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Golden Eagle VS Bald Eagle

The Golden Eagle VS the Bald Eagle. Both majestic, large birds admired around the whole world… As living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence! Though similar in many ways… these two birds have overlapping differences that divide them, makes them special and unique…
But which one of these two is better, faster, and stronger? In this episode, we’re comparing The Golden Eagle and The Bald Eagle… Let’s see who wins this match! Golden Eagles are one of the largest birds in North America. The wings are broad like a Red-Tailed Hawk’s but even longer. At distance, the head is relatively small and the tail is long, projecting farther behind… Their feathers are dark brown with a golden sheen on the back of the head and neck… that go right down to their claws. The Bald Eagle has a distinctive look that’s easy to recognize… They have white heads and tails, with dark brown bodies and wings. Their legs and bills are a beautiful bright yellow. Bald Eagles have a heavy body, and a large head compared to the Golden Eagle. So, who do you think wins the BEAUTY round? That’d be mean now, would it? We made that comparison just to help tell the difference from one another…

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16 Thoughts to “Golden Eagle VS Bald Eagle”

  1. b Consilio

    You dissed our national symbol!


    i liked your old videos

  3. ItsMimiMermaid

    Both are Epic Af but definatly Bald sorry to yall goldens

  4. Kilij Shark

    Amazing, never knew eagles are that powerful!

  5. Muhammed Qasim

    Dog comparison more videos.

  6. Son GokuEk

    Don’t know what to say just commenting for the sake of it😅

  7. Paul -Wade- Hampton

    4 month old Bald eagle killed 18, 3 year old golden eagles, saw it with my own eyes over 12 years ago…! BALD EAGLE WINS !….. SAD !…. FACTS AREN’T 100.00 % EDUCATED ON FAVORS, I WAS ROOTING FOR THE WEAKER EAGLE, THE GOLDEN EAGLES, BUT real life is real life versus Opinions !
    Comparisons changes the effects of a real fight ! That eagle bald can soar & spin right as 2 larger birds fly on it & rip there throats out & spin around all in 2 to 3 seconds if needed be !….

    Thanks for your videos & time / energy / efforts made out to explain to us all your thoughts & for asking what we all thought ! I don’t have just thoughts or feelings / opinions, sorry ! Facts only ! Good video ! Fact !….. Lol ok now, take good care !

    Respectfully, / Sincerely.

    Signed :


  8. Gimpel Family


  9. Burhan Azhar

    I’m a veterinary student and want to start a channel like u. I’m highly impressed with your channel. Can u please guide me

  10. Guru dinesh

    I like Golden Eagles and Bald Eagle

  11. Kim Everhart

    And can you do a white tiger VS the normal tiger

  12. Kim Everhart

    Hey I love your Vids and I like the bald eagle

  13. best star wars and marvel channel

    Thanks for the video

  14. Aldrich Lionel

    Pleasee… do video like this, like “best dairy cattle breeds” or some..?? 🤤


    I like eagle

  16. Burim Kzyeziu


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