First 24 Hours with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG! [NEW SERIES: Reality Dog Training Revealed!]
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First 24 Hours with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG! [NEW SERIES: Reality Dog Training Revealed!]

The first 24 hours with an untrained dog!

How will I train this German Shepherd dog?!

Hope you guys enjoy this new series!

Tell me below what your favorite part is!

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259 Thoughts to “First 24 Hours with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG! [NEW SERIES: Reality Dog Training Revealed!]”

  1. Ganesh Tejaa

    when is the next video coming

  2. Alexa Deming

    I love this series idea! I have a pit bull/whippet mix that is definitely a level 1 couch potato, but has some quirks that we are working through so he can live his best life! We’ve had him for 2 years now and he is still very fearful of everything and is always trying to return to his comfy zones. I would love to see how you work with a low energy rescue dog that has a lot of fear that they are working through/dealing with.

  3. Jellydog Adventures

    When you’re watching Zak George and you get an ad with Zak George so you can’t tell right away if it’s an ad or a smooth sponsor transition

  4. bid boy

    I cnat to watch this series

  5. Jackson Cullinan

    i know hes purely positive, however but balanced training could have this dog under control in a day. not trained. but under control. First things first:Take the freaking harness of it encourages pulling….

  6. Lorena T

    Zak I have a wheaten terrier puppy who acts just like Moira is acting. This is so helpful! I’m learning so much.

  7. arturley1

    I just adopted an 11 month old GSD from a rescue and I swear these two dogs act the same. I look forward to many more tips!

  8. saraphobia

    LOVE the 40 minute first episode. I can’t wait to watch the next episodes. I just finished the Kona series, and now seeing your series with a more less-behaved dog is very helpful. I am planning on getting a dog soon, and seeing training with a dog like Kona and a dog like Moira is great research, because all dogs are different. Who knows if the dog I am planning on getting in the future ends up being more like Moira or Kona?! Great to see both sides. Thank you so much!

  9. Loops

    Fantastic! My in-laws got a rescue German Shepherd in Jan and they’re really struggling with him, he behaves soooo much like Moira, this series will be perfect to help them 🐕❤️

  10. cheryl Solazzo

    Love your commitment. And you said it “I am tired to” 😂

  11. Ana Hancock

    Lol I thought my German shepherd was bad

  12. Andrea Flores

    Hi Zak! I have a 10 year old dog and she is reactive with other dogs, she barks at them and she tries to bite them. Today we went for a walk and there was a dog without a leash walking down the street and he approached my dog and she was trying to bite him, thank God the other dog was not reactive and nothing serious happened. I didn’t know what to do so I just picked up my dog and left. I just wanted to know what can I do in this kind of situations if I meet a loose dog again and how I can train her not to react in that way with other dogs. Thank you very much, I love your videos! ❤️

  13. Sabrina

    This series is going to be so good.

  14. Lynn Duerst

    Has Moira been placed in her forever home yet?

  15. Eduardo Dela pena

    My favorite part is the walk

  16. Eduardo Dela pena

    Zak how can I train my dog used to be tied on a leash?

  17. Song Says

    My first rescue GSD was 90 pounds. I laugh at your 50! (Seriously, Moira looks like a great dog. She seems excited by other dogs, not reactive, but a closer experience will tell. High prey drive. Do you plan to test her with small, furry critters (i.e., cats)? Lost our 12YO GSD to cancer a year ago. Watching Moira does my heart good.

  18. Amanda Elsley

    I have been cramming these videos for months now….totally addicted🤓
    I have learnt so much even though I have had dogs all my life and I know my puppy who arrives in 2 weeks is going to get the best out of me.
    Keep up the awesome work guys you are changing the lives of dogs and owners all over the world….even here at Glenbrook Beach in New Zealand
    Looking forward to following Moiras progress and whatever you have in store for us in the future 💕👍

  19. unwatchable

    That poor chicken

  20. Erin Goldsmith

    Love it! My 7 month old gsd rescue, Lucy , and I practiced watch, leave it, and bring… with treats! Well done Moira! Thank you for the great video and tips. It is so helpful seeing a trainer working in real life with a reactive dog. Lucy and I are paying attention and ready to work hard.

  21. Destiny Banks

    Please adopt her

  22. Lucinda Darby

    Super great start learnt more already thank Zak George keep it coming please 😃

  23. Ellehcore Daiko

    As someone with a 14mth GSD who pulls and barks as soon as she sees a dog while on lead but gives 0 cares once off lead I am super excited to see how you help this pup!

  24. Cailyn Smidt

    It is so validating that a professional is struggling with a rescue. Makes me feel not so bad whenever I struggle with my pup

  25. EmberKnight

    this dog is like my 6 months GSD I have done a lot of training with her and she is better now she just jumps at runners and bikes on her walks but she does not like cars, when people come into the house she is a bit nervous and just barks at them and when they go to stroke her she backs off.

  26. Sean Ochoa

    LOVE your videos, Zak. Props for doing the hard things and showing the process!

  27. Chandra Barnes

    I have never felt so heard when you posted the teaser. I’m SO pumped.

  28. SooJin Cho

    I just brought home my four month old GSD today! Thank you for your videos.

  29. Ken Nguyen

    Why did teach Leave it like that why not give her a different treat?

