How I’m Training This Pit Bull to be Good On Leash. And OFF Leash Too!
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How I’m Training This Pit Bull to be Good On Leash. And OFF Leash Too!

Reality Dog Training!

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88 Thoughts to “How I’m Training This Pit Bull to be Good On Leash. And OFF Leash Too!”

  1. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Yes…let us know you guys ok

  2. Cyndi Ader

    Hi from Playa del Carmen, Mexico! Thank you so much for your videos. You are an amazing trainer. I am using your techniques with my Pitbull Kai, that I just adopted and he is doing great.

  3. Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    I’m hoping George becomes an UNSUCCESSFUL ADOPTION and is returned to you.
    Sorry – I wish you well all the time, but George started to show Separation Anxiety in your last episode. Are you SURE he will adapt to someone else as much as he bonded to you?
    I’m a cat person – but I see George as that special animal that comes along once in a lifetime, for his special person. Half his positive performances are due to his caring for you. He wants to make YOU happy with him. He is a smart dog and appears to be a dominant dog if in a pack. George will prefer to do what HE wants when given commands by a generic owner., who is not you. Intellectually, I’m curious to see how George reacts to and behaves with his new owner. Rationally and emotionally, I believe animals are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE and they will behave differently with different owners. Few rescues form devoted bonds with foster families, especially if they don’t spend a long time with them. George is different, but for his sake, I hope he adapts well.

  4. Marjaneh Marjani

    Oh no .Please don’t go .we love you George.About to cry 😢.

  5. Wendy Chu

    Love watching Inertia and George play! And 🔥🔥🔥 sneakers!🤩🐶

  6. Shaz Prior

    I’m going to really miss George and I’ve never met him! Thoughts are with you Zac and Bree as George starts his new life xx but what an amazing foundation you have given him!

  7. Geoffrey

    George is such a good dog

  8. Julu jay

    so glad he is getting a forever home, but sad to see him leave!!

  9. Natalie Harrison

    Awe happy tails George 💕. God bless the both of u and all that you do for these beautiful deserving dogs. They all deserve a good life.

  10. Natalie Harrison

    I agree with u about leaving any of my dogs toys out. I never do. Its a good thing to not to leave them out

  11. Drew

    There are so many methods of training a dog but I really think the method that Zak follows will stick with a dog till the end. I am getting my first puppy this sunday ❤ I hope I will be able to use your techniques.

  12. Bobk94

    i really wish George’s journey to get adopted would just be a roundabout drive and end back up at Zak’s house

  13. Joanne Richards

    Hope everyone is safe and well

  14. Linda Coumbe

    Nooooooooo! Don’t let him go. Xx

  15. MiChel B.


  16. Nikki Litwin

    Been so worried about you guys with the storm. Hope all is well and you have very little damage

  17. Mike Pearce

    I would love to see a video of you meeting with Cesar Millan at the Dog Psychology Center, you two are my favorite dog trainers to watch and would love to see what you to could talk about concerning training dogs

  18. pinkeeluvr

    I’m already crying and it’s not even the end of the series 😭😭😭😭 We love you George! He did such a good job walking with the leash and playing ball and just everything!

  19. Maria Turner

    I’m gonna miss George when he leaves.

  20. Lianna Bentzon

    I’m not crying at the idea of saying goodbye to George at all 😭😭😭

  21. daniyvette25

    Sending prayers your way! 🙏🏼 As always thank you and your wife for all the hard work. I enjoyed how you made several videos training George. You always give your viewers a look into reality; it’s an important reminder training a dog and establishing a relationship with them takes time. Our English Cocker Spaniel is soooo FULL of energy EVERY DAY. 😅 Patience was key for us and we’ve been using your techniques. My husband and I have enjoyed seeing the journey with George. Great job! Keep up the awesome work because it’s been an every day help for us to make our pup happy + well behaved.

  22. Amy Campbell

    Awe George😭😭😭. We are you going to miss him too. He is such a good boy. I love this series so much. My husband and I have 3 rescue dogs. We vowed to only rescue.

  23. Ash

    I’d love to know if you’ve ever worked with a dog that’s had ZERO interest in toys. Thankfully my uninterested dog *is* interested in food but I’ve tried everything I can to get her interested in toys but she’s usually just entertained by my efforts but shows no interest in interacting with the toys. Any hot tips?

  24. Dessyslava Tsvetanova

    Hi. I watch almost every video, and for one week I have a little puppy pomerainian (50 days old), but the training with treads don’t work. He doesn’t eat much and I can’t use this type of training method. What can I do to teach him the basics if he doesn’t take treats

  25. Hailey Hunger Games!

    Nice! This comes in handy very much!

