Grooming your dog in winter

Dogs love to have fun in the snow and ice and just like you, their needs will be different when the weather changes. Hold Warm, seasonal hazards and winter hiking can be potentially problematic. So make sure you are prepared before winter comes.

Winter dog walks

When it is cold, it is important to protect your dog’s feet while exercising. When you have finished your winter dog walk, be careful to remove snow or ice from between the toes of your dog’s paws. This also removes any moisture that can become trapped and cause wounds.

Watch out for salt and other de-icers scattered on sidewalks and streets. They can irritate the pads and cause bleeding. So be sure to watch out for them.

Short-haired dogs, older dogs, and dogs with health issues will appreciate buying them a dog jacket when they do
go outside, especially when it’s cold.

During a winter walk with the dog, your dog may begin to lick or eat the snow. This makes many owners wonder, is ice cream bad for dogs? Ice cream, which is toxic to dogs, is a myth; However, ice can be difficult to chew and damage teeth problems for any dog ​​who eats it. So if you walk your dog and he digests a small amount of ice, no harm will be done.
Try not to encourage your pooch to eat large amounts of pungent ice cream, as this could negatively affect the pooch


Your dog’s natural curiosity means they’re not afraid to try new things – as you’ve probably noticed!
Due to its sweet taste, antifreeze poisoning is not uncommon in dogs. Many dogs can whip up antifreeze
if they can access it. Antifreeze is highly toxic and deadly when ingested. Therefore, store it out of reach of
Your dog in winter. If your canine friend accidentally comes into contact with antifreeze or something else
Otherwise, they shouldn’t go straight to your veterinarian. Antifreeze poisoning in dogs can be fatal if you want to
To find out what other substances could be toxic to your dog, take a look at our guide.

Dog licked his lips while sitting in the snow.


Dogs can suffer from frostbite if they get extremely cold – your veterinarian can tell you more. Generally frozen to death.
The skin may appear gray or even black and feel cold. If you are worried your dog has Frostbite, it’s natural to want to help them as soon as possible – but don’t rub frozen tissue as this can cause additional tissue damage. If you are worried about frostbite or your dog’s condition in the winter, just go straight to your vet for help.

How much food should I give my dog ​​in winter?

Well-fed dogs are better prepared for the cold in winter, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. If your
Dog loves being outside, consider giving them a little more food to make sure they have the energy to deal with the problem
cold. Dogs that spend a lot of time indoors need less food to stay warm in winter. They also maintain a better one
Body condition than dogs who spend a lot of time outside. Check with your veterinarian about how much extra energy dogs have needed during the winter months.

Freeze bowls of water

If your dog has a bowl of water outside, water freezing can be a problem. Remember to replace it several times throughout the day so they don’t get thirsty. You can even buy an electrically heated bowl of water, especially in countries with very cold winters; It is a good idea to check regularly in the event of a freeze to ensure your safety.
Please keep in mind that if you keep a bowl of water outside and it freezes, it may be time to think about bringing your own dog indoors, especially if he doesn’t have a thick coat. If your dog has a shelter outside, it should
insulated, raised, protected from prevailing winds, and waterproof.


Dog hypothermia can occur if a dog has been outside for long periods of time in dangerously low temperatures.
Your dog’s size, breed, and age are important factors in determining how long a dog can be outside in the cold
to. The key to remember is not to ignore the obvious signs when your dog begins to shiver or lose.
Their mental awareness could mean they are hypothermic. When this happens try your best to keep it up
They warm up and contact your veterinarian immediately.

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