How I’m Potty Training This Puppy, Mistakes Included.
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How I’m Potty Training This Puppy, Mistakes Included.

How to potty train a puppy! See how it’s going with Kona the puppy.

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121 Thoughts to “How I’m Potty Training This Puppy, Mistakes Included.”

  1. Sammy Miller

    I’m at the other end of the spectrum and my wits end with two of my dogs marking. They go in and out all day and they’ll mark no matter how many times I thwart them. The last two days they did it twice. I’ve tried everything (their sister is a graduate of your training series) to no avail. I’m chasing my tail and I’m exhausted. I would love it if you could touch on this in a future episode.

  2. Jordyn Johnson

    We have a new puppy we are working with. She has been doing fairly well with going to the door when she needs to go. The main issue is her going in her crate when left alone for any amount of time. In fact, she will poop in her crate and roll around in it like it doesn’t bother her at all. I have never had a dog that consistently pooped in the crate and didn’t seem to bother them. Any suggestions?? She is such a great pup other than this one problem.

  3. RianX7

    Hi Zak. My family and I got a new puppy a few months ago and before we even took her to a professional trainer, she learned how to sit, stay and more thanks to your videos. Thank you so much!

  4. jobjoho

    Our breeder did a great job getting our puppy started. We’ve run into two unique issues and one normal one:

    1. We live in the north, it’s freezing cold here and the puppy doesn’t like being outside. That led her to refusing to go and having accidents moments after you took her back inside. She figured out that going potty means she gets to go back inside and now she’s pretty prompt about it.
    2. We live in an apartment complex and the sight of people or other dogs sets her off and then she refuses to go. We’re working on socializing her to people and getting her into obedience classes will hopefully turn this around.

    3. The normal issue is that although she can usually go 1-2 hours without going out (and completely overnight), in the late afternoon/evening she processes most of her urine and can need to go out every 30 minutes. If she’s interacting or playing then just like a human child, she doesn’t notice she needs to go until it’s too late and gives you NO sign that she needs to go.

    To her credit, it’s pretty clear that, like all dogs, she PREFERS not to go to the bathroom in her living space. So we’ll get there.

    I’ve used the bells with my dogs in the past and am working on training her to use them so she can give us better signals. I will warn viewers that dogs will straight up use them to go outside if that’s what they want, even if they don’t have to go. So they’re best for people who have their dog on a consistent exercise regimen or they’ll be ringing them all day to get you to take them outside.

  5. newash21

    Thank you for your videos! I have 28 days till I get my furry friend and I’m excited with all I’m learning

  6. Courtney Stiner

    ugh. Kona’s so cute ur so lucky to get to train her

  7. Laura Bernay

    I think it’s great that you show us mistakes, from the dog and from you . So many videos show the trainer “training” a dog who already has it down pat. But when you are at your wits end with a puppy this is not helpful. I like that we see Kona doing things wrong at the beginning and then we can see the process you go through. This is actually much more authentic than watching trainers work with trained dogs. THANK YOU.

  8. Serafim

    Zak you have helped me a lot whit training my lagotto romagnolo puppy thank you so much!
    Love from SERBIA 🇷🇸

  9. iiCRiNGE

    My 15 week Mini Aussie ginger- i swear her teeth are like chainsaws- also, at 6:25 i found the newest meme of 2021 lol

  10. CatsR Cute

    I’m having this issue with my German Shepherd. She’s so smart so I know it’s me and not her that is failing 😭

  11. Maria Toft

    We have a labradoodle at 8 months, she bid, jumped, etc. in exactly the same ways, now she is obediant, loving, very in contact, and only “bite” and jump when she is getting to much exiting and teasing behavior from people…..i noticed all these “problems” in a doodle group im in…..Think that it is typical this mix

  12. Maria Toft

    Havent the breeder been pottytraining her?

  13. Dami McD

    So my dog is in the older stage I think she’s like 10 (don’t quote me) but if u simply open the door for her then she just looks back like ‘you coming or what?’ And she seems to not use the back garden (probably because I take her out the front every time. How do I encourage an older dog to independently go to the toilet?

  14. Henggao Cai

    If your dog has an accident in the house, it means you have not taken him outside enough.

  15. Andrea N

    we’ve finally potty trained our German Shorthaired pointer puppy, but she’s awful with excitement accidents when we have company… ugh

  16. Amy H

    Zak I would really love to know what training pouches you’d recommend! I haven’t heard you talk about them in your videos! Looking for the best one to use with my new pup!!! Thanks!! Love the video! We’ve been working on potty bells too!! So helpful!!! ❤️❤️

  17. Jaylen Tolbert

    my dog is like Kona

  18. Pandu Evan K

    Keep these potty videos coming. Momo, my new border collie puppy needs em more than anything!

