He SNAPPED at my dog. What I'm doing about his RESOURCE GUARDING. Reality Dog Training
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He SNAPPED at my dog. What I’m doing about his RESOURCE GUARDING. Reality Dog Training

How I’m training Chop to stop resource guarding!

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111 Thoughts to “He SNAPPED at my dog. What I’m doing about his RESOURCE GUARDING. Reality Dog Training”

  1. Meredith

    Very interesting DNA results. Can’t say I would have guessed he was over one third Labrador retriever

  2. abby

    You’re making money off of the same tactics that dog fighters use to attract attention.

  3. Jen O

    I NEVER would have guessed lab 🤯 – DNA doesn’t lie! 😊 He is getting so much better 💖 – love how you noted he still has work to do!! 😂🤣

  4. M L

    Lol. A first cousin named ‘Demon’ 😂
    I did guess husky and shepherd but lab wasn’t something I thought of…….

  5. ellen riddick

    Which dna test did you use, i don’t see it linked. My rescue dog wants to know her mix!

  6. Kayla Kelly

    I’m really really hoping that by the end of the series, you surprise us by keeping him! Seeing how far he has come with you guys and the friendship between him and Inertia is so sweet, it makes me sad to think of him with anyone else !

  7. Kai the Cutie (A red Husky)

    I resource guard paper sometimes 😂

  8. Carol Ann

    I love this series so much. I don’t have anything interesting to say, but wanted to comment for the Al Gore Rhythm.

  9. Alison Tabernor

    Inertia and Chomp were adorable playing and lying together ❤

  10. Adriana Woolschlager

    His mom is a white lab mix, so the lab definitely makes sense. Very cool to see his dna break down. I own a dog that is his half sister and its all making a lot of sense now!

  11. P STOGS

    My friend had a Picard!!!!

  12. Stout Out and About With a Norwegian Elkhound

    We have a rescue dog we did a dna test on and the lesson I learned? As long as our Siggi is 100% dog…I’m happy. But it’s fun to know and I’m glad you gave him a second chance!

  13. joelrteodoro

    What DNA Test did you guys use?🥰

  14. melissa janik

    First of all, THANK YOU for showing that Chop still has housebreaking/manner issues. It’s one thing to say something like “oh, we’re still having to work on this”, but to see it, I think is reassuring for viewers.

    Second of all, the snippet (I didn’t make note of the time mark) when Chop and Inertia are holding paws, is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

    In terms of his dna results, do the results/will the results alter your training from here on out?

  15. river

    He seems like a dog with a lot of energy and drive. I feel that doing sports or working him could benifi, like maybe dock diving if he likes water or fly ball, lure coursing too. Or sledding. He seems more so independent (having husky in him lol) but still eagar to please and seems to grasp very well what he needs to do for a treat or praise.
    With that extra mental stimulation and excerise it could also help with training as well.

    I really wish I could adopt chop, I’ve watched all the videos you’ve made on him and I just adore his personality and his intelligence 💗

  16. Sue

    What company did you use for Chop’s genetic testing?

  17. utorrent01

    Great work 👍 Zak as always!

  18. rushc5

    Which DNA test did you do for him? I didn’t see anything in the video description or hear anything in the video itself

  19. Trey Jean

    What dna website did they use or is the best???

  20. MsMysticJ

    Who did you use to get the DNA info please? 🙂

  21. Evert Thielen

    Like 👍 like 👍 like 👍🦮🐕‍🦺🐕🐩

  22. Ambi Cahira

    The breeds totally makes sense, the lab explains why the coat is so short! It also explains why ball is life 😂

  23. Connie Eneix

    Wow Chop is really a mixed bag. The lab is the biggest surprise to me Very interesting.

  24. Lee Whiting

    I absolutely LOVE your videos 🐾🐾❤ Thank you so much 🙏 What site did you do Chop’s DNA test through? 😊

  25. Emilee Leonard

    Really appreciate the reality dog training videos as a long time dog-lover, but first time owner. Through watching these and other videos I’ve learned the way I was raised with dogs really wasn’t the best situation for them or us. Really appreciate the honesty!

  26. Late Bloomer

    Love ur videos

  27. Darkkend

    Well I was right about the Husky/Shepherd/akita, but the 30+% lab blew me away! Thanks for the cool video guys!

  28. Harmony Wicker

    What dna test did you guys use?

