How I’m Training My Dog To Walk on Leash Without Pulling....UPDATE!
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How I’m Training My Dog To Walk on Leash Without Pulling….UPDATE!

How to Stop Pulling and train your dog to walk with a loose leash!

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107 Thoughts to “How I’m Training My Dog To Walk on Leash Without Pulling….UPDATE!”

  1. Kochii Royal Plaza

    How to i potty train my puppy outside if its raining?

  2. Lexi Rodriguez

    Very helpful video, thank you! Inertia is doing awesome. 😀

  3. Thomas A Camel

    My dog does pretty good loose leash walking

  4. Lotsoflove53

    omg shes so big now i remember the first video she was in!

  5. Mx racer

    Can you teach my baby brother not to pick up the puppy and cats in a choke hold? 😂 like Fr tho 😂😅 it’s a problem

  6. Marion Lee

    Hi Zak could you tell me what harness you have for Inertia please?

  7. LpsCocoHearts

    how do u stop a puppy from barking at a cat?

  8. LpsCocoHearts

    how do u stop your dog from being protective over their food to another dog? if you would make a vid about that it would be very much appreciated.

  9. Heather Li

    Zak, where is ur face mask? 🙂

  10. ¡dora! ¡dora!

    hi Zak! i got a golden retriever puppy. she is 5 weeks old. whan sould I start training her?

  11. Vivian Baxley

    I was watching you and Inertia last night! My dog daisy hurt my mom on a walk and I want to train her. I’d love to talk to you 1 on 1 if there is no cost🙂

  12. FamilyShack

    Your lessons are so helpful! I always recommend you to people who are just starting with their new dogs. 🐶

  13. Love Teddy


  14. Love Teddy

    Who’s watching Zac George during Corona so you can train your dog for when we’re out of quarantine

  15. Ralph Tarraf

    i just want to thank you for the best dog videos of dogs on yt you helped me and my gsd a long way he is now 1 year old and knows how to walk off-leash and a bunch of cool tricks you tought us love from lebanon

  16. phyllis barr

    have you trained any whippets?

  17. Connor Moran

    Zak you should check out Michael Ellis on leerburg. It’s all online so you won’t have to publicly get lessons from someone and I think his videos will help you understand how to properly mark a behavior and get more engagement out of inertia. Real trainers that understand marker training and basic concepts of operant conditioning can obviously tell that you don’t quite understand what you’re doing. Not trying to hate, you should just look to other good resources to gain knowledge from

  18. Aardappelsoepje

    I love how inertia just sprinter down the stairs at 6:50 when she was quite scared of them a few Months ago. She has grown so much both physically and mentally. What a good girl is she becoming 😍

  19. Husky Fluff753

    These videos are the best dog training vids on YouTube🐕

  20. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Nice to see off leash training beginning!

  21. Robert Patterson

    Welcome to Atlanta Zach! So cool to see a training video in a familiar place! Best of luck to Inertia!


    I’ve been watching your videos since 2014 and my I teach my dog everything you do

  23. attic1 project

    My dog would do anything at home with a treat or toy. But once step outside he doesn’t care for the treat, even I put the treat in front of his nose. So it’s impossible to lure him into position w
    treat 😔

  24. Facetious Times

    I started loose leash walking when Keanu was 4 months old 😐

  25. cz fam

    Who else has a Australian shepherd

  26. Mini meadows Stables schleich

    my puppy is being born tommrow!

  27. Reverse Droxxzy

    Can you please make a video on how to introduce a frisbee to a dog

  28. Hari Chand

    Zak you’re the best…I’m really excited as I’m gonna get my new boxer puppy, and I’m gonna use all your training tips.

  29. Aryana Hartwell


  30. Kallena Topham

    Hi 👋 I’ve not long started to watch your videos first question is how old is Inertia now? I’m planning on getting a dog for my ASD daughter who will be a service dog for her and I plan to use your videos as well as a service dog trainer to train our dog to help my child with her anxiety attacks. I’m forward planning and educating myself before I bring a pup home but I like your video because I can go into this with my eyes open understand what to expect with each stage of a dog’s life?

  31. Madison Sherwood

    How do you encourage your dog to go to the other side of your body with a turn? Which video is that?

  32. Gaming twins



    Good advice in this video, thank you. Do you have any videos on helping a dog who is frightened to go on car ride? I need to train a dog to enjoy the car. Thank you.

  34. SocialMoth

    Zak, out of all the training videos I’ve seen, yours have been the most useful. Especially the “getting a puppy to stop biting” ones. It’s so easy to redirect our puppy and wear him out with a good game of tug-of-war. He usually just chews on his toys after that. I bought your book before we got him and it’s my bible right now.

