How Long Does it Actually Take to COMPLETELY Train a Dog?
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How Long Does it Actually Take to COMPLETELY Train a Dog?

How long does it take to train a dog?

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85 Thoughts to “How Long Does it Actually Take to COMPLETELY Train a Dog?”

  1. Kelli Fountain

    Hey Zak, any chance you can do a video on training when treats aren’t an option at all? I adopted a puppy with Megaesophagus so treats aren’t any option. He’s smart and good on a number of things but we still have some work to do. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. iDigress77times

    Seems like inertia has not learned anything.

  3. Rich ard

    Welldone you have slightly trained a border collie to do some tricks. And sold some dog food along the way via your flock of sleep fans who follow you. Also, you haven’t got her to stop barking at the door, all you do is call her to you. That doesn’t address the actual reason she is barking at the door. When you are not there, what happens?

  4. Lara Stoeckel

    What bread is Inersa

  5. Anela Shimizu

    I’ve had my pup for almost 4wks (he is almost 12 wks) – and potty training is going pretty well, no accidents in at least 2 wks, but I’ve learn to read signs, so not really sure who trained who so far. Looking forward to stopping the biting and the crazy zoomies at the end of the day.

  6. Kloe Nelson

    Zak George I’m going to ask for a dog soon but idk if it’s a good time

  7. Elke _X

    Dont you have hair all over your house? I have 1 border collie and there is sooo much hair

  8. Eva Adams

    It takes as long as it takes. It depends on how much you want to train your dog to do. Training is also something you will do with your dog his whole life. You will want to do refresher sessions with him as time goes by and things get lax, and you’ll want to try new things down the road.

    If you know what you are doing or are working with a good trainer, you can start seeing results the same day. If you practice every day and are consistent, within a week you will really see some results.

    Check this out for more

  9. Benjamyn Herbst

    Or Rachel Ray dog food

  10. Xavi S

    you are the boss! love your videos!

  11. Lexa And Co

    Great content! I have sporadically watched your videos since I was a teenager, I used them as inspiration for teaching new tricks to my border collie mix I had at the time, she has since passed. I now have a German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois she is three years old and I’m extremely happy with where her training is at. I completely agree that training is ongoing, there’s always more to learn. You couldn’t be more accurate with the two year mark, people set expectations too high and get disappointed with the pup if it isn’t learning or performing quick enough. I hope this video reaches all corners of the internet to educate and reset expectations! Super helpful and very real! ✌️😊🐶

  12. Sushi TV

    My now 3-year old Jack Russell Terrier took less than a year to be completely house trained as I trained her to do her business both outside and pads (for times when we can’t go out). But the tricks like sit, touch, high five, smell, look at me, stay, wait, come, roll over, lay down, play dead and so on only took a few days each trick. She’s highly energetic, impulsive, and a bit reactive to some other dogs. She can be alone for hours without tearing the house down. Thanks to Zak for the things I’ve learned. Now I’m working on her excitement or anxiety towards unfamiliar dogs and some older people (she doesn’t bark at everyone). I’ve created a channel to share our journey. Please subscribe!💕

  13. Anaya Limaye

    Hey Zak loved the video! Out of curiosity how much exercise does inertia get per day now and is this more or less than your other dogs (indy, venus, alpha etc.)

  14. Naomi Wu

    I’m thankful for this video. I wanted to get a dog and promised my parents that training it will be a big part and that they have to help at certain times… but they think training a dog is a few days or a few weeks thing and it is so NOT that

  15. Jan Hankins

    How long does it actually take to completely train a dog? A lifetime. At least that’s what I’ve always found with mine. Even when they are “good” with manners stuff (sit, stay, down, wait politely at the door, don’t jump, etc.) I always found lots of stuff to train–tricks, refinements, etc. Training keeps them mentally sharp and tires them out mentally. I train for a lifetime.

  16. Sandi Smith

    Hubs and I were just talking about this. We think 2 years or so for our now 10 month old lab. She’s got the basics down, walks well on a leash, is getting less reactive. It’s going to be great to have a well trained dog. Thank you for this series!