  19. kriswina22

    These videos are so helpful!! Thank you so much. May I ask at what point do we consider a dog “potty trained” and no longer rewarding them every time they go outside?

  20. Jaykesh awal

    I am big fan of Zak. I myself trained my hyperactive puppy Beagle. Today he celebrated 1 year. But after watching this video I can see how irritating is to train stubborn, unattentive and loud dog. My beagle is more than active and naughty than kona. He does listen while training, when he wants to get out he will do everything i want him only untill i have chicken in my hand. But it becomes difficult to make him listen to me without treat.
    I guess zak would not be able to handle such dogs for long so he would probably stop taking another projects from now on.

  21. Fiene van Dijk

    What are the signs a dog is about to go potty? (I don’t have a dog)

  22. Z

    People in my household are constantly in and out of the house. Will hanging bells on the door to teach my pup (Shih tzu-Maltese mix) to communicate potty time confuse her if she hears the bells ring at random times throughout the day?

  23. Why hello there

    Thank you so much zac!!! I didn’t know kona was going through these issues!! I thought my dog doesn’t poop in the house anymore but she does pee. I thought she was doing well cause she went a week accident free but then it went downhill. (Btw we r pee pad training her bc we live on an apartment)

  24. Asher Iyer

    Do you think you could make a video talking about how you should name your dog I’m really struggling to come up with a name for my border collie

  25. Lindsey Fanning

    With my puppy she would do fine for a few days. But then if she would have one accident inside, she would have several more after that within the same day or two.

  26. Captain Awesome

    Dear Zak, I am getting a dog soon, and was wondering, if when I go to college, I plan on letting them go to the bathroom inside, then while I’m home, is it ok to train them to go outside because that’s what my parents want?

  27. Colm Mcloughlin

    Wher do you get the long leashes

  28. Captain Awesome

    Thanks for another great video!

  29. AJ - 04PL 907616 Esker Lake PS

    thank u it helps

  30. S L

    Zak: “[Tethering her] also gives Kona some freedom…”
    Kona: *biting at the leash furiously*

  31. Akuma Velinov

    Do you have a video that focuses on getting dogs not to beg for food?

  32. Adrienne L.

    >Rewarding her for jumping up, instead of rewarding a moment when she’s already acting calm (“capturing calmness”)
    >Giving her attention while she’s barking in the crate
    >Tethering her inside (!?!)


  33. Molly Boyle

    For some odd reason when my 8 week old cavalier King Charles spaniel was in the middle of a number 2 I took him out side and then we had no more accidents in the house. Can you give some tips on recall because I am having trouble with it. We have a long line but my parents don’t want to use it. I have tried to persuade them but they are very resistant.

  34. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Potty training went well for my collie. In probably 2-3 months her accidents went down to about once per week, and she’s been fine now for a bit over a year. She is also my first dog so she is the first dog I ever tried to potty train.

  35. Vienna Terpstra

    My four month old puppy Wallace has just started going to the door when be needs to go. I’m so thankful that he’s communicating when he needs to go instead of just peeing on the carpet!

  36. Patricia King

    This dog sounds like my Sophie – the Maltipoo from hell! I even nicknamed her Devil Dog – she has been that big of a challenge. But I love her, anyway!

  37. Astrus 12

    Me and my boyfriend just adopted a shelter puppy, she’s 2 and a half months old, and we have been trying all sorts of tactics to teach her to go potty on the balcony and sometimes she signals it sometimes she just goes where she wants. Can you please do more video on potty training inside 🙏 and the mistakes that owners make.

  38. BeguileMe

    My 9 week old Golden is using the bells to go outside, even though he has just been. Also a favorite tug of war toy. 😉

  39. Glitterbear Design

    I have a 12 week old husky shepherd mix and your videos are helping me out so much thank you

  40. Kiana Gomez

    Kona is getting so big!

  41. koni baloni

    did you see Inertia bite Kona at 11:8

  42. Ludwick's

    MY DOGS POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Xeroticc

    I have an almost 3 month old puppy. I take her out once every hour or two and after she wakes up or eats. We’ve reduced the amounts of accidents but she still has accidents. Am I doing something wrong?

  44. Linnea Helleren

    i am trying to watch as many Zak videos as I can before my mini goldendoodle arrives (which is in a week)

  45. Mr. Godabhi

    I like your videos even I don’t have a 🐶 puppy….

  46. Ashleigh Davis

    Is there an alternative to bells? Bells make my dog go crazy. She tries to destroy them. We tried a digital doorbell for dogs, but she wouldn’t hit it because it scared her and only hits the door when she wants to go out which we can’t always hear. We tried treats, showing it to her, me touching it and showing her the door opens. Trying to figure out a way for our dog to tell us she’s ready to go out.