  29. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Again another great video 😊 I guessed Husky and German Shepherd in his mix. A lot of his actions are like my German Shepherd and his coat markings looks like an old type working German Shepherd 🐶

  30. Vanessa Doucette-Buch

    The two dogs are so cute playing together! I love how far you have come in such a short time working with Chop! Way to go! 💕

  31. Sophia Wolkerstorfer

    Very fun to see that he is part Picard, we don’t have a Picard but we own a Frisian Stabyhoun, which I believe is one of the 5 rarest dog breeds in the world or something. She is amazing, but the rarity of the breed makes it quite hard to get good breed-specific information for her 😅

  32. Ben’s politics and news Ben Cookman

    Hey Zak. I just wanted to let you know I have been following you for about three years now and using your training to train my rescue Angus who is a giant Pointer Shepard mix. And we just added an actual puppy to our home who is a Heeler named Ariel. She is a busy hand full. Using your training I was able to train her almost as easy as I did Angie. A few weeks of accidents but all in all she is very well behaved. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in dog training. It’s amazing!

  33. Cory Kralovetz

    His mom Sky in Brevig is very much Lab 🙂

  34. Lilly Ess

    Chop really picked up that German Shedder gene, even though he’s less than a quarter GSD. 😂

  35. Georgie Vasili

    he should do a Doberman mix or pure bread

  36. BleachFan51329

    Anyone know what DNA test this is? I’ve been meaning to test my GSD/husky mix for awhile

  37. Melissa Hull

    What DNA test did you use?

  38. Irene Chan

    What DNA testing company did you use? The results were so specific!

  39. Dove Olivia

    Chop is such a good dog l can see how much he has improved all ready your doing such a great job you help my dog 🐶 so much and she is a German Shepard so when you had the German Shepard series that helped so much and so do other type of dog breed series

  40. Cesar Gaspar

    Hey zak. My dog had an incident with another dog and ever since then when ever he sees his leash to go outside he shakes with anxiety and has accidents constantly. Is there any videos you have that have anything that relate to my situation?

  41. Sheetal Chandane

    I was right, I knew that chop is German shepherd and husky mix.

  42. Juli Collum

    Who did you use for dna testing?

  43. crosita1

    So fun to see the DNA results! Spoilers………………………………………………………………

    I was thinking Shepsky with maybe some Chow or Akita (I have a chow + GSD + supermutt myself) and I knew the floppy ears had to come from somewhere, but I never would have guessed Labrador, much less MOSTLY Lab lol that’s awesome.

    There is a great scientific study out there at visual breed ID that proves that dog professionals are no better at identifying breed mixes by sight than random guessing. You should check out that study, it’s hilarious. You can take the test yourself and see how you scored compared to other dog pros like vets, groomers, & trainers.

  44. Richard Kunjawa

    Poor thing almost getting bitten every single day and time 😪😪😪😪

  45. Roxanne Jones

    I have a dog named George. I bought him his first bark box today I love your videos

  46. Cynthia Montgomery

    I think the dog in the Blame it on Winn Dixie movie was a Berger Picard.

  47. Maja Ambroziak

    Useful hacks you give

  48. Life of Shi

    If you’ve ever seen the movie “Because of Winn-Dixie”, Winn-Dixie was a Berger Picard.

  49. Jackie

    What DNA kit did you use to get the results?

  50. L. Lewis

    The berger picard is the breed in the movie ‘Winn Dixie’. That’s not the full title but all I can remember. 🤦

  51. Carolyn Vines

    Oh cool! He’s a Lab mix! They’re such sweet, happy, playful dogs. I did not guess Labrador; but I did guess Akita, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Wolf. 😃

    That thumbnail was scary! It looked like Inertia was actually attacking Chop and putting him in his place. I thought that was what happened when “He SNAPPED at (your) dog.” Now, I see you were baiting us; and that snap referred to the earlier experience. It’s okay. I’m glad that things did not get as bad as the title of your video implied. I enjoyed the video; and I’m happy to finally find out the results of the DNA test. As always, I love you “guys” and your dogs! 🥰🤩

  52. Frank Teng

    Anyone noticing that when chop is there inertia never has the toy, and whenever inertia has the toy chop is out of the room, then when they start playing he wasn’t even ready that the camera was blurry lol, I’ve seen this, Inertia def doesn’t mess with chop RIP

  53. Brad Hutchings

    It took several months, but when my first two dogs (both pit mixes) started mirroring play, I knew they would literally be best friends their whole lives. It’s so beautiful to watch.

