Harry Potter Dog Names: 400+ Magical Ideas

Yes, it’s time to choose a new name for your sweet new pet! We dog owners find inspiration and ideas in many places when it comes time to choose the perfect moniker for a new dog. Most people see books, movies, and characters they like from pop culture. from Disney And from Marvel to rock and roll, entertainment sources like books and movies are popular places for pet parents to get name ideas.

Wonderful world harry potter A beloved universe of magic, wizards, adventure and mystery. So many people around the world love these characters, and new fans are found every day. This magical world has many ways that can inspire a puppy’s name.

All dog parents who are also fans of the young wizard and his many friends, enemies and adventures, need look no further. You have come to the right place. Unlike special characters from this fantasy world, all dogs should be named with monikers owners are proud to call them! Let’s dive into the magic and find the perfect Harry Potter dog names for your sweet pooch.

Male dog names

Abernathy the dragon Grief Norbert Ronan
Aiden Dursley Harry Note Robos
Amos Ernie Horace Knox Rufus
Baron Felix Hugo Ogre Rufus
Bartimeus Felix James Olvander salar
Basel flitch Justin Orion Seamus
Bertie Flitwick Kelpie the nose Slughorn
charles Fred Kingsley Percy Slughorn
Colin carrier Lockhart Pettigrew Sturgis
Cormac fudge Louis Phineas vernon
the crotch Gilbert ludo potter Vector
Dean Gilderoy Malfoy the prince Walden
Diggle Godric Newton Quirinus Wesley
Diggory Graham nice roger William
Dirk Grendel nice Ron Xeno

Harry Potter is full of male-inspired names that are perfect for a new puppy. These ideas are perfect for large dogs, small dogs, and all breeds in between. From adorable young Harry to his crew of loyal wizard friends, try some of these male-inspired monikers for your pet.

Female names

Alice Cassandra Gabriella Mandy Rita
Alicia charity Greta Maxim Rolanda
Amy Colt Generova Millicent Romelda
Andromeda circle sugarcane polite the rose
Angelina daisy Gladys Molly Rowena
Arabella Delacour Griselda Myrtle Roxanne
Ariana Dolores Hannah Nymphadora salma
Aubrey Doria Helga padma Serafina
aurora Doris Hestia Parvati Serafina
Avery Ella Hattie Penelope Sarin
banshee Elladora Katie Petunia Spinnet
Bathilda Elvis Lavender Pixie susan
Bull Emmeline Lita Pomona Sybil
Bertha fig Mrs the poppy Tina
Bunty Flavor Madame Hotch the queen faith

This woman magical universe Save the day again and again. Without these brave women, Harry himself would have been lost many times over. These strong female names from the wizarding world might be perfect for your magical girl pup.

The names of the heroes

713 Cedric Granger Long Bottom the phoenix
Abbott Chu Hagrid Love is good personal
Ulster Diggory Hannah luna Alexander
Albus the summer Helga Mody Severus
Arthur Dumbledore Hermione Neville snap
black the summer hindu Newt susan
Blots George Hufflepuff Oliver Walt
bone sugarcane lily Pansy the vase

Harry may be the focal point of many stories, but the wizarding world has many heroes and heroines. Without these brave souls and safe havens, the world would not be safe. While we can’t include them all, check out our list of notable hero titles for Potter.

Names of villains

Alecto Lucius
Amicus Malfoy
beard Ngini
Barty Narcissa
Bellatrix peter
Cornelius Pettigrew
Credibility Quirrell
Draco the riddle
Dursley Salim
Fenrir skater
Gellert Tom
Greyback Umbridge
Grindelwald speaking
He who shall not be named Voldemort
Lestrange Yaxel

Without the villain, the wizarding world, Hogwarts and all of Harry’s adventures would never have happened in his life. Some villains are pure evil, others are delusional, and others play both. Dogs with villain-inspired titles are exciting, fun and always an adventure. Take a look at these magical names for dogs.

Neutral monikers

Basilisk hello Quidditch
change Hogwarts Raven
beans Lomos Ravenclaw
Borough owners Snitch
Chung Pomfrey Tonks
goop the professor Zonoko

Most people and places in the wizarding world are neither good nor bad. They simply exist in the world, some play an important role, and others are absent. They can be for a boy or a girl. Try some of these neutral Harry Potter dog names for your adorable new fur baby.

magical creatures

Argog Firenze Hedwig the moon Padfoot the spider
Belvig Flitterby Hermes Mr. Pace claws Thestral
Back Back paralysis Hippogriff Mr. Tbilisi the nose the thunder
Crookshanks Frank hockey Mrs. Norris the phoenix Trevor
doxy Physiclaw Horntail Nuffler Pickett the troll
mistake The glow bug House Elf Norbert Pedvision tufty
fairy Gomuk kappa nando Remus Unicorn
fang Graphhorn knot Obscurus Scabbers said
Fox Gryffindor Lupine olympus Sirius vine
Fenrir Hatchling minerva the camel the snow Zelda

