How I’m Training This Crazy Dog To Stop Being Crazy 😜!
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How I’m Training This Crazy Dog To Stop Being Crazy 😜!

Training this wonderful dog is so fun! But seriously, she is a little crazy!

Are you new to this series? Get caught up with all of “The Dog Training Experience” videos here: …


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129 Thoughts to “How I’m Training This Crazy Dog To Stop Being Crazy 😜!”

  1. Avery Steele

    Hey! Wondering if anyone knows what type of harness he’s using ? Can’t find one online that looks like that. Thanks love the videos !!!

  2. Avery Ong

    Where did you get Inertia? She’s beautiful

  3. HoTdOg313

    I have been watching and loving your videos this whole year and you really are who inspired me to get a Border Collie! I am picking up my 8 week old “Bandit” next month and am so excited (and nervous). Watching your videos over and over really help me to get ready for this loving challenge. Thank you!!

  4. AJ Munz

    Believe it or not my dog is 5 months old and get her pup box a few days ago lol

  5. sonnyandcobi

    Inertia is such a great dog. Watching her makes me sad in a way that my poodle Chance wasn’t with me since he was a baby. He wouldn’t have experienced the mistreatment he lived with & he wouldn’t have learned to guard resources & be considered aggressive. But that is in the past & thanks to a local trainer who recommended you, he is walking nicely on a leash, learning “leave it” & so many other things. Very soon we will be starting the 30-day perfect pup program. He is a great dog & I have high hopes that together we can make life even better for him. Thanks Zak.

  6. IslandBrosCo.

    Maybe Zak just went to Alaska to get cool footage for a new dog training experience intro

  7. Tom Wickstrom

    What brand of harness is Inertia wearing? It looks very secure, yet still allowing for freedom of movement.

  8. Alex M

    Our dog also likes to bark at other dogs I would love to see how you deal with Inertia when she does that

  9. belami_brian

    How did you guys get to Alaska during a pandemic?

  10. Hello Hi

    Zak and Inertia I love you guys! Luv the new intro! You are amazing!

  11. watchmoivies123

    You both have the same eyes!

  12. nalahrawr

    I’m also curious about how you guys brought Inertia to Alaska! I would love to be able to travel with my new puppy and would welcome any tips and tricks!

  13. watchmoivies123

    Did she have to fly under the plane or is she a service dog?

  14. Gauri Bhatia

    Zak is basically the dog trainer version of the gym instructor who thinks exercise solves all your life problems.

    (I’m an ex athlete so I agree with that mentality I’m not criticising here)

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  16. Fenrisulfr Wulf

    She shouldn’t by “newly potty trained” if she’s 1. I showed my friend how to house break her new puppy and she’s fully house broken at 3 months. Nor should your dog be reactive if you’re a “professional trainer.” You can see she’s becoming hyper focused and not listening. Also you use too many treats.

  17. Jina Malone

    So awesome to see you guys in my home state this summer! If you haven’t gone already, check out Palmer. So many good places to walk your dog around (especially Hatcher Pass before it gets too cold). Wish my puppy could meet you and Inertia!

  18. Creative Diamond Dogs

    From the time your FB stories showed you there I figured videos from Alaska would be coming. Would love to have the Alaska cool weather in KY right now.

  19. Zack Wintz

    After over a year watching inertia grow up using your techniques to train my pup, I’ve finally caved and got the pup box

  20. Ashley Dodd

    would love a video including some advice/tips on air traveling with your pup!

  21. nikolai arnaudov

    It’s not crazy – it’s just NATURAL! ❤️

  22. lizzy_ the_great

    How do you train a puppy on leash
    What do you do if she pulls
    And what do you do if you even bring treats to train her on a walk but she doesn’t care for the treat
    ThankS love your videos 😍

  23. Gely Plyz

    Thanks to you my dog know allot more

  24. frankie137137

    How did you get her to Alaska? Did you drive? If you flew, did you have to check her into the cargo hold? Thanks, Zak! Love your videos and your books!

