Food Aggressive Dogs - Dog Training Tips

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Food Aggressive Dogs – Dog Training Tips

Food aggression is a form of resource guarding and managing it can be tricky. In this video I address a viewers issues with a Dalmatian mix who is exhibiting some serious food aggression issues.

I recommend using a professional trainer when dealing with any aggression issue because you are likely to get bit and possibly hurt in these type of situations.

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5 Thoughts to “Food Aggressive Dogs – Dog Training Tips”

  1. Erin Paris🍀

    Dalmatian Bully mix😳😬

  2. PaPa's Woodshop

    Clear concise and to the point. Robert you are the best source of information on dogs anywhere. My wife and I breed Yellow labs. We give everyone that buys a puppy from us your information. Thank you for all of your help. We are going to start giving them a gift subscription to your website. That is how much we appreciate you.

  3. John B

    If you don’t facilitate a problem you don’t have one. The dog is literally telling you to leave him alone. Why do you have to mess with him? If you don’t go near him he won’t growl at you and you now don’t have a problem anymore. Easy.

  4. Michael Rice

    Great video, I have a question to you. ?How do you handle a loss of your number 1 and still keep training?

  5. SaikoWolf

    I really enjoyed a Q&A’s 👍

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