How and Why to MUZZLE Train Your DOG
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How and Why to MUZZLE Train Your DOG

How and why to muzzle train your dog.

Even dogs that don’t bite should be trained and conditioned to wearing a muzzle.

In this video, I discuss the different types of muzzles from cloth to basket muzzles, and the benefits of each one.

How to get your dog to try it for the first time and when and how to clip the muzzle into place.

Also, the dangers of properly fastening the muzzle so that it won’t pop off and put you and your dog at risk.

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16 Thoughts to “How and Why to MUZZLE Train Your DOG”

  1. Derek Edwards

    Love Goofy – he’s such a superstar!

  2. Bernie McNamara

    I have to muzzle my staffi,unfortunately,he is a restricted breed,in my country. Thank you 👏👏

  3. kingdom Entertainments

    Robert sir please can you suggest me which is best rewards for dogs and puppies

  4. robert b

    Wrong!! You falsely assume the dog can breathe through its nose. Just like you can’t always breathe through your nose so how would you like to be forced to anyway? Sick

  5. Charlie Hall

    Yes Robert! I’ve ordered a Jafco muzzle so happy you’ve made a video.

  6. The Puzzling Piece

    Thanks for this video. Any advice for an anxious dog who gets stressed out at anything new? He’s hard to condition to accept ANYTHING that isn’t just hands touching him. He got quicked once when a vet cut his nails too fast as a puppy and now he’s intolerant to almost any new objects. With multiple days of work, he will come to me and let me brush him but he piddles while I do it and eventually growls even though he’s not being restrained and can leave at any time. Muzzle training is a whole different story. And also really necessary for the vet etc. with this dog.

  7. Mjau

    Your advantage is tug war with your malinois. My dog just wants to hunt. I don’t know how to quality train my dog(to really train him everything). He is lazy unless he is going to hunt. Than he is like a bomb. Can you help me?

  8. Brosev the Dog

    What a great trained dog he is👍👍

  9. miep

    I was just done with a muzzle training session when I got the notification for this video haha

  10. Kiwi Fuchs

    I really love your training and your advices, but I do not agree on those kinds of muzzles you’re using there.
    Small muzzles like that are often only used for short periods of time, but for dogs that really need a muzzle most of the time, we use ones, that have significantly more room for the mouth to open and allow the dog to pant a lot better than with those narrow muzzles like the ones shown.

  11. abbylyn Croz

    Good evening Robert. It’s just my suggestion. In the future would you consider making a video about ” how to deal with a lazy German Shepard female puppy?”

  12. ADZ gaming

    A muzzle is required by law in my country for my malinois/germanshepard mix but i never considered using one until now.

  13. Equus004

    I never considered the possibilities of the need for this. You’re so right. Thank you!

  14. J Dovey K

    It’s an important topic to address because there are situations in which you may not be with your dog, someone else may need to handle, dog may be injured and not allow essential life saving touch without reaction. All training aids provide an important service depending on the situation. In some cases as well it is the safest way to deal with training an aggressive dog. Socialization doesn’t happen in isolation so it can enable you or a trainer to better immerse a dog into training and social environments under your control and with everyone’s safety first.

  15. Moch Moshmosh


  16. joseph stallings

    If you have to muzzle your dog than you haven’t trained your dog properly. I really wonder how you feel you’re a qualified dog trainer.

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