How I STOP 2 of the MOST Annoying Puppy Habits. What “Balanced” Dog Trainers CAN’T Show You! 

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How I STOP 2 of the MOST Annoying Puppy Habits. What “Balanced” Dog Trainers CAN’T Show You! 

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86 Thoughts to “How I STOP 2 of the MOST Annoying Puppy Habits. What “Balanced” Dog Trainers CAN’T Show You! ”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    First, I have to know what you guys are thinking of the BarkBox ad!? Also, is this series meeting your expectations? Thanks y’all🤔😉

  2. dasami03

    Happy Birthday Bree! 😁

  3. Connie Eneix

    Happy birthday Bri 🥳

  4. TheAnthony7732

    I have a issue with a chihuahua shes 1.6 years old that is skittish of new areas. How can is make things better for her to not be so skittish ? she shakes so bad.

  5. Pax the Puppy

    Please do more ads.

  6. Brenda Bolin

    Happy belated birthday Bree!!

  7. Eugene

    Why do you like that harness? Link on Amazon??

  8. Maria Larino

    Feeling like I will never be able to go out to dinner with my hubby again…cavapoo pup is 12 weeks old today :/

  9. Taija Leslie

    Happy late Birthday Bree!!! 🎂🎉🥳

  10. BSG Productions

    I am loving your new series with traveling with the pups! We’ve traveled with our Huskys in our trailer it’s not easy but excellent opportunities for expanded training! and Happy Birthday Bree!

  11. Janine Kurzinger

    she’s such a cute puppy.

  12. dottieseto


  13. Messengers

    If Veronica went for the grass instead of staying would you step on top of it and say too bad? Or how would you handle that?

  14. Tonka Toy

    My 3 month Goldendoodle must be part bloodhound. He has his nose on the ground the entire time I take him out to relieve himself. Even when I offer treats to stop sniffing and eating off the ground, he’ll take the treat and go right back to sniffing. By the time I try to get his attention on another treat he’s chewing on something else that was down in the grass that I couldn’t even see, but not the grass.

  15. aleje

    Happy Birthday Bri 🎂

  16. Robyn A. Friedman

    The Bark “commercials” are a little corny for my tastes, but thank you so much for dealing with the issue of dogs picking up stuff. My 13-month-old Havanese still picks up twigs, grass, duck poop and even picked up a cigarette butt once (yuk). He is great with “leave it” and “drop it” in the house, but loses control outside. Now I know how to work with him outside. Thanks!

  17. Jen O

    Happy Birthday Bree!! 💖💖

  18. BradleySmellsOfBeans

    happy birthday!!!

  19. Glenda Suchi

    Happy birthday Bree! I am enjoying the trainings because I get tips on how to fix issues I see come up with my American pitbull. I love getting ideas and how to scaffold lessons so that I can take my dogs skills to the next level. It also gives me encouragement and energy to actually work with my dog.

  20. Connie Davis

    We love everything Zak George but what I find distracting are all of the video “shorts”. There are so many. We enjoyed the one Sunday video. Love what you do though!

  21. Pink Glitter and Glam

    Happy birthday Bree!

  22. MaryG Orchids

    Happy birthday Bree! Hope you had fun on your special day 😘 💗

  23. Suzanne D

    I try not to leave my dog in the car alone for long and I never crate my dog while the car is stopped. I always leave him the whole car to wander in with windows half open when weather permits and a chew toy and a blanket. I am curious. What is the purpose of the crate in a parked car? If I have food in the car I just leave it outside the vehicle so as not to tempt him. Love the video as always.

  24. Alex Walker

    Have a very happy birthday, Bree!

  25. Two Minute Minecraft

    Happy Birthday Bree! I’m so happy she’s more present in your videos. <3

  26. Carol Ann

    Great video, as always. Next time you are in Central WY, they they have a surprisingly great little geological museum that I think you’d like.

    I loved the Bark Box ad. Just the right amount of cheesy. Delightful.

