German Shepherd Breeders - The Good the BAD and the UGLY - Avi Cohen EP.80
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German Shepherd Breeders – The Good the BAD and the UGLY – Avi Cohen

The truth about breeders can save you a lot of heartaches when it comes to getting a puppy. Too many people won’t tell you the truth about breeders, but in this chat, with Avi, we get to the point of what to look out for when getting a puppy, what to look for in a breeder and what to avoid.

You may love me or hate me, but I’m gonna tell you the truth… and so will Avi! People get their hearts broken when buying puppies all the time. Getting a poorly bred or unhealthy puppy can be one of the most traumatic experiences. What are you gonna do??? Return the unhealthy puppy to the breeder and know that the breeder will put the puppy down? Or are you going to keep the unhealthy puppy and care for it for the next 10+ years? Either way, you can see the heartache.

This is a heartfelt conversation between me and Avi to help anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy, whether a German Shepherd or any breed, there are things to look out for. We primarily focus on German Shepherds in this chat, but there are countless resources available and this podcast will give you the right information that will help you make informed decisions.

I want to dedicate this podcast to Avi’s boy FURY, who suddenly fell ill. Avi had to say goodbye to his friend the day before we filmed this podcast. He sprung it on me after we filmed and I could see the pain in his heart. He wanted to do this podcast to help inform people and help them. I’m touched by his generosity and friendship!

The website we reference for working dogs is Working Dog . EU

There are resources for other breeds, do your research before you buy your puppy.

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  1. Pepe Deez Nutz

    Hi Robert. I’ve been enjoying your podcasts. I listen to them at work.


    Love this guy!!

  3. Jani Matosic

    Really aprishiate this , Avi is very interesting to listen and helpfull a lot. Keep doing awesome podcasts.

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