  26. Resus Medic

    Hahaha never mind that in his neighborhood at 4:10 there is a Ferrari and a Porsche in someone’s driveway hahaha

  27. Angela Ordonez

    This series has touched my heart so much. I fell in love with George. He reminds me of my one year old pit/husky mix. I was holding back tears watching this video. George will be missed but I also know he will be a blessing to his new home. 💙

  28. Gracie Allen

    Zak, your George training sessions has been eye opening, I will be more accepting of pit bulls in the future. George is such a good dog now with all your training.

  29. chuckey cheese

    I love you’re videos Zak George. Big fan

  30. Kerry Kuykendall

    Hope y’all are safe…was wondering why there wasn’t a video on Sunday & then realized you guys were in the path Ida.

  31. Brad Hutchings

    I like how Zak is a sneaker guy.

  32. David Selter

    Dogs are haram, I hört! Is this die Truthe? I am nicht liking tis!

  33. christopher neil

    Nom Nom tast like table scraps but cost a lot more!

  34. RockinRia 200

    This series is honestly the best. Thanks so much Zak, and George! This has also helped my training knowledge. Thank you!!

  35. The Animal Channel

    God bless

  36. The Animal Channel

    Hope you’re safe

  37. Larry Aronson

    I’ve watched a lot of your dog training videos and I’m going to miss Geroge more than any of the other dogs and I’m sure you are also what a wonderful dog he is

  38. Eli Blank

    The entire series could have been about my own dog. So many similarities. I found the entire series very enlightening.

  39. Enve enve

    I have been watching your Channel for a few months now and I’m very confident in getting my Dog now!.Thank you!

  40. Javier Rangel

    Thanks so much Zak, you don’t have an idea how much your videos have helped me with my super energetic goldador.

  41. Lilian Cheng

    This entire series is a love story between Zak and George

  42. Sheetal Chandane

    Two sponsors in one video. I thing brands are interested in geoge.

  43. Sheetal Chandane

    I really wanted to see inertia update.

  44. Richard Cope

    Zak, I know you touched on this before, that you have a two-dog rule in your house and that was a reason for you not keeping George, but I hope that either on the last episode or on a wrap-up one that you can go into a little more detail as to why you chose not to keep George. I know ever since this series started many of us, myself included have been hoping against hope that you would change your mind and keep him but I applaud you for sticking with the decision that is going to be best for you, Indie, and Inertia, and ultimately for all the other dogs, you will help along the way. I just know as much as people have fallen for George there will be a lot of broken hearts on that last day.

  45. Copster Dog

    Hello, I’m soon too get a German Shepard, do you think they are good for first time owners?

  46. Patricia M

    Prayers 🙏 for you and the family after Ida 😢 hope you’re all doing well. God bless you, Bree, your 4 legged family and everyone over there and I hope that things get back to normal soon.

  47. L F

    So sad that George is gone but know that he is with a great family! You help us so much Zak and Bree!

  48. Ms. Oliver’s Life

    One of the best things I’ve ever learned from you was exercising the dog BEFORE walks! I reversed my thinking on that. I used to walk to exercise! However, he learns to behave much better when he is already a little tired. I can’t tell you how this small change has helped my puppy. He is so good now! And people comment on how well behaved he is!!!!!! Thank you!!! Bless you!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Richard Cope

    I knew that for me coming to the end of this journey with Zak and George was going to be hard and it is. There is such a sense of finality, hearing Zak say “This is probably the last time I play frisbee with George brought tears to my eyes. On the one hand, you know George is going to be fine but it feels like losing a member of the family. You know you won’t see them anymore and you are going to miss them. Just shows what a special dog George is that he can touch our hearts this way even if we have never met him in person.

  50. margieshaffer61

    I had thoroughly enjoyed watching your videos with George. I have a pit-lab mix about 18 months, who is a lovable good at times. He has done very well. I will miss seeing you work with George. Hope you all are safe after Ida

  51. Jan Hankins

    Thinking of you after Ida. Are you all okay? Do you have a safe place to stay? Will be so sad to see George leave you all, but I’m sure you’ve got a dynamite home lined up for him. Looking forward to the next series! Please let us know what and when it will be, although understand that you may need to take a bit of a break due to Ida.

  52. curious wiki

    Omg this great series gets more and more emotional as each episode passes by even though I watching remotely 🙂

  53. Samantha Hu

    You keep saying you’re gonna miss him but somehow the more you say it the more my hopes increase that you’re gonna keep him 🙄

  54. Vix Vixen

    I’ve been waiting so long for this happy ending!!!!!!

