come home to your home intact. You should be able to take your 90 lb dutch shepherd into manhattan without them trying to eat every screaming EDP they encounter on the street. You can’t do much with a nerve bag ..

  12. Jeff K

    I personally think that health testing the dam and sire should be a minimum standard for AKC now. To paper dogs for breeding they should also have to meet basic breed confirmation standards. Whats the point of AKC if it doesn’t increase the health of the breed or breed standard or anything really? The only thing that keeps most breed standards inline are dog shows/competitions. As it stands now AKC certification is pretty meaningless from my point of view.

  13. marvona

    Thanks for sharing👍🌺👍🌺👍🌺

  14. Frøken Norge

    Good timing, im looking for a breeder for my new pup, a chinese crested!🥰

  15. Nicolas de Ruiter

    Excellent overview !

  16. Ayako Saito

    The honest truth: You could go to the best breeder and pay $3,000 for a puppy yet still get f*****. Some breeders know that an issue exists but hide it. Other problems don’t emerge until the dog becomes an adult. This is why many top IGP people only deal with adult dogs and will quickly get rid of any that don’t perform at a very high standard.

  17. Chuck Wheeler

    What if the only choice is having the pup shipped

  18. Island Gypsy

    Thank you! I am considering getting another puppy. Wouldn’t have thought to ask half of those questions. In 63 years have only had 1 pup from a breeder. 😍 your desire and dedication to help dogs and humans, have the best experiences together is appreciated ❤️ 💖 ♥️

  19. Rahmaan realisation

    The most important is the “papered dog” and the absolute care and love of the breeder for that puppy! Money can never replace the well being of an animal. Awesome guidance 🙏🐕🐶

  20. Maxine Bulldog

    The breeder of one of my boerboels was just amazing, so many questions about my home about my other 2 dogs to make sure the puppy he sold us was potentually compatible with them. All his puppies were handled by his children too .
    We got an amazing pup.

  21. Jessica Byland

    Thank you very much for this video.

  22. Jacqui Angus

    I want 5 gens and all health tests done, puppy culture and much more and researchable lines that are on the various data bases!

  23. Pita Ontiveros

    Do you have a video on stopping a dog from digging holes in the yard

  24. Primal Perry

    Great video, you addressed this topic perfectly. Love how you help point out ways that a prospective dog owner can best know what to do/look for/avoid in the way you did. I feel better armed mentally for when I pick out the next one.

  25. R E Malm

    … some very good information, Thanx for sharing … 🙂 …

  26. Kevin Brown

    As a person who isn’t educated on this stuff and just kinda loves puppies and learning about them u are such a great resource and ur content is tier 1 thanks for doing what u do big guy

  27. Cheryl Anderson

    Great information. Thanks!

  28. Jailen Bailey

    Health and temperament above all. My wife and I will be welcoming a Cane Corso into our home in the coming years (when we are ready to accommodate), and I’ve already been looking into what breeder I may choose to go with. Buying a puppy is a huge decision and research and knowledge can never start too early.

    Thanks for your knowledge Robert! When it comes to the life of another living being, these decisions are huge, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  29. Rubie Luna

    Really glad you mentioned that a papered dog isn’t always a well bred dog. I know a lot of people that excuse buying really poorly bred dogs by saying “oh well they’re papered.” Like clearly you didn’t do your research before buying from a terrible breeder.

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