Funny Dog Names: 300+ Chuckle-Worthy Ideas

Naming a new pup is a big task. Owners often look for names that have sentimental meanings, remind them of a previous pet, or are inspired by a place or person that means a lot. A pet’s name should represent them and share a little bit of the owner’s personality. In some cases, this can mean owners will pick a funny dog name.

Funny names can be a real hoot and will spark endless conversations for years to come. This can be a way to give your pup a creative and unique designation. Owners enjoy the giggles that ensure when a new person hears or says their pup’s call sign, and in a silly way, a funny title makes a pup all that more endearing to new people.

Laughter is one of those things that always lightens the mood, and a cuddly sweet pup mixed in makes for a beautiful combination. Instead of the more traditional or often used ideas, try out one of these laughable suggestions to call your next puppy. Some are just silly, and others are paws-itively outrageous!

What Dogs Hear When We Call Them

Pups do not understand words and language the same way as humans do. They do not understand that words have unique and specific meanings. Canines will realize their name has a special meaning, but not exactly what it means. A dog called Rojo, for example, will never know that what he is being called means red. He will just know that when he hears it, he should come running. Depending on the breed, environment, training style, and the individual pup, some dogs will recognize more words than others.

Canine names are both a sign of affection and a necessary tool for owners to help train and manage them. Canines will associate this word with a positive reaction. A puppy will understand that when their name is called first thing in the morning, it is time to go outside to potty or have breakfast. When owners come home, they will understand that a happy tone of voice needs cuddles. A pooch may pick up that owner speaking in a very stern tone might mean something different than an optimistic, playful tone. Our pups associate words with actions and the responses they get from them.

Canines will respond to their owner’s voice differently than they will to a stranger. There is even a different response to different members of their human family. Dogs quickly pick up who their primary caregivers are. They also build unique relationships with other family members. This helps them learn that their name means something important. They will also understand that that word coming from various people and spoken in different tones also means something significant.

It is essential to associate a pup’s name with a positive feeling when teaching it to them. They will respond very well to treats and cuddles and swiftly learn that reacting gives them a positive reward. They eat up this positive feedback and attention, learning to associate that word with those good feelings.

Funny Dog Names

Funny ideas can come from all over the place. Sometimes a dog’s breed, size, or coat color will provide inspiration. Other times a favorite movie, character, or person can provide ideas. Humor is one of those things that brings people together, and that can absolutely apply to picking a dog name. We have a list of over 300 funny ideas for dog monikers.


As they say, ladies first. We kick off our list with some silly naming ideas for female dogs. There is so much that goes into making a girl feel good. Every sweet girl is a princess, but sometimes a lighthearted moniker is a perfect fit. We like these goofy naming ideas for girl dogs; hopefully, you will too.

Barksy Loo Loo
Besty Margo
Bo Peep Maybe
Bonnie Mimi
Cassie Mitzi
Chardonnay Muffy
Cici Myrtle
Cleo Pawla
Cricket Petunia
Fifi Sansa
Foo Foo Tina
La La Tootsie
Lassie Trix


“Here, Mac Daddy! Come on, boy! Good dog, that’s a good Mac Daddy.” Every dog owner who has ever heard another owner yell out a silly name for a male dog understands why a funny name might be appealing. There are plenty of chuckle-inducing ideas for male dogs to choose from. Some of these might be more common than others, but all of them will bring a smile to your face.

Banjo Dawg
Bernie Dude
Biff Duff
Bit Furdinand
Boo Boo Gizmo
Bowser Kong
Broseph Looney
Bucky Mowgli
Buddy Mr. Stash
Buff Peter Pan
Chubbs Stubbs
Clyde Tango
Count Tuffy

Funny Character Names

Books, movies, television, and social media have given us a plethora of comical, memorable characters. Some of these laughable characters can make the perfect silly moniker for your furry friend. Naming a pup after someone that makes you laugh is a perfect way to honor the character, find a fun moniker, and connect with others who love those characters. Check out our list of naming ideas inspired by hilarious, fictional characters.