  17. Alana Light

    Zak, you are amazing! Inertia is such a great dog … we have a 7 month old lab named Bailey and have been following your channel ever since we got her. Thank you so much for all the great videos!!

  18. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Such a difference between a dog that has an owner who thinks he is an expert when his own dog proves he is everything an expert is not and a dog who’s owner has actually actually trained it.

  19. Alapati Vishal

    can you teach inertia to attack when commanded

  20. Matthew Lai

    What is in your pouch? Can you make a video to go over that please?

  21. Chandra Barnes

    I completely agree it takes that long AT LEAST. My 6month dog still has a long way to ago. I feel like we are in a rut with progress but this was a good reminder!

  22. Patricia Graham

    My dog is a 9-month-old maremma and she struggles to do a lot of things still.

  23. Random corn

    Whenever I get asked how long it takes to completely train a dog I say forever because I never class a dog as fully trained you will always have to go back and train things they haven’t done for a while and there will always be something new that they could learn and at any point something could happen which puts them back they could hit a faze or could get attacked or get scared by something dogs are like people no one can know absolutely everything and every now and then you will have to go back over some things

  24. Yunalesca

    Love your videos Zak ! My aussie puppy is close to 6 months now and watching all of your videos before getting her helped me A LOT ! I love training her and watching her grow into such a good girl <3

  25. Henk Taljaard

    My 14 week old puppy can sit, give white paw, give black paw, lay down, roll over, turn left, turn right, crawl, get out of the garden, wait semi reliably, play a weak fetch sometimes, knows NO very well, walks on his leash very well most of the time… Is that too much? How about another fetch video though? I couldn’t get my previous one to play fetch at all and this one is struggling. Watched fetch videos of yours as well as many other’s… Perhaps have one for extreme difficulty or something?

  26. Natalie Wainwright

    I’ve had my puppy for about a month and she is on the road to being fully trained. Before you ridicule me let me explain where she is. She knows all of her basic behaviors and performs them reliably in many different settings. She has all shots now so we can go any place and she is 99% reliable.( I say this because no dog is ever 100% reliable) She is fully potty trained. She walks on a loose leash and only tries to pull maybe once a day and when I correct her she gets the message and stops. We are starting off leash work. I have her on a 15 foot leash and she stays right by my side. We are doing more public outings with extended down/stays and place commands, and she is doing great. Zak, it is unfair to say you know how long it takes to train a dog because it REALLY depends on the dog. It is possible to fully train a dog within a few months if you are extremely consistent and the dog is ready.

  27. Simona Steckyte

    I wonder how Inertia doesn’t get runny poos as she seems to be eating a different kind of food every week lol

  28. Robloxian1000

    Hello, thank you so much for these videos, I’m planning on getting a puppy and you’ve thought me how to train it. You will forever change my life and my puppy’s life.

  29. Hayley Eastabrook - Nature Photography

    Did anyone else notice the eloquent renaissance styled painting of Zak in the background near the end?

  30. R3N On Keys

    Because puppy Teeth a lot and bite a lot if you don’t train her when she is grown up will she stop biting because she stopped teething or will she keep biting because I never trained her

  31. Flynn Luka

    Zak….just love and appreciate the way in which you explain and provide perspective on this topic. With our 3 rescues, we are always mixing play with elements of training, not forgetting we also learn from our dogs 🤟🐕

  32. Sophia Ha

    did you get a haircut? Cause you look great!

  33. balanced

    Dang how long in your program will it take to walk your dog around the block normally even when it sees other dogs. For you as a dog trainer took your dog more then a yr. She can do all those fancy tricks but can’t be obedient when high distractions are near, Now that is dog training not this fake dog training.

  34. Rodrigo Lima Batista

    Please do a compilation on Inertia and barking (specially when alone). The only major problem with my dog, all the rest I solved watching your videos.