  35. Fanni trainedstars

    I love your videos Zak, they are always great and super useful. 😀😉

  36. Rosa Pacheco

    It works on my shorkie! and your tricks help my shorkie thanks!

  37. Puzzles and More

    Who else needs these videos for their brand new dogs!

  38. Sebastian

    Omg Inertia is so big now! I started watching your training videos not too long ago and wow I’m inspired and I can’t wait to get my first puppy thanks to you 🙂

  39. Pixellia

    So my dog doesn’t really understand words, and I’ve been trying to teach her what “sit”, and “down”, and so on but I don’t think she can tell the difference. Can somebody help?

  40. Ashwin Potluri

    Love your videos, getting a dog in 3 weeks

  41. Arozia L

    Inertia is the cutest doggy I’ve ever seen! I have been there from day one and I wanna thank you for all of the help! 🙂

  42. Pixellia

    I was taking care of my dog when you posted this

  43. Omarico Sadoora

    This is my number one problem with my new dog.

  44. the mysterious

    Aww I was watching Inertia’s puppy videos she’s so big now

  45. Brielle Joy Smids

    HEY ZAK !!! You are the best dog trainer out there! And everyone… I bought his book Guide to a Well Behaved Dog, I am not even a quarter of a way in … and it is PHONOMONAL . This series BRINGS IT TO LIFE!!! I would reccomend it over and over again ! It’s so amazing ! I can’t thank Zak enough for putting in the effort into all he does. His books, his YouTube videos, and when he gets sponsored … he is so helpful that I find myself reccomending the sponsors to my friends ! GREAT job Zak and thank you over and over!!!

  46. vaiju Jadhav

    Love your video so so so so so so so so so so much

  47. Eevee- chan

    I have one that is super low energy and stubborn as all heck. He will sit down, and nothing, and I mean nothing, will move this little shitzu mix. He’s been like this since we got him qt 4 months. So, if he is off leash and he doesn’t want to walk, he will sit and not move. Not for a squirrel not for treats, not for another dog. Super sweet dog, great to travel with, just stubborn. He has to have an eye on me so he stays close. Training is on his terms.

  48. Roman Empire Wwe

    Thx ur amazing u help me whith my pup

  49. Bill Rand

    should be doing this from day one not the other shit you let it get away with all this time

  50. Wølf_ Phantøm

    Where did you get her from

  51. Gwyn Gable

    Inertia is the cutest dog ever


    What type of breed is Inertia

  53. Zahsa2

    I’m getting a malshi (Maltese and Shih Tzu mix) in a few days. I have been waiting for so long and zak has prepared my for this. Thanks!!

  54. Ayoub Nasr

    What to do if my dog is not walking he’s just laying down and not accepting to walk away from the house. Zak please help🙏

  55. CaptainDragonStone

    I am so behind in your dog training episodes! My dog never mastered the turn on the book, & I blame myself for not training consistently. In public places he’s really anxious so speed walk, & has a weird reaction to wild water. How do I make myself a better dog owner & trainer?

  56. Jorge's Pet's

    Hi inerta is sooooo cuttteeeeeee 🥰

  57. Maurisse Johnson

    I just got a new dog yesterday

  58. Bob Vance

    In about 2 1/2 weeks I’m picking up my new pup, ur vids and book have been so helpful! Thank you!

  59. Chloeplays 123

    Hi Zac George!! I just got a pup 10 days ago!! This is helping me train my pup! Thank you!!

  60. Avery Colbert

    Nova is doing well she knows how to sit,paw,spin and so much more in 3 weeks all thanks to u keep it up.

  61. A

    Snu snu? Is your brother a Futurama fan? 😂

  62. Sayantika Malakar

    Can you make a video on how to hold a puppy😅? Please..!!!

  63. Natalie Wainwright

    It shouldn’t take over a year to get a dog to stop pulling. People can do this in a couple weeks and no, I’m not talking about using prong collars or no pull harnesses. I’m talking about being a good trainer. I’m not a trainer and I could train my dog to not pull in a couple weeks, maybe a month depending on the dog.

  64. Ananya Chatterjee

    I have a lab puppy and your vids are very helpful with training him🥰

  65. anshu tanam

    Love from india

  66. Money Meech

    My dog will focus on the treat for 2 seconds then go back to sniffing. She usually goes further outwards than she does pulling ahead she wants to sniff everything. Plz help

  67. Kelliann Murphy

    Love your training techniques.

  68. Ellery Sullivan

    I am hitting a dog next month so these are so helpful!