    PLEASE do another series featuring another bully mix! They are such rewarding dogs to own and train. Shelters are so saturated with bully, chow-chow, and rottie mixed breeds. Keep showing people these dogs DO make rewarding animals to work with and provide a home for.

    Toss a terrier in there too!

  55. Stacie Husak

    The bath cracks me up. He is SO calm. omg. My GSD is convinced water sucks the souls out of dogs unless it’s contained in their water bucket. He doesn’t do puddles or pools and baths unleash demons into the world.

  56. MommaShawna

    My mom was a dog trainer for many years, she trained great Danes. I have a question, why do you not have him heeling when you’re walking?

  57. Stacie Husak

    We survived Laura and Delta last year, but we’re about an hour north of Lake Chares, we weren’t dealing with storm surge and flooding. Prayers for ya’ll and for your entire part of the state. Would love to see a quick statement about your situation.

  58. Mai A

    Brought tears to my eyes to see George in a crate! His forever home will be so lucky to have him! Thanks for taking us on his journey, Zak and Bree. Hoping you and your pups are doing well after Ida.

  59. Ann Brown

    I appreciate your comment about how positive training works better than force in the long term. Gonna miss George when he goes to his new home. Don’t suppose you’d ever show the challenges of training a very small dog. Differences in temperament, certainly, and the whole having to bend over 1000 times during training.

  60. VB S

    Serious question — please, please reply: Is that a 10′ leash with a traffic handle? If so, what is the brand? This would suit my needs so well. Thanks!

    This has been such a wonderful series with George. I have learned so much that I can apply to my own work. Thank you!

  61. Samantha Hu

    How many more sessions with George?

  62. Andrea Flores

    I love this series, George is brilliant 🌟

  63. Marie Mac

    Great dogs playing session. He is doing great. Had to laugh when you said; “It’s been all ups” Uuuhhmm…Did we forget about the baseball….LOL…jk… I think he finally is getting the hang on that one too. I love seeing him out in the fields his ears flying in the wind. For some of us who are older it reminded me of the “flying nuns” hat. ( I know that not the correct name for it.) Can’t wait to see where George is going to go!

  64. Richard Kunjawa

    Hi I’m new

  65. Duke's Pit Bull Tales

    I was looking for your episode on Sunday until I realized that Ida was right on top of you . I am so glad everyone in your household is safe .
    This has been my favorite episode of the series so far, don’t get me wrong they have all been great but I really have enjoyed just watching it all coming together for George. Watching him progress to what he has become and knowing that his training with you will help George become a great ambassador for the pit bull breed . I especially loved watching Inertia and George playing together and just being dogs . Thank you for sharing with all of us .

  66. JemiQui77

    I’m going to miss seeing George on here 😭💗

  67. Tammy Davis

    I am going to miss seeing George. What a good puppet.

  68. BeautifulBookWyrm

    Yay! So glad to see this video go up. I hope you guys are doing alright! =)

  69. claiborn Brier

  70. Sherry Alloway

    Thinking of you and praying for your safety from Ida. You are an amazing dog trainer and I love that Bree is so involved, also your cute personal dogs.

  71. Here This

    It is the best ever to see two dogs playing like this .

  72. melissa janik

    Just saw your Facebook posting about this new video. Didn’t get a notification on it from Youtube, just wanted to mention that in case it’s a wide spread issue that might impact viewership.

  73. Chris J Taylor

    Zach I have a quick question and I couldn’t find it in any of your videos. I have a 11 month pit and have lost my mind trying to find a harness for her to walk in. She’s a puller right now but hope to eliminate that with the pepper tool ie harness. Please help and Semper Fi

  74. Winston and Max

    Go George go! Can’t wait to see you find your forever home!

  75. Maja Ambroziak

    How do you start to train a dog not to bark love your channel

  76. alexandros peder


  77. Ash

    Hey Zak! Hope you and Bree are doing okay after the hurricane! ❤sending you my best wishes from Texas!

  78. Emmy Baehnisch

    Lately I’ve been watching only your videos I’m so obsessed with dogs and your channel



  80. Jenna Lopez

    But my pup is not as trained as George is and my pup is 10 months old

  81. Jenna Lopez

    My pup does the same thing with other dogs

  82. watchmoivies123

    What do you mean? Folks said IT WOULD NOT WORK????? With what part of your training?
    NOT SURE IF zak responds but can someone else? His wife? Thanks

  83. Michael Bessey

    How do you start training a pup with a frisbee?

  84. Michael Bessey

    How do you start a pup learning with a frisbee?

  85. Sunshine Dog Training

    Best dog trainer on YouTube

  86. whiteinkpen

    Are you guys okay with Ida?!? Hope you are safe

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