  35. Joy Cranker

    thanks, zak you help me train my dog so much

  36. Alyssa Schneider

    So then my 5 month old labradoodle barking at all the things is normal? He barks at new people but then is totally fine when he meets them. He barks at new dogs while on leash but seems fearful when he meets them BUT he has a great time a doggy daycare. And then of course he barks at wildlife, people riding bikes, a horse on tv, something blowing on the tree… the 10 month old mix we have is totally chill now and tends to only bark at things she perceives as threats (deer, a motorcycle until I told her it was fine)

  37. K G

    summary of the video from Zak, of how long it took to achieve the following:
    – potty training 4 weeks
    -puppy biting 6 weeks
    -really calibrate to world couple of years
    -Intertia is 17 months old….and seems to be well trained.

  38. Tuka Bashir

    Are you able to make a video about fearful or timid dogs? Or second fear phases

  39. Eni

    can you make a video how to teach your dog not to go on the street

  40. DarkessVsLight Niana

    I do like your videos and I do know that you need a sponsor to keep going on, but too many peas and potatoes (all grain free foods add them to minimize their cost and add some cheep protein) can cause heart attacks, also salt is not good for your dog, grains are also not a good idea because they can cause many problems, most of the products has more than 30% carbs, there are things to add more flavor and many other things that your dog may or may not need and can even cause problems. It is also good to know that there should be a per sent analysis of the ingredients and what is in the top of the list is what is in your food, all thos vegetables and herbs covers less than 15% of what your food includes. So it is a good idea to get a dog food with 80% meat products (not by products). Also for treats you can use dry animal skin and cut it to small peaces, your training will become way more easy and even a dog that is not interested in treats will most likely become, also the cooked chicken that has been mentioned is also a good treat.

  41. Alan S

    Zak is there a way you can do a video on how or what to look for when trying to adopt a puppy from a shelter and getting one from a breeder. I am looking to get a border collie pup myself. I have a general idea of what to look for from my research but would love to have your opinion. (side note why the hell would someone downvote this video? The older I get, the more I understand why many people like dogs over humans 🙂

  42. That Climbing girl

    Dogs are NEVER fully trained. Most dogs have decent obedience by the age of 2. Most of the world can’t get Solid Gold food (its only available in the USA). Wellness Core dry food is amazing, no grains no filler, just pure goodness. It’s better than Solid Gold. No meal of meat of any kind. Sad that the percentages of the various ingredients of Solid gold aren’t listed. That’s sketchy, not up to EU standards for pet food where the percentages of the various ingredients must be listed on the packaging. That makes me wonder as barley is listed, the food might not actually be mostly meat. Wellness Core foods range in meat content from 52-62% the rest of the ingredients are amazing. Not cheap but definitely worth it. Its low cal high protein food. That with raw food is amazing, and we will never go back.

  43. Manny27

    Just got some dried chicken treats from pupford in the mailbox can’t wait to get to training!

  44. Nick Torok

    I got Jay when he was already a year old. It’s been 2 years and he’s almost there, thanks to you. He can walk on leash 70% of the time, fetch for 4 or 5 throws outside. Inside he can heel, sit, lay down, stand, stand up, touch, roll over, play dead, turn, switch sides, sit pretty, stay come, get it – toy ball collar paper (without chewing it), settle, leave it, stairs, no barking, crate / room, shake, high 5, roll hold. Outside he can do some things but not consistantly. Outside we’re working on not jumping on people, barking at dogs, zommies around dogs. Jay’s a german pointer / retreiver / austrailian sheppard mix. He’s a great hiker dog and has his own backpack.

  45. Timothy Xiquin-Rodriguez

    i needed this

  46. Anshika Lifestyle

    Train inertia how to guard you 😊

  47. iCaliAndrew

    Hi! Love your videos!!

