How to Break Up a Dog Fight - Dog Training Tips

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How to Break Up a Dog Fight – Dog Training Tips

In this video I give some simple tips to consider when breaking up a dog fight. There is no video on dogs fighting, just my tips that I’ve used over many years of working with sometimes very dominant dog in the shelters. These tips are merely advice and I urge you to be very cautious around dogs that are fighting.

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33 Thoughts to “How to Break Up a Dog Fight – Dog Training Tips”

  1. George Stang

    A experienced dog person once told me that you roll the dogs lip onto their teeth so they get the sensation that they are biting their lip. With the other hand push down on their tongue 👅. He has done this and apparently it works. 🤷

  2. chris botsis

    hey robert would that work on a pitbull as well

  3. Static Resurrection

    There’s only one way. Choke out the aggressor.

  4. Mike Harris

    Excellent advice Rob.

  5. D F

    All true, I always carry a hand tazer when out with my dog. Never needed it yet, but vicious dog fights are dangerous


    I heard something like grab the collar, lift and twist. Then you block an artery in the neck to the brain causing the dog to pass out and let go.

  7. Cheryl Schaeffer

    I also advise against my clients going to dog parks. Play dates with balanced dogs with similar play styles and sizes is great. Puppy socialization with other puppies, super. But not at a dog park. Not only is there a high chance of a dog fight but also disease transmission.

    Having spent 8 years at a municipal shelter (and I’m sure Robert has had similar experiences), if you try to break up a dog fight, expect to get bitten and if you don’t, you got lucky. Wheelbarrowing sometimes works but you have to expect a re-direct from the dog (it works better with 1 person on each dog). Another thing we used to do was shoot water from a hose at the dogs. Sure you should avoid it going right to the face, but a strong jet of water may buy you enough time to separate the dogs. Again, this is best if there are 2 people… one to restrain each dog. Sadly, the bulk of my fight experiences were in the shelter and due to people either not being able to properly get dogs in/out of kennels, broken latches on kennels or people simply not closing kennels and checking that the gate was closed (or that the outside run gate was closed before letting the dog to their outside run).

  8. Jeff Margel

    Air horns work really good as well

  9. Alexander Heling

    Great video! Another reason I stay out of dog parks and I tell people this is your dogs are going to pick up a lot more viruses etc.

  10. e val79

    So how do we choke a dog? Do we use two hands and lean over the dog? Or do we put dog in a one arm chokehold and knee down I guess? Or do we one hand grab dog’s throat?

  11. Steel Wolf

    I still think finger in the butt of the attacking dog is the way to go.

  12. Dylan Young

    I am curious on your thoughts of dogs wearing “gentle leads” where the nose is covered to control walks better. Or, better question, what is your favorite tool to teach dogs to walk

  13. wawacan

    0:43 “Those people were smart”. You say you will explain why later, but unfortunately you don’t. I will go out on a limb and guess that your reason for saying this is that most people don’t know what to do and will make it worse.

    We breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and for those who don’t know them, they are a very tough determined little breed. Think of a 300 lb dog in a 30 lb body. We have a friend who also breeds Staffords, and she has always run a pack of 5 or 6 animals. She didn’t make them wear collars at home. We do, our dogs ALWAYS have a strong non-metalic collar so you can twist it to cut off their air if something happens.

    I asked her if she had ever had a fight and she replied she had. I asked her how she broke it up if they were not wearing collars. She said she used a broom. I said you didn’t have a fight. A few months later she called in tears, she had finally had a fight between two bitches, and the pack piled on. She lives alone and had to deal with it single handed and it got ugly.

    NEVER go to a dog park, ALWAYS have a collar on your dog. If your dog is approached by another dog, give it a slack leash and let the dogs sort out the initial contact. Don’t use a chain or metal choke (you can walk them with one but it is best to have a regular collar as well) because you will hurt your hand long before the dog is choked.

    It is worth specifying that you choke the dog with the most dangerous grip first, and you do it by putting your hand through the collar and rotate until it restricts the neck. You don’t choke the dog until it is unconscious, it will go slack in your hand and release, at which point you separate the dogs without further injury. Then you sit down and try not to have a heart attack.

