How has Inertia been doing?? #DogTraining #dogtrainer #puppytraining #zakgeorge #shorts

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How has Inertia been doing?? #DogTraining #dogtrainer #puppytraining #zakgeorge #shorts

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7 Thoughts to “How has Inertia been doing?? #DogTraining #dogtrainer #puppytraining #zakgeorge #shorts”

  1. Hege Dehli Delmann

    She is doing great🫶She is a beautiful girl❤️

  2. Arnis Kelmendi

    I love Inertia ♥️
    She’s so cute

  3. ♧Ellies Inspiration♧

    I hope I can train my dog as good as yours one day. I have spent 3 year on her and I think we are almost there. You really inspire me <33

  4. BruthaCool

    The tendency of an object to resist rest or motion is known as inertia

  5. Here This

    And that is all without any force ( we all know what recently has been discovered at dog-trainers ) . Inertia is full of joy , she loves to “come around” waiting for the play to start . It is so heartwarming to see how she is expecting the reward in form of the frizbee , always watching Your eyes , Zak . She doesn’t want to miss any of Your words and gestures . 🥰

  6. sammysam646

    I wish my dog was that trained.

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