German Shepherd ATTACKS Small Dogs - Dog Training Tips

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German Shepherd ATTACKS Small Dogs – Dog Training Tips

In this Q&A I address a viewer whose German Shepherd is attacking small dogs. The dog has done it before and still does it. Needless to say, this is a people problem and I address it very bluntly in this video.

No punches pulled. This is really stupid and needs to be addressed.

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26 Thoughts to “German Shepherd ATTACKS Small Dogs – Dog Training Tips”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Well said and much needed.

  2. Pastor Aris

    Hi Robert
    I have 2 GSD and a Border collie,
    My eldest GSD is always frightening with the border collie who is the youngest.
    I tried to keep them separate but my GSD doesn’t want to go out without the collie and another thing is that when I managed to stop the oldest from chasing him the youngest start chasing and bothering the oldest.
    What can I do?

  3. InkWhiskers

    Obviously I’m not the only one who thinks halters for dogs are strangely cruel.
    If the dog runs to the end of the lead, what happens except that the dog gets its neck cranked round (ouch).
    I don’t understand how P only people can recommend them

  4. Robert Gager

    Great video. I need to share with all the crazies that sometimes comes to club.

  5. jesse_j_hutchings

    Our full German shepherd is a good boy with small dogs however his play style can scare people that aren’t familiar with it. He loves our neighbor’s little dog (not sure breed sorry) and when they approach he lays down a semi crouch and then pounces forward and their dog rolls over submissively. Then, they both chase each other playfully. I agree, you should only introduce your dog to other dogs who will see them regularly or they should be brought up socializing with other dogs regularly. Otherwise, you don’t really know how they will react … and then at dog parks hopefully every dog there is well socialized. I would be in constant worry somebody is bringing a non socialized dog who might attack mine

  6. Jan

    Yes, that’s this compulsory idea that dogs need to meet dogs, and unless somebody tells us it’s no need to, we could never know. Just observe street dogs how they hang out, and how often a fight comes all of sudden. They have shorter and very nervous life.

  7. Hoping For The Day

    I see a lot of people in breed specific facebook groups about how they want to make their dog a dog park dog and how to get them to play with other dogs. I’m like no! Some dogs just don’t want to play with other dogs, stop trying to force your dog into situations it doesn’t want to be in.

    And gentle leaders are terrible. They don’t teach the dog anything, can injure the dog, and just make them feel like they have to defend themselves. Like of course your dog is “behaving” because they can’t move their head. They’re not horses and should not be wearing a head collar.

  8. Jeff McNally

    Classic humans projecting our anthropomorphic views onto the animal kingdom. Always ask yourself: “am I doing this for my dog…or am I doing it for myself?”. There is only one *right* answer 😉

  9. Akela Untouchable

    Robert I love your leadership😀🐾 your direction and your feedback lol sounds straight to the point and knowledge

  10. bby cherub •

    Huskies have really high prey drives and usually don’t do well with smaller dogs, that combined with a big high drive German Shepherd is a bad mix. Backyard breeders really have to stop mixing dogs.

  11. WonderTwig

    Yes💯My dog never meets other dogs either. She gets her entire fulfillment from me. I had a man that was being walked by his two out of control aussies. He had them on a double clip leash thing on harnesses. I put my GSD in a sit next to me. He let his aussies pull toward my dog. I said stop she is not friendly. My dog then growled. The nerve of some people

  12. Mona Huntley

    Thank you, thank you. I’ve been telling clients this for the last 50+ years that dog parks, play dates etc. are not necessary and potentially dangerous. Dogs are pack animals and those who live with you are the only pack they need. Even my top performing dogs, who spent a lot of time in areas with many other dogs, did not interact with those dogs. In fact the whole idea is that they are so happy with me and doing whatever it is we are doing together that they totally ignore other dogs and people.

  13. ElainesDomain

    I will listen.

  14. Jill Marie

    I love this. So many feel a gentle leader is a good tool. So is a hammer (to clarify for those that dont understand illustrations, hammer when used for construction purposes of course). But ANY tool when used incorrectly (which many owners do) it can cause a lot of harm. My dog is friendly to other dogs but I still dont like for her to meet them, never know what they will do. And greetings can go wrong in a second and face to face means considerable damage can be done.

  15. Joey G

    I listened 👍

  16. Berrak

    My malinois puppy ( 5 months old) is afraid of bigger dogs . Do you think her fear will disappear as she gets older? ( I am trying to make her meet calm big dogs )

  17. Hege Dehli Delmann

    Really good advice👏👍

  18. Rebecca Haynie

    My gsd/pit is reactive toward other big dogs (especially other gsds) but loves to play with little dogs. Unfortunately nobody wants him to play with their chihuahua lol, and I’m not interested in finding out what happens the one time he decides to react to a little dog. So, we go for lots of walks and runs, but never get anywhere near other dogs and he seems happy enough without that interaction.

  19. SaikoWolf

    Thanks 🙏 for addressing this issue .

  20. Lee Grass

    Robert I’m a fan! However I’ve been a trainer longer than you, I’m an old lady and I’ve trained since 1980 professionally. I finished many dogs utility degree & tracking, and have many accomplishments. But, I am an unknown which is fine with me —I want to keep it that way. I am writing just to say that you are very wrong about the gentle leader. It actually does the opposite of what you Have said. It’s a supreme attitude adjuster, it makes shy scared insecure dogs feel secure. Once they feel secure they have no need to look for an escape route. The reactivity is gone if you use it correctly. I’ve been using this tool since the 1990s when it first came out. As always you can only know how it all works if you use it. This tool is also very easily transitioned back to a flat collar.

  21. sel724

    My male dog would try to kill any male dog. Small or big.. Female dogs..Never..So my first Q. was always is it a he or a she.

  22. Matching Apples

    My Labrador is scared of German Shepards, if he’s on the lead he barks at them if he’s off the lead he runs away, I don’t know why he reacts like this, perhaps one was aggressive towards him one time but usually they are just a bit boisterous. He doesn’t react like this with any other bread

  23. D F

    Good perspective from you

  24. Ralph Laurence Bayani

    Pa shot out nxt video Boss am from phillipines

  25. Anna Bell

    People want their dogs to meet other dogs because they’re using dogs as replacements for children. They want to have “playdates” and use their dogs to enhance their own bereft social lives.

  26. German Shepherd dog German Shepherd dog


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