  69. hunde metropole

    You are so good at Training 👍 We are getting a Cocker Spaniel pupper soon i am looking Forward to Train her👍🐶♥️

  70. Aela Wela

    I am getting a cocker spaniel pup in two weeks and all I have been watching is your videos

  71. Alexia Rafaela Isdrailă

    Thank you for all the advice!

  72. Alexia K

    Your lessons are amazing and Iove Inertia and Indi you help me train my Labrador Lucky he know loads of tricks now thanks Zak 😊🤗🙂

  73. Henry Nongrum

    hi hi hi love you dog so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Alex Arrindell

    Thirty third! 😂

  75. Samantha Deyo

    I just got a new puppy 3 days ago and she is TERRIBLE on a leash… hopefully these tips can help 🤞

  76. Alex Abalos

    Please look up a reputable dog trainer for your dogs. I highly recommend Larry Krohn. Inertia is fear reactive and aggressive, and is barely trained for her age. Larry can do everything Zak has done with inertia in a fraction of the time without risking the dogs temperament. Inertia has just gotten worse as the days have gone by, and many many people using zaks training are finding their dogs to become aggressive or reactive, and their behaviors have just gotten worse. Do what’s right by your dog and dont follow this fad trainer who clearly has no idea what he’s doing.

  77. Noah & Atlas

    Respectfully, this title felt misleading. This wasn’t an update on your loose leash walking as it is just.. showing off heeling laps. How is she doing on walks in your neighborhood? That would’ve been more honest.

  78. Suryakant Bhopi

    How old is inertia now and what breed she is?

  79. Noah & Atlas

    Why is more “relaxed” leash walking BETTER than a structured heel on walks? Atlas heels every time during walks because they are STRUCTURED walks. He earns freedom to sniff and explore at the end of the walk, or intermittently sometimes, or during free walks where the purpose of the walk is to explore and i DONT require a heel. Heeling, I’d say, is not an unrealistic standard for a walk. He doesn’t have to be entirely focused on me all the time, but his job on walks is to heel. He’ll earn freedom when he shows me he can keep his heel. It’s not unrealistic.

  80. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Who disliked the vid

  81. Zorky

    Can i know what is the breed of inertia?

  82. tranquillum

    I’m getting a golden retriever puppy tomorrow! I have wanted one for so long (cough cough 7 years) and thanks so much zach george for preparing me for my puppy! :))

  83. Nada Halawa

    I love your updates! ❤️

  84. The King Of The Ring

    Seriously if you really want your dog to be obedient i would suggest using some tools that simulate their mom’s teeth such as the prong collar or even a regular choke chain(doesn’t choke the dog the name is wrong imo)

  85. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Les goooo

  86. Aashna Manwani

    Hi sir I have a doubt sir I want to buy a new pup but I don’t know how to buy a perfect dog 🐶 and also in the place where I live there are many stary dogs so if I buy a dog I am scared to not buy a pet dog but stary

  87. Chloe Seto

    👍 Awesome

  88. CuddlyBubbles 69


  89. Cadence Buum

    I’m getting my golden retriever in 13 days and you’ve helped me soooo much on how I’m gonna train my puppy thanks 😊

  90. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Yesssss im not too late

  91. Harvey

    These videos are the perfect mix of educational and entertaining, great to prepare for getting a puppy , thanks Zak!

  92. THE 4 MORONS

    I wish i had a dog

  93. Priye Otaji

    This is nice

  94. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Hi zak im getting a pup in a couple years he(r) name is Lex(i) im crossing my fingers s(he) is a sheepdog i hope you see this

  95. Noah & Atlas

    Free shaping and capturing offered eye contact and engagement will do a lot better than so heavy handedly using a lure… just sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ a lure and food rewards are so useful, but mean nothing when the engagement becomes dependent on knowing if a food reward is involved.

  96. Teshmita Saravanan

    Thx so much

  97. tuner zane

    You did amazing job i’ve learned a lot from you im a groomer so i need to learn some basic.godbless you

  98. Nada Halawa

    Aww 😍 her pug friend is so cute!

  99. Ananya Chatterjee

    Inertia is so cute!!

  100. Anita gaming

    I watch your video but I don’t have a dog at all

  101. Vaishnavi Thakur

    Pls make a video on how to teach your dog to stand and walk on hind legs


    Hi guys what’s up who play mc

  103. DeePsaN PoUdeL

    Wow Am 4th

  104. NYA Cuddles

    Inertia has learned and grown so much!

  105. kaia bella

    omg. i just got a new puppy! i have your book and watch all your videos. It has helped so so much!! thank u!!

  106. Noah & Atlas

    Ooh, this’ll be good.

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