  54. Allargie

    Everything’s got lab in it. Haha

  55. Sammy Miller

    Ruh roh, I subscribed yesterday and I didn’t use your link.

  56. Jan Hankins

    Well, I’m glad the snap at Inertia was the one early on in their relationship and that he was in his crate. They look like they’re great playmates now. And Labrador Retriever? Seriously? I did not see that coming.

  57. ~ Avery ~

    My dog, Moxie, does the same thing, but with humans. When we reach to pick her up, she snaps at us. Thank you for making this video.

  58. Xanita Jobe

    I love the series 💕 and it’s so great to see Chops grow in confidence 🥰

    Do you have any advice for resource guarding amongst dogs? My foster now adopted staffyXlab still resource guards from my Sheltie, after 1yr and 7months, we literally can’t have anything out that he won’t allow her to have. She can’t play with anything without him getting upset and taking it from her, sometimes politely but mostly through bullying tactics. I’m struggling to find things to help them bond better over objects and him not have to feel worried about her having something. This is definitely a past trauma response for him and he has come so far, this is my latest project, to tackle this issue and get him more comfortable, any tips would be amazing 💕


  59. Lindsey Fanning

    Now that we know his breed mix it makes so much sense! 😅

  60. Karen Condon


  61. Sislertx

    Omg…i.want your dog.

  62. Zina Reid

    I have 2 rescue dogs who were listed as “Lab mix” and neither have any lab in their DNA! Funny that Chomp is actually a lab mix 😍

  63. Lindsey Fanning

    I’m so happy to see Chop and Inertia laying in the floor together with their toys. 💜 So sweet

  64. María Elena Lastres

    Thank you!!!

  65. Lucinda Darby

    These videos are great and have really helped us with our Romanian rescue street dog. So thank you Zak. Loved seeing the destructive side and how you handle it because at times it does look like one minute there’s an issue6 and next minute it’s gone away. THIS EPISODE showed even more REALITY and hearing you say no to just manage the situation and then impromptu training. This for me is filling in some of the gaps that at times I feel are missing in your videos. PLEASE continue with more like this shoeing is problem behaviours. THANK YOU ZAK AND BREE. X

  66. Navjot Singh


  67. ResilientMamaBear

    Our big gentle giant is an Akita/ Labrador he sheds loads of his hair too 😅 So glad to see both dogs getting along they are both beautiful 🐾

  68. Teardown Dan

    Not surprised by the main mix, the floppy rounded ears had to come from somewhere and all of the breeds for his other characteristics are pointy-eared.

  69. Daniel Shevel

    If you havent already, i think it would be interesting to go over warning signs of a bite. Like why you shouldnt train yoyr dog not to growl, tensing up, etc.

  70. TootToot BleetBleet

    I can’t say I’m surprised by the breed results

  71. Heather Traudt

    I was think some German shepherd was in there. That’s so cool

  72. Molly Boyle

    it makes so much sense!

  73. Molly Boyle

    I totally see all the breeds in him!

  74. cheryl Solazzo

    That was so cool to see your reaction and also to see what Chop is made of. I have to do that with my dog.

  75. Babs11285

    I did the Embark DNA test…my pit, husky, st.bernard, german shephard mix has 11.8% high wolfiness! Which is SUPER DOOPER rare! I still don’t understand what that means but most dogs are under 1% for wolfiness and and I have over 10%. I know it has to do with the genes dating back to wolf/dog hybridization but does that mean my dog is wolf?

  76. Michelle rice

    Why dog dogs and puppies grab the joules area? Afraid they are going to be rough cuz they go back and forth

  77. Wrds Mth

    Inertia’s journey is super cool. I remember back when she was the wild one.

  78. Jen Kirby

    When my Jasper was only 2 (and the best behaved dog ever) I was asked to rescue a 6 year old cross breed Irish Wolfhound x Welsh sheepdog, so of course I did. She was terrible for resource guarding. Much worse than Chop. Poor Jasper was being attacked all the time and he never retaliated. Like I said I had trained him very well and he has a talent for Calming Signals. So we had to teach Bryn a new game called Sharing. The dogs got quite fat for a while but Jasper and I won and Bryn became a lovely dog.
    I had a lot longer to achieve good results than Zak does of course!

  79. SDA Sermons with Pr. Joel Ang

    all the while i thought chop is a norwegian elkhound or wofldog

  80. SDA Sermons with Pr. Joel Ang

    Hi zak, why u said you are in New Orelans but i see chop is still in aalaska ? Can you give me yoyr schedule ?

