How I Trained My Dog to be LEFT ALONE in the House!
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How I Trained My Dog to be LEFT ALONE in the House!

Training your dog to be left alone at home requires us to do some things! How will you know when the time is right?

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96 Thoughts to “How I Trained My Dog to be LEFT ALONE in the House!”

  1. Henggao Cai

    I ordered one bag of Solid Gold and I think I am good on dog food for the next year.

  2. Brent Sinclair

    I just want to know where you got those paintings from!

  3. ilySoccer

    I’m about to get my second puppy ever and I’m so excited! These videos have been helping a lot, and they will help even more once we get him! Thank you!!😁

  4. Emma Dealey

    I don’t see the related videos in the description

  5. Neechan91

    great video 🙂 My Aussie puppy is 3 month now and she is doing well. But my friend is warning me about the puberty time xD. Did Inertia had some kind of Puberty behavior like ignoring commands, rebelling?

  6. Liv Vernazza

    Love your vids Zak I’m from England and I love dog training I would hope to have a job with dogs like police dog handler or something 🙂 your videos really help and I love you enthusiasm ( and inertia / Indy )

  7. Daniel Lipscomb

    I’m going to get a dog in a year or so I am still in school and I want to know if I can leave a puppy if I exercise and train all the time that I’m with her well most of the time anyway. Do you think that me spending 6 hours a day at school and around 8-10 hours with him or her. Really appreciate these videos. Thank you in advance.

  8. Macie Lenhart

    I taught my Australian Shepherd a trick called “Report” where i’m standing up with my legs spread apart a bit and i say “report” and she runs under my legs and sits, while still under me. It would be so cool if you could teach Inertia that trick too!!

  9. Susannah Bautista

    You and this set gives me heavy blue’s clues vibes

  10. iCestr21

    Answers raw fed

  11. New Forest Pony

    So handy for puppies homed in lockdown and owners now going back to work after lockdown is lifted.

  12. Cristine Montpetit

    You have a serious demeanor but man do I think your hilarious! I feel like Inertia is a perfect representation of yourself ❤

  13. Alexandra Ashley

    Question: Hey Zak, my husband and I are adopting two German Shepherd puppies from the same litter next momth. I have heard a lot about “littermate syndrome.” How do you recommend we avoid this? We both work full time jobs but have made a schedule to allow for good amounts of training and play time before and after work and while on lunch break. When we are both at work, however, should the puppies be allowed to be together in the same room or play pen? Thanks!

  14. snowballs442

    What dog food do you buy Zak?  Your still the best

  15. Elophagus Productions

    i just had raisin toast with butter and it was so good

  16. Amber Nicole

    I’ll take my raw food diet for my dogs over kibble any day.

  17. Peachyuwu

    Yesss I needed this video! Thanks

  18. elegant_seal_ eating_mulberry_yogurt

    Is there an app for watching your dog or a device?

  19. Roman Empire Wwe


  20. Henriette Såstad Henriksen

    This entire series has been great so far!
    I actually ordered your book first and from there ended up watching all the videos and ordering your second book.

    I am so happy to have found resources that mirror my own belief that dogs needs love and care not punishment.

    We are getting a new puppy tomorrow and I have gotten so many new ideas.
    It has also been great for my younger children who do not remember the last family dog and the older one has been super engaged and curious.

  21. Hellia

    I am learning a
    lot of things thanks.

  22. Boss Hoss

    Which Breed is Inertia?

  23. sudhanshu pathak

    Inertia is back and so am i❤️

  24. Ted M Mutie

    Yay i am going to get a dog soon but with your help it will be sooo fun

  25. Pugsey Co

    Hey Zak I have a question… (anyone else can answer too) which is the best type of grass for a new puppy? Because we are moving into a new house and we are getting a border collie. It would be helpful to get an answer! Many thanks 😊

  26. Reverse Droxxzy

    Your videos really help thanks my training has been doing very well

  27. Ayman Saeed

    Great topic really👌👍😊.
    Thanks a lot.

    Please could you make videos related to How picking out a great German shepherd puppy ? ( Original Showline & Bloodlines Breed – Long Hair ) ? Or Bcs It’s not related to your training topics, you can’t do it ?
    Thanks a lot.👌😊

  28. Srinivasan Aravamudan

    How are alpha and venus?

  29. Pata P

    The title of the video and the video itself was very misleading. Wish there was more information. The “what I did” “what worked” “how to problem solve xyz” etc is missing.

  30. Kaia English

    I just got a border collie/Australian shepherd puppy and your videos are a lifesaver! I was so excited to have videos to watch that are with a dog similar in breed

  31. bugbug C

    zak can you help, my dog never chews our stuff when were here but when we arent she always chews our stuff. she even jumps on my desk to get at my highlighters. how can i prevent this when she doesnt even do it infront of me

  32. Naomi F

    I’ve let my 7 month old puppy alone in my bedroom for about an hour a few times now. There seem to have been no destruction, he just barks when I leave, but sleeps when I come back. Could I leave him alone for longer times or is he too young?

  33. Aarif Badat

    I dont even have a dog but this is entertaining 🖒🖒

  34. 4 ChipS

    Hi Zak, I love your videos. I’ve been binge watching your episodes because I’m getting a mini goldendoodle in August. Thanks!