Male Female
Bullwinkle April Ludgate
Buzz Beesly
Cartman Blanche
Charlie Brown Bridget
Chewie Cher
Cookie Monster Colette
Costanza Dory
Dug Edna Mode
Dwight Frau
Elmo Frida
Forman Hyacinth
Goofy Juno
Great Gatsby Kelly
Hamm Kimmy
Heimlich Kitty
Homer Leela
Marmaduke Leslie Knope
Mr. Bean Lucy
Pluto Maeve
Rex Maude
Ron Maxine
Rowdy Midge
Schrute Miss Piggy
Scoobie Penny
Scrappy Phoebe
Shaggy Polly Gray
Swanson Raya
Wazowski Roz
Wile E. Coyote Sophia
Woody Wednesday

Funny People Names

Comedians and funny folks help us laugh, let loose, and can also be an excellent source for funny dog names. Why wouldn’t we want to christen your new pup after people who bring laughter into our lives? After all, we will have hours of fun and laughter with these pups. First and last names, and sometimes the full title all can be perfect, laugh-inspired monikers for dogs.

Male Female
Bill Burr Ali
Carlin Amy
Carson Aubrey
Ferrell Bette
Foxx Eliza
Gaffigan Janeane
Hart Joan
Jonah Kate
Kaufman Katherine
Kevin Kristin
Mac Maria
Murphy Maya
Norm Melissa
Oswalt Ohara
Patton Rivers
Pryor Rosie
Robin Samantha
Rock Snooki
Rogen Snookie
Saget Sykes
Sandler Tiffany
Seinfeld Tina Fey
Seth Wanda
Wahlberg Whitney
Will Whoopee

Funny Food Names

People love food. People love dogs. Dogs love food. A funny, food-inspired pet moniker can be super cute and fun. These food names have both a great taste and make for some serious fun in the dog park. It may just make someone’s day to hear you calling out” French Fry” and have a fluffy, lovable ball of energy bounding over. Food-inspired canine monikers are not new, but these are some that make us giggle. Bone Appétit!

Male Female
Avocado Apple
Bacon Baby Ruth
Bagel Baclava
Butterbeans Biscotti
Captain Crunch Brie
Chalupa Butter
Dill Cheerio
Donut Cream Puff
Eggsy Crema
French Fry Cupcake
Frito Delicious
Gravy Éclair
Hush Puppy Fluffernutter
Meatball Fruit Loops
Nacho Margarine
Omelet Matcha
Pickle Muffin Top
Pork Chop Olive
Pringle Pastry
Pupsicle Pop Tart
Sanka Skittles
Schnitzel Sugar
Sushi Tart
Taco Tasty Cake
Tater Tot Twinkie
Tuna Waffles

Big Dog Names

Funny call signs for big dogs can be a real hoot. Naming a giant Great Dane something like “Pinky” is just a silly way to have a little fun. Some names portray just how big a dog is, which can also have a little bit of silliness. We like these silly big dog name ideas and hope you do too.

Male Female
Beethoven Baby
Big Red Big Bertha
Bruno Domino
Groot Gamora
Hobbit Isadora
Hooch Kitty
Magnum Mini
Smalls Mouse
Thor Moxie
Tiberius Pandora
Tiny Peanut
Toto Spanx
Wiley Sweetie
Zeus Tinkerbell
Ziggy Toots

Small Dog Names

Small breeds are tiny in size but usually big in personality. Giving these tiny tykes a mega moniker is the perfect way to bring in a little humor. Everyone laughs good-naturedly when a tiny Chihuahua is named Bruiser. Whether it is giving a small dog a considerably large designation or just picking a silly call sign, funny names can be a huge hit.

Male Female
Bentley Button
Bigfoot Chica
Brutus Chickee
Chick Pee Fang
Chunk Lilith
Colossus Nugget
Fergus Olga
Goliath Pantha
Juggernaut Peaches
Maximus Sheba
Pee Wee Stormy
Pudge Sunny
Titan Vixen

Totally Wacky Names

Sometimes we meet a pooch with a ridiculous moniker. These often can be puns modeled after a famous person’s name, a play on words, or simply something silly owners made up. These totally wacky ideas might just be perfect for your sweet, silly pup. At the very least, they may give you a well-needed chuckle. We think these hilarious names are barking up the right tree!