  81. Ingredients Defined

    What do you do for a dog that marks his territory throughout the house? He is not neutered and we don’t plan on it, just want to know how to stop him from marking his territory.

  82. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Hi zak and bree was not expecting his breed to have lab in him at all I’m shocked, I thought he was a gsd x chow I really did brilliant video as always keep up the amazing content xx

  83. Judy Armstrong

    How neat .. We found out our recue we thought was anatolian shepherd mix, turns out she is white swiss shepherd, chow chow and lab too

  84. LGabriela

    I would love to see how you can teach to a dog to stop eating toys. My golden retriever loves fluffy toys for maybe 10 min. Then he will rip and eat the stuffing 😥
    He doesn’t like super chewer toys at all, he will just to ignore them. Help please! 😓

  85. annabanana771

    I have a husky/lab/aussie mix! So funny to see where they may get some traits

  86. Galaxy Kitten

    My dog is close to 100 pounds at 6 months (no, not overweight) and he has jumping and biting problems which are way more dangerous with his big size. These videos are really helping so thank you! (Some more dared biting and jumping training videos would be nice if your not busy but no rush!) 🙂

  87. Unboxed Ana

    3:43 😍😍 it looks like Chop is holding Inertia’s paw 😍😍 I’m also super keen to get a doggie dna test for my rescue dog, he’s a rescue from Cyprus and we think he’s lab x boxer, but we don’t know!

  88. Zardra77

    How is Chop more lab than the lab x I rescued? 😂 I saw the german shepherd and figured husky had to be in there with that coat, but never would have guessed lab. Thank you for making me feel better about choosing my battles and not trying to be perfect with everything all right away

  89. Kate Nash

    Lab? Nooo wayyyyy! 🤣🤣🤣

  90. Iwona W.

    It’s funny how with this pure positive training the dog just keep getting worse and worse 😂

  91. rachl8400

    Seeing Intertia and him laying together with their toys was so adorable!!

  92. iloveaginganddying

    bahahaha the test results remind me of when we got our dog tested. she looks like a collie husky cross but her highest percentage was Rottweiler never saw that coming

  93. MsBlubermuffin

    All the “scary wild” dog thinking and now he’s basically a Lab+Husky :’D lol

  94. Emily Unrau

    I always take away so much from you videos 🙂 I’m working on being able to take away my dogs dental chews right now. He has snapped at the cats a couple times when they got too close.
    We are also working on counter conditioning Beans reaction to seeing other dogs while he’s on leash.
    I wouldn’t have guessed there was Lab in Chop but Bree is right. I see it now in his personality 😁 Thanks for the reveal!

  95. Derek Markgraf

    What company did you use?

  96. Scott Parisi

    That dog is a good dog…just some small training issues. Even in the clip of resource guarding, the dog just warned inertia and did not act aggressively – and Inertia responded perfectly as expected. I bet this dog was in a home at one time.

  97. Here This

    Great mix ! German Shepherd Dog was easy to guess , also the Husky type with that tail 😀 .

  98. Reigning Fall

    What DNA test company is this?

  99. River Valley Redneck

    Which dna services did you use?

  100. Tyler Bueno Music

    Zak you have helped my wife and I so much with our 2 lab/corgi pups.

  101. Alex Brooks

    I’m so glad you’re doing these series. So many videos on other channels are with already well trained dogs or ones without trauma histories and it just makes it so difficult to try and replicate the training with a larger dog that’s been rescued and has never experienced a loving home. Thanks again!

  102. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution


  103. Scott Parisi

    Before the DNA reveal, I am guessing part Lionberger Shepheard, part yellow lab? Oh, look how accurate I was.!!! Too specific with the “Lionberger”. But, I put down my 17 Siberian Husky a year ago and I didn’t see that! Oh well…

  104. amanda duarte

    Hello love your videos maybe another future series a tripod dog?

  105. Mr. Panda the Sheepadoodle

    Zak & Bree, thanks for keeping it real! Watching you train Chop has been entertaining and educational! It’s so fun watching Chop and Inertia play, I think Inertia’s mentorship is paying off too 🐶🐾❤️🐼

  106. Loviekinz

    I’m amazed at how good of friends those two became, loved watching them play together in the house.

  107. ExplorerPup

    Love ur vids♥️

  108. No

    “Congrats to Everyone who is early and found this comment”!

  109. Sabrina C

    Thank You for keeping it real always enjoy your training videos

  110. Tech Gaming

    Love your videos😍

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