  27. Sophie Spencer

    Happy birthday Bree🥳 I have loved watching Veronica grow into such a nice young lady. You have helped me so much with my reactive pit bull rescue. He is still nuts with other dogs and I don’t think I can change that but I am going to keep trying. Love your vids

  28. Sasori Moon ♥

    The Luke Skywalker staring into the lightsaber reference 🤣

  29. Annette Twiggs

    Agreed that dog friendly places are a must but for the sake of training I think this was done fabulously. Cool weather, close to the car so you can intervene if necessary, quick visit to check on them..
    Dogs shouldn’t be left in a car but really this situation was perfectly planned and I’m sure they would have ended the dinner if necessary. I’m loving this series. Real world situations with less than perfect dogs (don’t tell them I said that), and you have great opportunities for teaching! Oh and happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉

  30. Maiza *

    I think veronica is has lurcher in her maybe border collie in her

  31. Yasmin Heskey

    Loved this really is gunna help me with leave it. I do think Veronica is a little spoilt but that maybe because of the van she will learn with the barking and separation anxiety in time

  32. Sally Malloy

    Not “Hi! I’m Zak George!”, but “Hi! We’re Zak and Bree!” Love it

  33. Maiza *

    Hope you had a brilliant birthday🦮🐕‍🦺🐕🍫💗😘👍🏻

  34. justicefosho

    😆 🤣 cute intro. 😍 Cute family. Happy birthday Bree 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊

  35. Jen Kirby

    Inertia is giving you a very funny look when you are opening the BarkBox.
    Happy Birthday Bree!

  36. absurdistsloth

    happy (belated) birthday to Bree! I think ‘leave it’ is one of the hardest things to teach a dog, but it’s sooo worth it to teach it the Zak George way 😁

  37. Here This

    Happy birthday , Bree ! 💝🎂 ( 😉 Mine was yesterday . )

  38. JR FREE

    Can you please make a video of the Canaan dogs? to increase your subscriber’s knowledge, not too much information about this breed, all we know is, that it’s the native breed in Israel and some of the middle east 👍

  39. Here This

    😄Inertia did put the frizbee on the shoulder ! “If daddy doesn’t react , I deliver the frizbee anyhow !” Too cute ! 🥰

  40. Auric Goldfinger

    Great video, but leaving a puppy in a car isn’t a great solution. Dog friendly, or no food. It’s all about them, not us

  41. M L

    I don’t know how long you guys are going to be there, but one of the best places to go eat is Fort Diablo in Glenrock. 🥰 I lived in Glendo, Douglas, and Casper. I love my Big sky Wyoming! ❤️ You guys have a great time and be safe!

  42. Sara Aras

    Happy birthday, Bree!! 🎂🥂😃

  43. Arrington R

    happy birthday bree

  44. Giselle Vinter

    I got my dog at 7 months old and have had her for 2 months now. She does not exhibit typical separation anxiety, however, I can’t get her to go outside with the other dogs without me and I can’t go back in the house and she has to be with me. She is an excellent puppy other than that. I feel she has abandonment issues and have been trying to work with her, but no change in her behavior. I know she wants to out with the other dogs because she whines when I’m holding the door open trying to encourage her to go out, but she just won’t go until I do. Any suggestions?
    Yes, I love the series and am considering getting the bark box subscription as I have 4 dogs. I have never had this issue with any of my dogs previously.

  45. Caroline Merkel

    Veronica is adorable!

  46. Destiny Lecy-Wood

    Happy birthday Bree!!!

  47. Caroline Merkel

    Happy Birthday Bri‼️‼️

  48. Michelle rice

    Happy belated birthday 🎂

  49. Chasen Wang

    Happy birthday!!! I just got a puppy and she’s 12 weeks old! Watching your vids to train her, she knows how to sit now.

  50. ouronia1

    You are so funny Zak… i love it. and i love the both of you. you and your beautiful wife. Happy Birthday Breanna! (spelling?) keep making these positive patient training videos.. so loving and fun. thank you so much for all you do.

  51. Amanda Summers

    Happy Birthday Bree!
    I’m going to have to try to train my 5 month old puppy like you did with the grass but with….rocks…yes rocks. I live in Arizona where we have no grass and just rock yards….so they’re everywhere.

  52. Carolyn Vines

    I hope you had a happy birthday, Bree!

  53. Jessica L.

    Happy birthday, Bree!

  54. Jenny Bozynski

    Happy Birthday Bree! May God bless you with a wonderful day!

  55. Questions67

    Happy birthday Bree!
    I loved the grass clump training. I used to think leash training involved arduous long distances. It’s so refreshing that you teach small distances with focussed content is much more effective and efficient! Thanks to both of you!