  47. Vivaan Modi

    Heyy Zack where is the hug from inertia

  48. Alicia Keeney

    I wish I can loan out my mini aussie pup to Zak for a few weeks to train. It would help me and give him content for his channel 🙂 a win win 😁😁

  49. Shepherd Neville

    thanks zak for all of the videos this week! My new puppy is coming in a month and this helps soooo much

  50. The Gaming Nature

    Hi Zak I am getting a border collie puppy soon and I was watching some of your old videos with inertia, and I saw that you would not let here go any where near any parks because she could have gotten a disease, I have another do at home and was wandering if my new dog and the dog I already have could they play together. Even know my new puppy does not have all of his vaccinations yet.

  51. hulva 2006


  52. CaptEarth

    Zak your videos have taught me a lot. There’s one thing I’m unable to do that’s stop my 4 month old shihtzu pooping in his crate at around 3-4am. How can I teach him otherwise? I’ve tried staying up all night, taking him out multiple times etc etc to no yield. He poops in the middle of the night only after I go to bed. Period.

  53. CinnamonToastStx

    Very awesome vid man

  54. Tanner Dutton

    I’ve been watching every video, they have been so helpful for my new Corgi!

  55. Hermione • 5 years ago

    Can you please tell me what to expect out of a borgi?

  56. Natalie Wainwright

    Hmm, I wonder why my puppy was potty trained in a week. I can point out several mistakes Zak has made that will backtrack and make it harder. if you want better tips reply here


    Thank you
    Great video 👍👍👍

  58. Samantha Hu

    So cute when she so quickly snapped right out of her barking when you said “relax” 🥰

  59. Michelle rice

    My daughter’s dog 🐕is a yr and she still pees in the apt when not taken out. When I am home I take her out every 4 hrs or if she stands at the door. Tried the bell thing and was doing good but then I wasn’t home for 3 months and no training was done. Ggrrr still can not leave her out of kennel or she destroys things even though she has all her chew bones out.


    Sorry bud but your channel is dieing

  61. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    What a great video, thanks!

  62. Erin Bainbridge

    One tip that gets forgotten is even if they are potty trained, a new environment could create potty accidents again. If I bring my dogs to a family members house, lots of outside time and watching for ques that they might be sniffing for a place to potty in their house and redirecting them outside every time those ques are seen. Lots of attention needed.

  63. Lorraine Hinchliffe

    8 week old puppy, January in Ontario Canada and potty training. Fun!

  64. Crymsonfire

    Zak, I’ve completely trained my puppy to go potty on a little training tray with a pee pad in it since I live in a high rise apartment on an intersection. He’s already 6 months old. Is this okay to keep this up for the future or do I have to potty train him outside eventually?

  65. Steve 30x

    I got a Cavalier King Charles puppy two and a half weeks ago.

    Within two days I had her following me outside to go to the toilet. She’s had the occasional accident here and there. About five or six accindents but she’s started showing me that she wants to go out now.

    For the first week I was bringing her out once an hour then for a few days I started bringing her out every two hours. With the past week and a half she only wants to go out every three hours though. But I bring her outside whenever she wants to go out and wait about ten minutes to make sure she’s done.

    This isn’t my first puppy though. I had a cavalier king charles for ten and a half years up to June 2020. So the experience of having her has helped me train the puppy.

  66. Adam Luke

    3 MILLION subscribers…WOW! Amazing job, keep up the great videos.

    P.S. We’re just finishing your book to prepare for getting our puppy this week!

  67. Kierra Mathias

    Thank goodness Im not the only one making these mistakes 😂
    Zak, can you please do a video about puppies interacting with others while on a walk? I really want my puppy to socialize but he always barks like crazy while playing!

  68. random gen

    Thank you so much Zak! Love it!

  69. Zone07

    We were able to train our pup in a couple of weeks but it took a team of 4 and when the kids (2) were off school (summer). We did shifts and she was placed in a crate at night with the nocturnal teen checking on her once in a while; carrying her from the crate to outside when she was seating up. She did her business and back in the crate to sleep; no talking no playing. During the day one person was assigned to watch her closely and would take turns so no one would get tired. We placed bells at the front and back doors and trained everyday with treats. I guess it was easier for us because it was a team effort. We also trained her to ring the bell before every meal to help prevent food aggression.

  70. Rose Mardlin

    My brother got a husky last Christmas that I potty trained, but it wasn’t this hard. I accidentally taught my older dog the outside bell thing because there were bells on the door handle when I would let him out. He heard the bells enough that he started ringing the bell on his own when he wanted out.

  71. Gabriela Rivera

    My 4 year old dog decided he was done with going potty outside. Now I have to start all over again.. it’s a bit harder now that he’s older 😕 thanks for this video

  72. Precious Porter

    5 months until my Rottie pup comes.Im taking Notes

  73. Manaal Fatima

    Can u pls tell which breed is kona

  74. Barsha Sadhu

    My 2 month old puppy is learning a lot of stuffs.. thanks to you

  75. 4K NoCopyrightMusic

    This is so helpful

  76. B J

    What is your username on Tik Tok??