Male Female
Atomic Pup Annabelle
Bark Vader Babushka
Barker Posey Baby Boo Boo
Beowoof Bella Donna
Charles Barkey Fancy Pants
Diablo Fleasy
Diblert Helen O’Barkin
Doggie Houser Jersey Girl
Doggie Smalls Judge Judy
Dumbledog Mary Puppins
Fergus Medusa
Frankenstein Miss Barks-A-Lot
Giantsbane Miss Fanny
Grouchy Barks Miss Mutt
Harry Trotter Miss Paws
Jabba the Mutt Mouse
Jimmy Chew Muttsy
King Kong Poochie
Little Bow Wow Princess Paws
McGruff Puppy Soft Paws
McLovin Queen Canine
Mister Miagi Queen Chewy
Pup Doggy Dog Sasha Fierce
Ricky Bobby The Baroness
Sir Toots A Lot Toodles
Suess Ursula
The Beast Vera Fang
The Hulkster Virginia Woof
William Shakesr-fur Winnie the Poodle
Wingo Xena the Warrior Pup

Dog Naming Tips

Finding the right moniker for a new puppy can be a stressful job because owners can feel a lot of pressure.

There are measures owners can take to make things less stressful. Names can be anything an owner wants, but there are a few tips and recommendations to keep in mind. Funny names are great, but offensive and inappropriate ones are not.

  • Always stay appropriate and classy. Owners will need to call out a dog’s name at the park. Vets, dog walkers, and groomers will need to use it as well. Never call a canine anything considered offensive or that will embarrass them or anyone around them. Any funny moniker should be researched to make sure it cannot be taken the wrong way.
  • Names that start with hard consonants are easier for dogs to understand. B, D, K, P, R, T, and Z are good examples. Quieter letter sounds like F and S are more difficult for dogs to hear and pick up on.
  • Always stick to one or two-syllable words. Canines respond far better to shorter words. They simply will not understand a title that is too long. Though it would be fun to call your sweet baby Maisy the Marvelous Dame of Puppydom, she will have no idea what it means. One and two-syllable words work the best.
  • Do not pick words and sounds that can be confused with commands. Some examples are ‘Sit” and “Kit,” or “Bo” and “No.”
  • Avoid words that sound like other pet or family names. This will simply complicate things for everyone and create confusion.
  • Pick out a few ideas and make a list of possible nicknames. Pets sometimes get called by a nickname more than their given title, so it is good practice to try a few variations out prior to making a final pick.
  • Remember, it is perfectly acceptable to take some time to pick a pet name. Try a few on for size and see how they fit your new pup. Do not stress if a perfect one does not happen right away. These things mean more to us humans than they do to canines. It is also acceptable to change your mind if a choice does not seem to work out. This is not the same as changing an older dog’s name. This is a more challenging process and is not really recommended.
  • Make sure to give pups a reward of treats and cuddles when they respond to their name during the learning process. This will inspire them to come back and see you the next time they hear that special word called out.
  • Do not stress or panic if an idea does not work. These things take time, and eventually, the right name will find its way to your pup. Remember to have fun and enjoy this special time with your sweet fur baby.

Final Thoughts

A dog’s name is an important part of who they are. It represents them and is a lifelong connection to their human family members. This word will be the primary way owners and dogs communicate throughout a dog’s life. Finding the best name can happen quickly, or it may be a long process. Both routes to the perfect pet moniker are normal. Owners should feel comfortable with both. It is important to remember this and to feel comfortable changing things if a specific moniker does not work. Funny names are a wonderful way to have some fun, but always stay respectful and never pick something that is offensive or crass.

A pet’s name should come from a place of love and admiration from owners. It is exciting to get creative and have a little fun with this process. Owners should always remain considerate to their pups. Take the time to find some fantastic ideas and even try out a few of them before making a final call. Whatever your inspiration, we have been having a ball and hope our list of funny dog name ideas has helped you on the journey of finding the best title for your new fur baby.

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