  56. Cynthia Ingram

    Happy Birthday Bree 🌹🎂🐕

  57. Nancy Wolfrum

    Happy Birthday Bree 😀 and yes, dogs might not care about language, but I am going to send you happy wishes in German too: Alles, alles gute und liebe zu deinem Geburtstag. Mögen alle deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen. Danke and thanks to all 4 of you for your videos. Awesome stuff 😂

  58. Sandra Sanders

    Happy Birthday! This is a great video. This is a big problem for our one year old yellow lob, grass being the worse, then he gets sick. Thank you!

  59. OutlawFab Garage

    It’s funny how Zac is so against balanced training, yet he had ONE dog to train who lived with him for an ENTIRE MONTH and he still couldn’t get Chop to not be reactive on a leash.

  60. szczsz

    Happy birthday, Bree.
    Also, those ads are getting better and better, it would be a shame to skip them.

  61. Jan Hankins

    Happy Birthday (probably belated by now), but hope you had a great day!

  62. Mike Gray

    Happy Birthday, Bree! Zach’s videos were always good, but you mke them terrific!

  63. Nova

    Amazing! As I watch this I’m doing a quick training session with my pup whilst on a walk. Teaching her not to cross the street without permission.

    Any tips on keeping her attention on me while on walks? She’s pretty unfocused and doesn’t care for treats much while we’re out. I always get compliments on how well-behaved she is, but she’s still not nearly to the point I’d like her to be at.

  64. Cruzan9

    Happy birthday, Bree! Best wishes and happy training.😊
    So, the mining town was cool. I know there’s lots more and you could only upload so much; I really like what you’ve shown so far. I see Veronica is growing nicely. I’m very curious what she’ll look like full grown. Keep up the good work guys!

  65. Allielump

    Well wasnt this a pleasant way to spend some Sunday morning video time.

  66. R Johnson

    Zak… I’m cracking up! Your ability to make a commercial irresistible is impressive! I didn’t skip ahead. Bark Box
    NEEDS to give you a raise!! 😁
    Oh, and excellent content😉😄. I love watching Veronica grow! And Inertia… such a sweetheart🥰🥰

  67. Laray Booker

    I’m a Hugeee Fan Happy Happy Happy Birthday Breeee 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🥰🍾🥳🎂🎉😘

  68. Simon Roosen

    How old is Veronica in this video

  69. Michaela Dickinson

    I get my cockapoo puppy in 3 weeks and I must have binged watch every one of your series and I feel super prepared for what’s ahead and I can’t wait to welcome her into our family . P.s Happy Birthday Bree!

  70. ec3po

    Any advice for a dog that is aggressive towards everyone but me?

  71. echanos

    My dog loves clumps of grass too.We’ll have to practice more outside. Happy birthday Bree.

  72. tiger talks

    It’s probably hungry he’s emaciated, his body condition is extremely underweight especially for a puppy

  73. Dena Taylor

    Happy birthday. I really enjoy your videos and training tips. It has helped with my training with my rescue Doberman. He had no obedience training when I got him and you’ve helped tremendously

  74. Susan Ollington

    Your videos make me feel so much more equipped for when I can have a dog one day 😊

  75. Diego Rojas

    Oh zack is such a goof ball 🤣

  76. JL F

    She’s wearing Uggs😂😂😂
    Our 9 month old Golden eats everything on the ground and now digs up certain plants (monkey grass) anything that looks like that. She then runs. It’s getting worse and it’s frustrating because we’re not doing the right training to stop it.

  77. Chally's Animated Life

    Will definitely give this one a watch! Thanks as always Zak!

  78. Navjot Singh


  79. Targy a

    Oh no you destroy the the leaning tower of Pisa! I love your Adds!
    Happy Birthday Bree and enjoy your journey! Wish you all the best for the new year of your live

  80. Carolyn Folsom

    Happy birthday sweetie

  81. Lourdes Sanchez

    Ah, just the video I needed. My dog is a saint in general but he has picked up the most revolting things, which I won’t even name here 😂

  82. Margie Hampton

    Happy Birthday!

  83. AJGetz95

    Happy Birthday Breanna

  84. Itz_Superby

    The editing bro👍👍

  85. applehead_mjinnocent

    Zak, you’re amazing, Looking forward to watch this! 🙌🏻

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