German Shepherd Puppy Training Questions
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German Shepherd Puppy Training Questions

Training a German Shepherd Puppy is much like training most any puppy. This video addresses two questions specifically about German Shepherd Puppies and another question about a Staffy Lab X.

How long should you train your German Shepherd Puppy?
What is the best age to Neuter a German Shepherd?
My Staffy Lab mix gets the zoomies… I’m unsure what to do.

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12 Thoughts to “German Shepherd Puppy Training Questions”

  1. Enrique Santiago

    Awesome vids Robert!
    At what age should i introduce protection training? My pup is 5 month. By now i am just working on his bite. With a tshirt braid and a small jute tug.

  2. Kyle Gorton

    Does your member section go more in depth with e collars? I just purchased a garmin delta xc and I want to ensure I use it properly. Thank you

  3. Jamie Smith

    I started watching your videos and subscribed to your “Member Section” a few months back to help prepare my family & I our first large breed pup.. I’ve watched almost all your videos, I have a few questions for you that as unable to find the answers too.. If you don’t mind, I could use your expertise so I can start working on the few things I’m not feeling confident about, so here it goes.
    I have an 18 week old GSD. We play & train with her 3 times for about 10 minutes, through out the day then take her for a 40-60 minute walk around 7 :00 pm, depending on her energy level, to help her sleep throughout the night.
    Within the last 2 weeks, every time I grab her collar & leash to go for our evening walks, she runs & hides inside her crate. I’ve tried to make it exciting, brought out the treats to encouraged her.
    Why do you think she’s having this type of reaction? Nothing negative has ever happened in the car, park or while we are on our walks. She used to at least “act” like she enjoyed her walks, now not so much. What could be causing this behavior? By me taking her am I causing more damage making her go for these walks?

    Also is it cruel to allow her to chance a lazer on the ground at night as a source of excersize?

    My last question,
    When we play together she will use her teeth to mouth on my hands. Her lower K9 are growing in so I can imagine her teeth are causing her discomfort. It doesn’t bother me when she using her teeth to play (grabbing at my hands) but am I causing her to grow up with bad behaviors? Or will she grow out of it? Is she playing or trying to overpower me? She has never bitten me or hurt me but the last thing I want to do is cause an unhealthy behavior?

    I’m truly sorry this is such a long email, I really tried to prioritize the questions I had, that I felt I needed your help with. I have so many more things that I would love to pick your brain about but I don’t want you to get sick of me so soon. 😊
    Thank you for any and all help you can provide for me to help me raise the best German Shepherd.

    Jamie Melzer

  4. neveen abdelwahab

    Thanks Robert, I have a five and half male German shepherd he is good in obedience orders at home but when we are out I feel that he doesn’t see me even his beloved treats nothing works

  5. Jay Vincent

    Training should be short and intense with high drive. I’m surprised she hasn’t checked out within an hour.

  6. Gerald Armstrong

    Edwardo needs to watch your teach your puppy everything videos. Your best content for people with new pups.

  7. Rayanna Ashe

    Zoomies is a real thing! LOL

    I say “zoom zoom!” and my pup goes nuts! Generally, I ask if she needs to go zoom zoom and she’ll go sit by the door to go outside!

    Then I just chase her a bit and off she goes!!

  8. abbylyn Croz

    Hello robert. My puppy GSD is 3 & half months old. Problem is she barks like once or twice a day. 🐺 Is there a problem?? Plz help & thank u.

  9. Brosev the Dog

    Thank you for your time and dedication to dogs 👍👍

  10. MansterBear

    Getting a GSD female puppy in October.
    Does your paid training videos have an “in order from day 1” training schedule?

    I’ve watched a lot of your puppy videos on YouTube but I know some things, like crate training, you say to associate treats with the crate, not yourself.

    But in recall training you want the puppy to associate the reward with being near you.

    I also know sometimes you use the command word multiple times to teach it to them, sometimes you use no word bc you’re just shaping the behavior, and eventually you get to where you DONT want to repeat the word bc it’s now become a command.

    Is the timing and order of those discussed in the paid training you have on your site?

    (I found you through Enzo and Lotus btw 😉)

  11. Anthony psara

    great vid

  12. Kevin Brown

    I wish this was one of the long videos

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