How Did Dogs Become Our Best Friends
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How Did Dogs Become Our Best Friends

They are our guardians… Our Soldiers… Our heroes… Our best friends… They are family! How did this all begin? Did we choose them or did they choose us? Six million years ago, towards the close of the Miocene era, the earth’s climate gradually cooled. This would lead to the glaciations of the Pliocene, and thus the beginning of a new era started… The Ice Age. Only those species or creatures strong enough to adapt to these changes… would survive! As the food supply decreased; the hunter-gatherers started hunting for food wherever they could find it. These prehistoric people created large spear points, large blades in conjunction with a unique tool called the atlatl. This tool enabled them to catapult a spear at high velocity and over a long distance to bring down other animals… Slow-moving mammoths and another megafauna. In a short time, these animals were hunted to extinction. We survived… And along with us… The Wolves.

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    I believe you,

  2. Gregor78

    Dogs are my Family, my Friends, my Partners. I’m grateful I could deserve their friendship. I’ve been searching my Dory for 5 winter days and 5 cold nights nearly without rest when she escaped in panic (she is from shelter) and…we finally are together again <3 Greetings from Poland with Dory (mixdog) and Nemo (labrador retriever). You can see them in my profile.

  3. Glenn Shark

    And as the wolves that became more domesticated relied more and more on their humans they began to look weirder and weirder. Soon the wild wolves shunned them completely. After all, what big bad wolf wants to think he may become a pug. 😂🤣

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    4:09-4:22 love these words 👌

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    Dogs Are My Favorites

  6. Angela Zhang

    Its my birthday

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    Yes dogs are my best friend

  8. Hotep Kennels

    Not only this… but what about the pups that lost their parents… (orphaned)… and were taken in… raised/trained & domesticated by us? 🤔

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    Next video Idea : currently existing Horse breed


    Love them..

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    I post dog videos

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