In the Harry Potter universe, there are many beloved animal characters. Some are animals, others are shape-shifters, and others are simply magical creatures. Big, small, sweet, ugly and even weird, here are some ideas inspired by the magical creatures and animals created by JK Rowling.

magical inspiration

Aberto Bogart Elf Galliweed Imp Nimbus Kofli
Accio Bomardo Elixir the glass Kedwara Nimbus skull
England Brom Ivanescu Goblin Night nine Slytherin
aurora coffee Ferula gray lady knot Obscuro Sonorus
Oda centaur Fenestra Gringotts crazy eyes Patronus the spell
Avos attractive Firebolt Griphook Mandrake black pepper the rock
Azkaban attractive the flu Hesper Marauder the potion Visby
better Delphine Gallon Hex to kill Priority to say
Bezoor Dementor Gemini Horcrux The Mongols Pretigo Wiz
Builder Diagon the thief Holler Matthew protogo wolfsbane

Magic is the driving force behind all adventure and fun for witches, and a magic-inspired name can be a lot of fun for a new dog. Spells, potions, and magical characters are a unique, fun, and fun way to pay homage to a beloved story. Pets often seem like they work some magic on our hearts, so the term magic sometimes fits perfectly with a new fluffy ball of fur. We love these magically inspired nicknames for dogs.

Names of food

Acid pop haggis
bon bon the past
Bouillabaisse pie
Butterbeer powder
the cake the pumpkin
Firewhiskey Sherbert
Phys Steve
Florine black
the frog toffee
Guinness Trickle

Some of the most interesting foods come from the wizarding world. We fur baby owners often look to our favorite foods for monikers for our pets, so mixing the two can be a great way to find a perfect puppy moniker. We love these magical ideas for dog names.

Names of players

Afshan Dawn Fiona John Pattinson Scarlett
Allan Daniel Gary Jones Phelps Thompson
Alfie Debt Grint excitement Radcliffe Tubby
Alfred Dex Helena Jude Ralph Tubby
Great staff Eddie hero Julie Rankin Walters
Bon Emma the hog Katie Redmayne Warwick
Bonnie Enoch Ian Lewis Rickman Watson
carter Ivanna Izzard Lynch Robert the wolf
claudia Felton JK sorry Rowling Wright
the anniversary Finnigan Jason old man Rupert Zoe

While many fans love the books, the movies have truly brought the magical stories and characters of Harry Potter to life for millions of people. These actors also inspire many people who love this franchise when choosing a name for a new boy. Check out our athlete-inspired picks.

Dog Naming Tips

It’s perfectly fine to take time to research, think, and try out a few ideas.

Nomenclature a new boy It’s a big decision. This is not something that new pet parents should do right away. Often an idea or a specific word may be chosen in advance. However, sometimes pet parents wait a bit to see what’s right. There is no right or wrong way to determine a puppy. But there are a few things that owners should consider when making a choice The name of the dog.

  1. Avoid names that are overused. Try for something unique but easy for your pet to recognize. Harry yelling at the dog park might get a big reaction from cats and humans alike. Look for something out of the ordinary, like Potter or Weasley.
  2. Choose a name that fits and doesn’t embarrass yourself, your child, or anyone else Who will contact him? You don’t want anyone to think negatively about your pet or you.
  3. Whatever name you take Always try a few nicknames. A dog named Pettigrew might be called Petti or Grew, for example. Gail Weed can be Gail, Gail, Weedy, Willy, etc.
  4. Avoid words that sound like common canine commands. For example, boo sounds like “no” and vet sounds like “site.” Keep this in mind when trying out ideas and nicknames.
  5. Ill to one- and two-syllable nouns. This is easy for fish to understand.
  6. It’s perfectly fine to try a few different names and even change the name. A name may not be available for several weeks. the owners Patience is required.
  7. Naming a new dog is a process and takes time. Your dog will need positive reinforcement to learn, especially if they are an adorable young puppy. Rewards such as treats and cuddles can help build moniker stick. Remember that fish do not know the meaning of words. They know that this word means that they have food, care, going out, etc.

Final thoughts

Owners feel a lot of pressure Find the perfect title for their pet, and a vast universe like the wizarding realm can be a perfect place to explore many different ideas. Owners should take some time and allow themselves to look at many ideas before making a decision. Hopefully, our list of over 450 Harry Potter inspired dog names will help you make the perfect choice. Some toddlers will fit right in based on the name size, race, coloring, or pattern. Others will take a while to mesh with the name or may need a change based on personality or behavior.

Taking the time to get to know a new fur baby and find out what they are like is one way to help ensure that the name suits them. Have fun with it and be creative. The perfect name is a combination of both the dog’s personality and the owner’s taste. It’s perfectly fine not to have the perfect choice right away. Owners should make sure not to put too much pressure on themselves or their dog. Calling the puppy baby or sweety is fine for the first few weeks. The perfect moniker will find them in time. Good luck, and have fun on the magical adventure of finding the most amazing Harry Potter dog names (or else) for your delicious love bundles.

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