  25. Joice Mou

    I´m getting a chocolate labrador soon in October, so ur videos are going to help soo much! SUPER EXCITED EEEK

  26. Joice Mou

    :OO this is soo cool!

  27. Henry Moreno

    Zak quick question maybe you can help me. My dog on walks will have periods where she goes uncontrollably ham at the leash where she just wants to jump at it and chew and bite on it. It is short burst uncontrollable and would like advice how to get her to stop so we can enjoy our walks. Thanks

  28. William Ormset

    what type of frisbees do you use, i really want to get into frisbee throwing with my border collie. Can you provide a link for it? Thanks

  29. you and me

    My dog is always playing with the leash we have replaced 6 of the leashes sometimes she catches her tooth in thourgh the leash and everytime we go for a walk the leash is chewed up we have no bought a very fat but one day we went on a walk and we found her tooth on the leash Zak should we do.

  30. Miachael myers

    My dog is just crazy can’t train him he bites everyone eats everything pulls and bites leash

  31. Brielle Joy Smids

    You have some awesome shots of Alaska here! They are just so awesome! Thank you so much for this video! Lots of great training guides in here that I will definitely be using!

  32. Brielle Joy Smids

    These videos Are so helpful because pretty soon I am getting a dog, and I have bought your book and hope to get the other one too. I never would’ve known how to train my dog before, but you have given me the complete guide how to. These videos have been a huge help, and especially this series. Thank you so much Zak and Bree !!

  33. 『tꫀꪖꪑ れ ᥴꪗρꫀr'ડ』

    I Am Gonna Have An Indain Spitz(A Dog Breed)… I really Really Need Ur Help To Grow Out Ma Dog💜

  34. haley sellars

    Ayyyy thats where I live

  35. Brielle Joy Smids

    I did forget to look for moose …. – I would love to have that problem 😂 haha ! Inertia is the best and so cute ❤️
    Oh and btw this is AWESOME that you are in Alaska !! This is exciting ! It’s really cool Bree is from there ! And as always , I love your shoes . Hello from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  36. Delayne Lauder

    You should do a video on tips for traveling with a dog. Do you do airplane cargo? Or is inertia an ESA? The thought of Having them under the plane makes me anxious

  37. Hacker Joule

    Wow!! Really inspired me on my channel

  38. Isla and Dulcie

    What other dreams did u think of when getting her.

  39. bunnyfuzzybunny-Roblox

    I’ve been watching h guys forever hoping for a doggy 😀

  40. bunnyfuzzybunny-Roblox


  41. Gabriel Preciado

    As much as my dogs craziness drives my patients and insanity I wouldn’t have em any other way
    He’s my little dummy

  42. Fabietto Aladin

    How can you teach to the dog how to don’t everything he found on the ground? That’s could be dangerous! ❤️For inertia!

  43. Alicia Killcoyne

    My dog is 11 months old but doesn’t trust any other dog+human when walking. I know he needs socializing but I want him to learn to ignore them. (He’s not super food motivated and on walks isn’t toy motivated) Do you have any advice?

  44. Jeyashankar M

    Is it available in India, Zak?…that pupbox

  45. Adriana Bazz

    Can you talk about traveling with a medium/big dog? Like the airplane experience, how to prepare your dog, etc!! I’m moving back to the US soon and I need to take my 68 lbs dog with me and the whole thing is making me nervous. I just want him to have a good experience and not be traumatized.
    Thank you ☀️

  46. Bonnie C

    Fergus turns 1 yr. old later this month. We have followed your videos since I got him at 3 months. He catches on quickly. Me, not so much. He was paper trained, and now house trained. Thanks for your videos. You, Bri, & Inertia have been a big help.

  47. Miss Little Wildlife

    Inertia is adorable. I just got my Aussie and I enjoy watching your videos. They have taught me so much and helped me with training.

  48. yeetus yeetus

    how do i stop a puppy from biting when i’m trying to pet him?

