How I Let My Hyper Puppy Out of Her Crate 😳 #puppytraining #dogtraining #dogtrainer #puppy #shorts

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How I Let My Hyper Puppy Out of Her Crate 😳 #puppytraining #dogtraining #dogtrainer #puppy #shorts

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2 Thoughts to “How I Let My Hyper Puppy Out of Her Crate 😳 #puppytraining #dogtraining #dogtrainer #puppy #shorts”

  1. 1960gal

    Oh blimey, that looked familiar!
    Think we were both petrified to open our (then) Pup’s crate, even at 10wks old. Got worse when he got older/bigger…. not because of his age etc, just his attitude!
    He’s an English Bullie and I kid you not, even at that age he was a bloody demon! He was great all evening, went into his crate happily, slept like a log etc. But we’d come down at 6am….and then the fun started!
    We’d prep ourselves: all doors to garden open, clear route, “You ready? Right, I’m gunna open the door” 😱 …
    He flew out like Taz, nipping at us, jumping on the sofas. We’d manage to get him out for a wee. Then the rush was really on…he wants his breakfast!!!
    By 8am I was knackered. The ol man escaped to the gym and I was left with the nutter! Don’t miss those days at all.
    Hrs now 6. A beautiful Bullie Boy,. Still crazy but highly sociable. He now Sleeps on our bed with us, but has his own 3 beds!!
    Puppies…they’re for the youngsters, we soon realised 🤣 🐶 💙

  2. th3azscorpio

    She’s too cute☺❤❤❤

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