  48. Mark George

    Could you possibly do a video on dog parks and everything you need to know before taking a dog to his or her first one because I have a 5 month old and am not too sure what exactly to do… I know you have made similar videos, however a complete guide specifically focusing on this topic only would be really appreciated.. also great video btw

  49. Anne Rentfro

    My 10 year old lab is still not fully trained, because she’s spoiled😀. She has improved since we added a puppy (yellow lab). We got her at 8 weeks. She’s now 65 lbs and 10 months old. She — as all labs are, is very distractible. She’s getting better in the house unless she’s around the 10-year-old chocolate lab who is 70 pounds. They love each other but play too rough for in the house . And outside walking is a work in progress. Maggie the puppy has needed to be on leash at all times in our backyard. There are multiple dangerous items for her like wild animal poop, wild animals feral cats, swimming pool etc. etc. she’s gradually learning leave it but it gets said about 20 times in the morning potty outing. She walks on the leash OK in the backyard. She retrieves OK in the backyard. And she’s walking on a loose leash on the driveway. With labs I think it’s more like four years. ha ha!! She’s doing great. Your videos keep me from getting frustrated!!!!

  50. Albert

    I need the help of all of you please, I found a 1yo border Collie that was abandoned by its family, I’m trying to cheer him up, but he barely wants to eat or go out, he just wants to hug and then put his head down and always looks so sad, what can I do

  51. The Golden Otty

    Zak The Best👍👍

  52. Anshika Lifestyle

    Also make a video when your dog is fully trained 😊

  53. Jessica Yeung

    Wow, also can wait for the new series with Kona to come out!

  54. Noah & Atlas

    …is she still a trained dog without lures and food or constant feedback from you? Not bashing on you for using treats, but I am critiquing you’re use of such a heavy lure. Do you need a treat in your hand for inertia to focus on you, or can you get semi reliable engagement without it? Is she intrinsically motivated to work with you BECAUSE youre you..?

  55. Henggao Cai

    It took me six months to train my puppy.

  56. Katrina Albright

    hi Zak I have two golden doodles and I am still training them they are under a year old

  57. AKRYL1K

    Hey Zak, A family member’s dog gave birth, and she asked me to take care of one of the puppies! He’s now 9 months old, and I’ve just started training him, but I’m getting worried it may be too late to start. Any suggestions on how I can go about doing it?

  58. Jasmine Jiang

    Inertia is so shiny! 😀

  59. mint24

    why did the school kids eat there home work
    becaus there techer seid it was a peic of ckake

  60. RRyan’s Pokemon vids


  61. ashley henderson

    Hi Zac, I have a 8 week old Goldendoodle that is starting to show aggression. It started with growling and snapping at my 11 year old when picked up but now extends to me and other relatives (when picked up or randomly while holding). Please, please help with any advice!


    I dont have a dog , but I just love to see inertia

  63. Bethany Christian-Prichard

    I wanna see kona!!!!

  64. Deepa Suresh

    Hey Zak, one question. Does Inertia try and herd your cat?

  65. seva joshi

    my dog took 1 year to learn to sit 😀

  66. Harrison Goddard

    Thank you I’m so exited to get a dog next month

  67. mint24

    i clicked the sub and notificashon buttun

  68. Lil AA

    Bark box helped a ton during my training

  69. Slappy Beaver

    This is awesome. your vids are so good!

  70. Anshika Bindal

    Early can u pls pin me i have subbed!

  71. Kyra Grant

    Hey Zak if at all possible could you make a video on all the tricks you’ve taught Inertia and a brief description on how to train them Also you could try make it in to a mini series also

    Keep up the great work

  72. Hello Hi

    Tenth! Love your vids!

  73. Shashank D

    I am waiting to get a pup!
    And can a 12 yr child can train a dog??

  74. sruthi allada

    When you’re too early and doono what to comment 😐

  75. mint24

    hello i subscribed

  76. Sarah Akers

    Thanks so much for your videos Zak! They have helped me a lot with my puppy and they’re really entertaining!

  77. KelvExclusive

    God bless who ever sees this😇

  78. Mario

    Literally 99% wont see this but god bless you and Stay safe I’m struggling to get 3k with notifications❤️❤️!

  79. Daniel Wang

    *I hope whoever sees this message will achieve their dreams, my dream is to one day become a full-time YouTuber like Zak George 🥺*

  80. abidotdarshan

    First comment 👍👍😂

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