  49. Nothing Nothing

    Your so good at training I just watched you first video with inertia and one now she is such a good girl ❤️

  50. Jeffrey Roche

    I don’t even have a dog and I’ve watched most of your videos 😂

  51. Inder Kanda

    What kind of training treats do you use

  52. Susan R

    Which breed is this

  53. Logan Garrett

    We got our golden retriever puppy yesterday and all of these videos have helped so much! She really loves to bite our coffee table lol

  54. Anshvardhan Amle

    Are female dogs more emotional as compared to males?…pls answer

  55. Verena Chu

    It gives me hope with my future puppy. Thank you Zak, inertia and Brie!!

  56. iforkinglovelemonade

    I am blown away when she puts the frisbee underneath her @7:36 and literally saying “DAD! I need a break, no more throwing” in her body language lol

  57. FunnyDougy

    Hey Zak love your videos. My puppy jumps before she sits. She developed this habit from being overly energetic during some training sessions. Do you have a video that could help train out her jump in her sit?

  58. Saumya Nigam

    How dare you call my sweetheart, “This Crazy Dog”????? Since the day you picked her up, Inertia has always been adorable❤️❤️ Her looks have definitely changed and I somehow prefer adult Inertia over the puppy one🥰🥰❤️❤️

  59. Arya Das

    Did you fly or drive to Alaska, and how did it go?

  60. Eitan Marx

    Does inertia shed. I want to get a dog but there aren’t a lot of low shed options

  61. Wafflestraw

    We’ve been thinking about getting a puppy since the beginning of July. Since then, I have been binge watching your videos! They have been so much help and I feel so confident with training my puppy. His name is Alpha and he’s coming in 3 days. I can’t wait and you have been so helpful! I’ll continue watching your videos when Alpha gets here!

  62. Moira Morling

    Thanks for the natural, informative video sessions. You are the most believable of the many “trainers” I’ve watched ,as well as truly caring of the dog in your charge. Keep it up! Inertia is a lovely lucky girl to spend her life with you!!

  63. Diana A

    Great video. On a non dog related note, I’d love to hear more about Bre’s story-why is her family from Alaska, when and why did she leave, what was it like growing up there, and how she adjusted from the extreme cold to the insane heat of New Orleans and Atlanta! Could be a you tube video or perhaps just a facebook post.

  64. Christine butterick

    Why Alaska ?

  65. Maisie Faulkner

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  66. Joan Torres

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  67. Nick Waite

    About to have a Springerdor puppy hahaha. this is going to come in handy 😂

  68. Stephen Manley

    Love this guy he’s cool

  69. Celia Roche Pérez

    I want to go to Alaska!!! 😫

  70. UltimatePSGaming


  71. Jackysutarrodetierra

    People a few months ago: Zak is RUINING Inertia and KILLING other people’s dogs because he’s TERRIBLE

    Inertia now: I’m just gonna play frisbee, do tricks and chill

    Disclaimer that I have to make because most people on Internet act like kids throwing a tantrum: I’m not a blind Zak follower or whatever you’re gonna say. I disagree with him on stuff, I just act calmly about it and don’t exaggerate shit to make my arguments more convincing. Bye.

  72. eshaal malik

    I am a huge fan please reply

  73. kristenlauren08

    Hi! Just wondering how you got Inertia to Alaska? Did you fly with her? Looking to travel with my dog so would love some information!

  74. Charity Blackwell

    Oh my goodness what a cute family photo!!!!!

  75. Patri y punto

    Awww 🥰cant resist Inertia doing somersoults🥺🐾 sooooo cute

  76. The Golden Otty


  77. Amna Dillon

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  78. Leslie Villegas

    I’m getting a new puppy! Can’t wait to train her 🥰

  79. Marina Maz

    I’m currently listening on Audible to “Dog Training Revolution” and also watching your videos. I love your approach to training and even though I have no experience with dogs, I feel more comfortable training my new puppy thanks to you. Lots of love from Romania <3

  80. J K

    Hi zak, I need help training my dog to stop biting and stay calm. I already watched the videos based on that specific subjects. But they don’t seem to work. Would you mind helping me?

  81. The King

    Love your vids

  82. MC Blakemore

    I assume you took a flight to Alaska — so I’m curious what that experience was like for Inertia. I would be too nervous to ever take my dog on a plane.

