Garmin Delta Sport XC E-Collar How To Use and Understanding the Features

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Garmin Delta Sport XC E-Collar How To Use and Understanding the Features

Garmin Delta Sport XC E-Collar with bark collar is a great collar, and one of my favorite collars. In this video I break down all of the features, except the bark limiter feature, which I’ll cover in a separate video.

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If you’d like to purchase this collar, please use this link:

Here’s a link to my online store:

For more of my dog training videos, including my intro to the electric collar, visit my online members only site:

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20 Thoughts to “Garmin Delta Sport XC E-Collar How To Use and Understanding the Features”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Check out the full e-collar video series on my site:

  2. Anderson Krueger

    Robert, I looked at the Garmin before opting for the dogtra. What concerned me was only 18 levels versus over 100 on the dogtra. Didn’t you run into problems when increasing levels on the Garmin?

  3. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Your website Members section is a MUST for those wanting to learn great methods in training that are very well explained.
    I was very impressed indeed by the series on e collars and how you use them . My collar is a 2 dog collar and no need to switch as each dog is just on different buttons. Never even tried vibrate or the torch settings on the collar I use. I like mine as batteries last on the collar up to 6 months and in transmitter a year , dependant on use and available from any shop that sell batteries : ) Fully waterproof which is needed is rainy old U.K.
    Enjoyed your Podcast . I am officially impressed lol. trust me when I say that takes some doing : ) Thank you and Janet so very much . : )

  4. Gian Luca Lo Medico

    Just an ad for an other abusive tool…

  5. D F

    hey, can you hold the contacts in your hand at the 18????

  6. Mark Hernandez

    Just on time, I ordered an e collar yesterday, will you be sharing an e-collar video here or just in your private website ?

  7. Errhka

    I have the field one for my collie – helps tons especially when we are out in open spaces. Was pleased to find its not a hard shock like everyone thinks so I don’t feel bad about correcting my pup to keep her safe – she’s good with a level 2 or 3 and that just feels like a pin prick. I tested it up to 8 on my skin and we’ve never needed to go higher than 5 for a hard correction so it’s a pretty awesome tool when used correctly

  8. Paulo Gomes

    I have a quick question Robert.
    I have 19 month old pure bred Rottweiler. I’m thinking about an e collar but not sure if this is the correct one for him.
    We have 0 problems with him barking.
    We have issues with him while walking him, ( he is not fixed and won’t be until the 30 month point, if we decide to get him fixed at all, still undecided in regards to benefits of getting him fixed) certain dogs trigger him and he lunges towards them. ( we use a 2.5 prong collar) the best tool out there.
    Our dog weighs 100lbs very active i walk him 2 times daily for a 1.5 hr minimum walk and my wife takes him for a quick 30 min walk daily. He gets plenty of excersize and time out doors to run and play.
    We have a lot of neighbors with small dogs that constantly bark at him and he just ignores them and keeps walking. He really doesn’t bark. Recently we had a small dog break free from inside there owners house and charged at him. He just looked at me for guidance and I told him to ignore and tried to pull him away from the situation. My fault with the prong collar on I regret doing that to him.
    The owner came running out and apologized for his dogs behavior.
    Rottweilers have a bad reputation and I didnt want to argue with him and praised my Rottie for the way he handled it.
    Now I find when I walk him, if there is another strange dog around he stares them down and starts to growl towards them. He is the most friendly dog around at the same time im not going correct him for something other owners can’t do. We want him to protect us.
    How do we correct this?

  9. bruce peterson

    Got a behaviourist coming up from England to Scotland to fit jax with a dogtra to fix his offlead recall.

  10. Dexter8x

    Hey Mr.Robert will you be making a Video on when to use a shock collar? Meaning when to use it, when not to or when it’s just overkill to use?

  11. oldgamerchick

    Awesome video I shared to my FB page cause I have a lot of dog owners in my group including K-9. THANK you again for all the work you do making these great videos.

  12. Ghost

    cool video my guy

  13. Doug H. in VA

    I have a DOGTRA IQ in continual daily use for over 5 years… No problems in any way . To me, the DOGTRA is a better and more intuitive choice and the stim level is always available at a glance and nothing to select to see it…. a simple rotary button controls it.

  14. Lara Monroe

    Thank you! I have been looking for something less vulnerable than the iQ but less cumbersome than an educator – this looks like the ticket! Lightweight box is a definite pro.

  15. oldgamerchick

    Yeah another video love your work. These videos have helped me so much with my Jack Russell Cookie.

  16. Ghost

    nice content bro

  17. Ghost

    cool video my guy

  18. HeyItsMe

    Hey let’s be friends 1cdh

  19. Eddie Mumba

    Perfect!!! I hope it ships to Kenya..

    Thank you for the video.

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