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First impression: dog and child

4 tips on how to introduce a child to a new dog, 4 tips on how to introduce dogs to new dogs

So you have been matched with the perfect rescue dog on “How I Met My Dog”. You already know that he or she fits your lifestyle and personality, and it is great to bring your new family member home. How can you help your new dog have the best experience when meeting other two-legged and four-legged family members? Follow these tips to get the first impression. If you do, you will be ready for your new dog (and your family).

Met another dog:

Dogs need to express themselves freely in their own words, so if you are a dog, a bit of drool and noise is usually a good sign.

  1. Find a neutral country. Set up a neutral meeting place in advance. Choose a public but quiet space, and no dog should consider its own territory.
  2. Go for a walk. Then, take a brisk walk side by side. This gives the dogs the opportunity to focus on the task of walking forward while at the same time safely adjusting each other’s size. Then let the dog relax a lot on the leash so that they can communicate freely.
  3. Meet the “half” fake belt. If two dogs seem to be comfortable with each other, go to the fenced area and let the dog encounter the “semi” elastic band. (Do not use retractable belts). Rather than completely separate the seat belt, it is better to lower the seat belt so that the dog can communicate freely, but can still regain control if necessary.
  4. Try not to interfere. Just like you would like to do in the first communication, if you step back and let their dog speak his language without being disturbed, your dog is less likely to get into a melee.

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When meeting with your child:

Dogs that can make children comfortable will look for them. Even if there are some waiting games, as long as there is a chance, the dog will come to them. According to your child’s age, adjust your own expectations and give your child some instructions.

  1. Management expectations. Explain to the dog that they are strangers and the dog does not know that they will become his/her new family.
  2. Bring books From home. Let each of your children choose a favorite book to read to the dog.
  3. wait. Once entering the same room with the dog, please guide the child to sit on the chair initially so that the dog can walk towards them if comfortable. Ask them to read aloud. This can help your child focus on the book instead of the dog, and it can help the dog feel comfortable with your child.
  4. No hug. Explain that hugging a dog does not mean that I like you, just like a human being. Most dogs will try to escape, which is a terrible challenge, so hugging is absolutely forbidden.

Please feel free to use these tips when introducing your dog to strangers, children’s friends or nearby dogs. Make sure that your new dog has time to familiarize yourself with new people and new dogs in a neutral, non-threatening manner. This is not only to make a good first impression but also to make a lasting impression.

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