  83. ARC Gaming

    thumbnail: is it working?
    me: of course it is! anything works if zak george does it.
    like if u agree

  84. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Why would you stop a dog from being crazy 😛

  85. Dhinesh Balaji

    Great 👍..!🤩

  86. Blake Steller

    I’ve been following you for several months on this journey with Inertia and it’s so cool to see you guys in Anchorage, AK! That is my hometown and I recognize all of the places in this video. 🙂

  87. Landon Call


  88. Tejas Nandan

    Can Inertia still do summersault??
    Plzz Answer

  89. Nick HOLLAND

    I Own A New St Bernard Puppy And It Is Really Stubborn And Hard To Train😂
    Can You Please Send A Training Videos For A Lazy Dog😅……I Really Want The Dog To Be Good And Helpful 🙂

  90. Isabel THeavey

    I have an idea for something you can train inertia. you could teach her how to pick up her own lead and bring it to you (unless you already taught her that) i’m currently teaching my puppy how to do that.

  91. berrysmoothie

    Woo hooo I am early cuz I m a big fan!!!!!!!!

  92. Philip Pacapac

    Where is your old dog?

  93. Tiah Richards

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  94. New Forest Pony

    Loving the more advanced tricks for my dog who has covered the basics, and loving the awesome scenery in Alaska. I’m adding Alaska to my bucket list. Awesome.

  95. TheSingingCraze - MSM

    Hi! Yay I am early!

  96. Deepa Suresh

    I’m so early I don’t know what to say

  97. Varsha Pataskar

    I clicked so quickly that Usain Bolt can’t beat me!!!😚

  98. TheKoolMelon Productions

    I want to see a collaboration with Zak George and Victoria Stillwell! 😆😅😄

  99. TheKoolMelon Productions

    Thank you Zak George for helping me with my puppy these videos are so helpful!

  100. Lebrador Lover's

    Everyone have lebrador lover’s

  101. 【marta】

    I’m getting a chocolate lab! I follow your channel for tips and watch every single video 🙂

  102. Adasha Amazing

    Early! Love you channel, have followed you since you started with Inertia. ❤️😁❤️

  103. Vivek srivastava

    I have a gsd who is 2 month old . Should I start training 👍

  104. Oliver Chambers

    The dog that I’m meant to be getting is due in three days. I’m so exited I can’t waited I’ve wanted a dog my whole life

  105. Sam Mooney

    How do you stop your dog barking. Also inertia is so cute 😍

  106. Louise GUILBAUD

    niiiiice ! new intro 😉

  107. Rhys Gaming

    I am getting a cockapoo soon

  108. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    Thank you now I can make my puppy videos with my puppy trained this helped me a lot

  109. Sempung


  110. Candy O

    Do you drive on vacation or do you fly? Tells us more about transportation. Thanks

  111. klxdy kay•.*

    Crazy is a good thing but too much crazy can cause mayhem.

  112. Puppy Love

    Inertia is just super cute. Love ya❤️

  113. Lazer Lord15

    First Jk
    thank for heart in my comment your the best

  114. Hannah Side

    I’m reading your book right now 🙂

  115. Maxarker

    My dog is my profile pic and for the past 4 months I don’t know what breed he is plz help me

  116. Eva Marles

    I love inertia so muuuuch

  117. Anshey Ala2020cps


  118. 100K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    Literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day.🙏 grd

  119. Muggsy Time


  120. Aardappelsoepje

    I’ve been following your Instagram and was so excited for these videos! It’s so wonderful to see Inertia grow up. Please keep this series going for her whole life!

  121. Ray's World

    Can you plz reply I’m a big fan of inertia

  122. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    Thank you for helping when i got my Labrador puppy

  123. My Border Collie Family

    Early I am a massive fan!!!

  124. Faze_Shinobi

    To the person that’s reading this:

    You’re very intelligent and adorable human ! Stay healthy during quarantine 🌹 🌈

    My dream is 1k. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated💗

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