  35. Anthony Martin


  36. kennedy yousef

    I’m getting a puppy in 4 days and I’m super excited!! It’s a border collie and I’ve been watching ur videos non-stop to get me prepared

  37. Frostelle Builds


  38. Lauren Prescott

    Hey Zak, my fiancé and I are wondering if you have ever considered making some longer video? We love your content but always find ourselves a little disappointment by how brief they are. Especially since you only release one (occasionally two) per week. We are solid fans, we have purchased both your books, are using your 30 day perfect pup, have signed up for Pupford and Barkbox, and overall just adore you. We just would really love to have some more in depth/longer videos to enjoy after waiting a week for your content. I hope this is something you will consider.

  39. Tessa Phillips

    That was the shortest 8 mins of my life

  40. Aditya Sharma

    Zak please try some fun pranks with your dog and see there reaction that will look cute

  41. Misty's Adventures

    omg, I love your vids! I really hope everyone is having a great day 🙂

  42. Dosez

    Thank you so much Zak! You’re the best dog trainer I know of

  43. Sophia Ha

    finallly i found a vid that wasn’t posted 5 years ago! 🙂

  44. Da tent su

    My dog always bite me. What to do?

  45. Raising Up Aussies

    Cool video!

  46. Tranism

    WHO DID THOSE PRINTS/PAINTINGS. Drop the URL Zak! LOL BTW, great video. Our standard schnauzer just turned 6 months old. She hasn’t been alone because of covid. Nervous about introducing her to the concept.

  47. Makeupbycindy 8


  48. Allison

    All of this information helps alot

  49. MrAwesomePantsX

    Any advice on what to do differently when it comes to getting a 3.5 month puppy as opposed to getting a 8-week old puppy?


    Hi zak George! I don’t have a dog yet but I have watched all your videos. I love inertia as well. She is the best trained dog I have ever seen. Can you please make a video in which u explain the schedule of inertia. I am your biggest fan. Please respond to my request. Pls, pls, pls, pls,
    U are the best dog train in the world.

  51. Ciara Diver

    In getting a puppy and I’ve been watching all of your videos and I feel like I’m learning so much so thank you sooooo much for making all of these amazing training videos

  52. Alexia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Dog Lover

    Zak’s videos always help me thanks Zak your lessons help me train my dogs

  53. #English Learning with Rishabh Gupta

    Plz tell me Zak… I watch your every video…😘😘🥰

  54. IslandBrosCo.

    it was funny when inertia was running in circles lol

  55. • Honey Rose •

    I’m getting my first puppy on Saturday 😄 I CANT WAIT EEEEEE

  56. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am 40th ❤

  57. cricelplays

    hi please notice me im a big fan of your dog

  58. Amy Helena

    This video was perfect timing! I really needed this right now thank you 🙂🌟

  59. Alexia Rafaela Isdrailă

    Love it

  60. IVY_ Hockeyking37

    Hey zak Pupford isn’t working right any ideas ?

  61. Tarlochan Singh Shergill


  62. #English Learning with Rishabh Gupta

    Ho Zak, I am Rishabh Gupta from India. I play Cricket professionally but I am a great dog lover.. But my parents don’t agree to buy me a dog. Can you tell me that what should I do to convince them. Plz tell me.. I am waiting for your reply

  63. Claire Linsenmeyer

    Hi Zak we are getting a puppy on the 29th! we’re super excited and your videos have helped us so much and I am great full to have a amazing dog trainer on YouTube to watch! Also the breed were getting is a eight week old golden retriever lab mix! Again thanks so much!

  64. Tarlochan Singh Shergill


  65. Alex Arrindell

    You should make a bloopers video with you and Inertia!!! 😆

  66. AlienZGamer

    Nice Video!

  67. Rxxster Gxcha

    E a r l y s q u a d where you at


  68. Jake the Great

    Hi never been early


    Pretty early and that’s good now I can help my dog

  70. Puzzles and More

    Great video! This will really help with my new puppy. Can you please also make a video about how to stop your puppy to be eating his poop, it is a big hassle and t will be a problem if he is left alone. Thanks!

  71. JugglingWithBeats

    Hi Zac!!! I love your videos and they’ve helped me with my new pup.Thanks again!!

  72. Gabriel Palomino

    How long did you work as a dog trainer?

  73. 100K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    Fun fact: everyone else including me who is commenting thur now hasn’t even watched half the video yet dfgf

  74. Sanskar Govil

    How to train aggressive dogs??

  75. Toxic Kate

    What’s up Zack is there anyway you could come to my home and help train my puppy

  76. Nada Halawa

    I just love how inertia and indie were just wrestling while you explain 🤣

  77. DiyVlogGirl

    Your dog training videos with Inertia really helped train my labrador puppy!!!

  78. 7D s

    Wait for this one after ringing video

  79. Claire Linsenmeyer


  80. Inside The Dog-World

    Great video! I think many dog owners need this. I do sometimes simular videos like this but not as frequent as Zak. I think you’re doing a great service to millions of dogs in the world <3

  81. Anushka kumari

    Your dog trainings are the best

  82. #English Learning with Rishabh Gupta

    Hi Zak how are you??? I am your biggest fan

  83. noah nolastname

    I just got a Shiba inu when she was 2 months, we watch a lot of you videos for information and it has been working well so far. I also downloaded the app Pupford and we get the food that is recommended on their it is awesome I recommend it.

  84. Urbex - Abandoned Arkansas

    Guys guess what, 15 people can’t be first.

  85. BRUCE LEE - Atharva

    Amazing video. 👏👏👍👍💖💖

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    hiii i love you and your videos soo much❤️

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    Hi zak!

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    Wait, Im the first comment.

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    To The person reading this:

    Have an amazing day And I hope you’re dreams comes true one day❤️

    My Dream is to have 40k. I been struggling to get there💛

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    Thank you Zak!! Your tips have helped with my new dog so much.

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