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High hopes

Does your relationship with the dog meet your expectations? Believe it or not, the expectation is very important in determining the overall success of any kind of relationship-including relationships with dogs. If you like your own personal space, and a dog is a better hitchhiker than an independent dog, or if you want to run for a long time, and your dog is a real couch potato, then neither of you will really expect from love.

Understanding your identity and dog’s needs-especially when determining which dog is best for you is the key to whether your relationship will last. How does my dog ​​meet expectations when I am used to pairing with your canine sex partner (this is what the E in our P.E.T. Profile™ means), because we want you and your dog to be happy.

To further explore the importance of expectations and how expectations directly affect the long-term success of our relationship with dogs, our business partner Canine Behavior Research Center (CCBS) invites you to participate in a small study on human-canine relationship expectations. Please click Here Take part in learning.

How I Met Dogs and CCBS are working together to strengthen the connection between people and dogs, so we hope you take a moment to participate in their short but important questionnaires, as this will help ensure that the dogs we love stay with us A trustworthy and precious partner in his home.


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