  77. AydenS5

    I love your videos and your Kona project. You are a great dog trainer.

  78. rhiannonsg

    I would love a video of training while owner is working. I work 10 hour days and don’t have all day to teach our Luna.

  79. Guinea girl piggies.

    I’m getting a dog in a week and this is going to help a lot. Zack is the best dog trainer

  80. PNWexplorations

    It was the opposite for me. I had to leave my month old puppy alone for four hour periods of time for a few days in October, and he never ever went inside even though I had everything set up for him in case he had to go. I got him a puppy grass patch, he had pads, but refused until I got home to take him out during my lunch and after work. He just stands at the door when he has to go and we go downstairs. ❤️ Moving into my first home on the fourth and will be setting up a doggy door for him as well as his own separate side lawn for when we’re at work during the day because the yard is so big. Hopefully, he’ll catch on just as easily. 🤞Thank you for the videos!!


    Love ya Zack, love ya tons. You’re an angel for doggos and we need more people like ya. All I can do is wish you and your cause all the best in the world. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  82. Thuta Replays

    Hello zak i love ur content

  83. Debra Rose

    Thank you 😊 for this great video! I learned so much that will bring my puppy to be the best Australia Heeler that she can be. I’ll look forward to the next 3 weeks. 👍🏼🐕I hope the weather cooperates as we live in chilly 🥶 ❄️ snowy ⛄️ Indiana.

  84. Staci

    This video came at the perfect time. My puppy was doing so well but then he started to pee everywhere inside. He literally peed right in front of me on the floor when he usually will try to hide and do it

  85. Donna Coleman

    Adorable as any little baby can be!

  86. Sarah Akers

    I made so many mistakes potty training because my one year old dog still goes in the house 😅

  87. NoodleDoodle096

    Congrats on 3MIL Zak!

  88. Kiki H

    I love these videos! Very helpful!

  89. Aysu Uykun

    4 months until i get my border collie pup!!! 🥰

  90. Tanushree Rajpura

    I love your videos🥰🥰 and I think that Inertia and Kona are enjoying playing with each other they look soo cute together. 🥰😇☺😊 and I love watching your dog training videos sooo much 😇😊☺🥰👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 your videos are amazing and helping. 🥰😇😊☺

  91. Jillian Baker

    I have not one but TWO Norwegian elkhound/Australian shepherd puppies, they are completely out of control, they are causing me great anxiety, more so the girl. Idk what to do anymore.

  92. guitarcrazo0205

    Your videos have changed our lives! THANK You for showing us the REAL LIFE and not just successes. You have changed our relationship with our pup and the way we handle difficult situations with her. We are so grateful for your videos!!

  93. Dylan McGuire

    Great videos

  94. Asmeret Kassa

    Zak, these videos are amazing even if you make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, but you never give up and soon Kona will soon be potty trained in no time, just never give up and try your best.

  95. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    You can do it, Zak!! 😀 *cheers*

  96. Navjot Singh


  97. Leafy Animates!

    Thank you for making these videos! I’m doing a school project on some dog things that some owners don’t know about and the only source I’m using is your videos!

  98. Eklavya Singh

    Can someone tell me the pros and cons of owning a lab?? I’m curious 😂

  99. Daily Hannah

    I have an Irish doodle puppy and she is only a few weeks younger than kona! These videos are very helpful thanks!

  100. Pawan Sharma

    I have one Gsd and lab but they are very naught

  101. xanelle lacerda

    this video is so useful for me as I have a new puppy, and he is not accustomed to poo outside yet. thank you

  102. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    Zak doesn’t realize this, but he is making everyone’s quarantine better.

  103. Tenuous Tuber


  104. Eric Scholz

    I just got a cavalier King Charles spaniel and I’m having a lot of trouble with potty training. This helped soo much!

  105. Pawan Sharma

    Sweet puppy

  106. Saisha the great M

    Hello remember me love u u are the best trainer do u know Victoria stillwel if yes u both should make a series love u

  107. Shubhan Sevaria

    I just rescued a puppy, and it’s pooped in my room Once, and peed Thrice. HELP

  108. Alea Marie

    Soo cute🥺

  109. Killin Winnin

    Your videos are so helpful I got a golden doodle puppy which is 4 months and your a great help


    I love how much effort you put in training

  111. MariaEleni Bakalos


  112. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am early

  113. hoor ashraf

    I want to teach my dog attack can you do a video for that please

  114. Andrea L.

    First viewer on this video

  115. dogs rule

    are there any specific dog toothpastes you suggest?

  116. Ambili Lali

    I’m the second

  117. Zachary Gardner

    Good tips thank you

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