  14. Adrian Richards

    I can vouch for Roberts comments …I have a Dobe that was attacked by a terrier …latched on to my dogs top lip muzzle …my Air correction spray didn’t do a thing ( Yes Robert has said some time before that he didn’t advise this ) however the terrier wouldn’t let go ..But I could get my hand around the dogs windpipe …because he was holding on ( I would recommend Roberts method though ) I was lucky the terrier wouldn’t let go to attack me …I ended up chocking him that hard he passed out ….. £185.00 of vets bill later I’m still looking out for the owner . Finally both dogs were on lead But other owner had a stupid leash and collar that gave her no physical control to an unprovoked attack.
    Man I hate small terrier dogs .

  15. trey zhoo

    Hi Robert i fear to walk my dogs bcz i fear they might get attacked, how do you ensure a dogs safety while on a walk

  16. David

    If you still insist on going to dog fight rings… I mean dog parks, then at least bring pepper spray with you. You will have to spray the attacking dog before they latch on to your dog and then you will have to spray the pissed off irresponsible dog owner who brought their aggressive dog to the park, because they will be threatening and screaming at you.

  17. Corinne Todd

    Grabbing the back legs worked for me

  18. William Sladek

    I never go to dog parks, but I always carry my Glock. Enuf said. 🔫👊

  19. Radu Ardeleanu

    You are 100% right . I’ve broke a fight between my amstaff and another one who was completelly free and attacked him while we were hiking in the woods-mine was on a long line,like he always is when hiking , by chocking the attacker . Neither bit me , but when the owner came he started to beat on his own dog until i told him i will put him to sleep too , if he doesn’t stop . Oh yeah , and avoid dog parks at all cost .

  20. RealMalinoisMan

    If the dog cant breathe it cant fight. Like you said all that other bs doesn’t work. Basically a hard out.

  21. Sue Fleming

    Dog Parks = Disease ridden, flea infested, fight clubs for dogs.

  22. Noves the GSD

    Dog parks👎⚠️🚫couldn’t agree more! I just don’t understand why so many other dog trainers advocate in bringing dog’s to dog parks… 😕

  23. A Remedy Project

    Collars are often too low on a dog’s neck to choke him. Also, so many people using harnesses now. I’d grab the back legs of the biter and suspend him if he wasn’t too big. I heard that works.

  24. Mr Fudge Pump

    I took your advice on getting two identical toys for my dog, works like a charm. My recall improved instantly, should’ve taken your advice much earlier

  25. Theodore Hyatt

    I agree with most if not all the advice you give . I’m sorry but I’m not going to worry about hurting that dog or the dumbass that drove the dog there . Fortunately I know not to go to dog parks way to many illness causing germs there

  26. Mr Cirino

    I have a pair of shepherds do you have any training videos on training a pair.
    They do everything together, it’s hard to get one to do something without the other one wanting to follow

  27. Priska Inishkin

    If we were to write down a set of golden rules, this would be No. 1: Never go to a dog park. Ever.
    I feel just so sorry for them, they meant well for their dog and all they got was a trauma for everyone, so sad 😑 I hope dog and owner will recover and get well soon!

  28. Elie

    Choke the dog and release it from a leach

  29. Charity Blackwell

    Excellent advice and I agree, hubby is more important than both dogs. He could have been maimed or worse. I’m sorry your dog bit him, my feelings would be hurt by that.

  30. some guy on the internet

    If the biting dog has a collar grabbing, twisting it about 180⁰ and then lifting upwards is the quickest most reliable way I know of to choke out a dog. Just be sure the collar isn’t sitting on their trachea before lifting.

    If there isn’t a collar any leash can be turned into an emergency slip leash by running the clasp end around the offending dog’s neck and then through the leash handle. Again choking and pulling up applies a pressure that seems to make dogs let go.

    When I was a first time puppy/dog owner my furball (about 4 months old at the time) got attacked in a pet store by a loose dog. I would have done anything to have that knowledge at the time. Made sure I would be ready if God forbid I ever had to go through something similar again.

  31. Ride With Shawn

    Excellent advice as usual. 🙏🏼

  32. Johan Karlsson

    I’d be a millionaire if I got a dollar for every time you’ve advised people to stay away from dog parks 😊 wish more people would get the message.
    Thanks for great content 👍

  33. Austin Makush

    Awesome 👍

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