  30. Constance Barrett

    Is she spay

  31. Cheryl Parker

    I love love love this! First of all Moira Rose is the best name ever! And secondly, I have two dogs at home with high energy and who are reactive to various things. Watching you conquer this with Moira is wonderful! I’m so glad to see you use and explain a muzzle as well. The Hugh energy dogs are so smart. Moira will be an amazing addition to a family when someone has invested training time and love.

  32. Mookie Betts

    The sad part is, my dog acts exactly like that. She doesn’t know how to let go, she barks CRAZILY. even worse than that and pulls. (She’s also a GSD too!) so thank you so much. This is one of the series that I actually will watch every single little thing

  33. Lydia 1

    This reminds me of my pitbull Gemma. I adopted her 5 months ago at 1 year old and she was crazy. Now she’s only half crazy.

  34. Bianca Sills

    Hi Zak!! Love your videos. Could you please emphasize on how to teach our dog to look at us around distractions when our dog is not food driven?? I swear I’m using a big variety of high value treats and it just doesn’t work. Like, how to teach our dog to be driven by a game maybe? How to do that? And how to react when he has a bad reaction about other dogs/whatever the distraction around, like do we go away from it , do we go away and come back when dog’s behavior is okay? THANKYOU 🙂

  35. Chopper

    “honestly I had no idea what I was getting into” I know this feeling

  36. Aspyn Smith

    Please please please tell me you’re going to teach her to keep her paws to herself, my boy will not stop pawing at my arms after I taught him shake and I’m just a little clueless how to discourage that

  37. Shae Strong

    This is just what I needed! I have a very excitable and reactive dog

  38. Ezra Elliott

    Can you please answer your insta dms!!? Hehe my account is Zylah_the_maremma_shepard ! I just hope that this series will help my dog too!

  39. melissa janik

    57 seconds in and i’m yelling “YES! THIS IS JUST LIKE MY DOG!”

  40. Mallori Dayes

    Zak thank you for making this video!! I have a very reactive 9 month old lab. This is super helpful!

  41. austin kha

    I’m so excited for you to shut down all these mfers that say you can’t train a difficult dog or whatever the fuck they say.

  42. austin kha

    This is exactly what I need, my girlfriends dog barks at every single thing that is not her family. And I am just overwhelmed after 6 months

  43. Chris Wong

    This Series is Gonna be Great!
    -Keep up the good work guys!

  44. Mike Doe

    Boy, that’s a lot of confidence you put in that pillar in your house you tied Moira to. She looks like she could easily take it down, with the house coming crashing down on yous! 🤣🤣🤣

  45. joesgirl152

    I’m trying to teach my dog to let go: black lab: 100 lbs. but I’m not strong enough to become an oak tree. He can drag me with the toy. What would you recommend?

  46. Aubz Kallen

    What kind of harness is that and where did you get it?

  47. robo9876

    Is the crate too small height wise??

  48. Alex Brooks

    Thank you so much! I recently rescued a dog with no training at all. I can’t wait for each and every episode in this series 😀

  49. sigur Gaming

    Love Your vidios vant biggest fan can You si hi to me

  50. roxie frox

    I am so excited for this series

  51. Fel

    Love this!!! Amazing episode, thank you so much! One question: will you train small dogs like really small yorkies for example? I tried finding videos with them but couldn’t, so I guess it would be cool to have that perspective. Do smaller breeds (like 7 pound Yorkie) have different needs in regards to training? I am about to get a Yorkie puppy and I’m filling my brain with your videos and books. Thank you!

  52. Sharelle Strudwick

    Our 10 month old border collie x rescue was so much like Moira…. barked and lunged at cars, other dogs, birds, bikes, flies, he dug holes, pulled clothes off the line, play bit at Our hands and clothes, chewed, pulled on leash …. your training videos have helped tremendously with his training. Thank you Zak and Bree! ❤

  53. Steph Lynn

    So excited for this new series!

  54. polythene pam

    “Moira’s tied to me now……” the best.

  55. Elliot Training&Tricks

    aww im so glad to see Bree in the videos more!

  56. shenika

    I need help training my dog 🤦🏾‍♀️😞

  57. Clara Hernandez

    Omg im so in love already i cant wait to watch all of these ❤

  58. Talia Knowles

    Hey Zak!

    I love your channel! I have been watching for almost two years now, and I have learned so much! I don’t have a dog, but I currently walk my neighbor’s two dogs and train them. I love working with dogs and I am considering doing it for a living when I finish school. Thank you so much for all your videos! They have helped me grow as a dog trainer and I am looking forward to seeing how you address these common issues that so many people have with high energy and reactive dogs!

  59. Christine Alix

    My crazy dog just came in from playing with my husband. She thinks Inertia is really cool. I told her that Inertia has a crazy dog friend.and Naz spazz is in for it now.

  60. Ezra Elliott

    You don’t know how excited I am for this my puppy is kinda like her like being distracted by Dogs and recall 😂💗
    Omg thanks for the ❤️ nm I edited it😩😩🥲her name is Zylah 💗and she is 7 months and 90+lbs 😂 do you answer Instagram dms?

  61. Brooke Robbins

    I getting a new dog in 8 weeks and whens the next video coming I love to watch them

  62. Mr. Bjack

    My bloodhound is terrified of loud noises…took forever to get him used to the vacuum..if people yell he will go to the bedrooms

  63. youngdjredz

    love your videos i used your training videos to train my Italian greyhound to look at me, sit, down, come, still working on let go. i would like to know where to get that chew that you used when you started doing YouTube work.

  64. Zoe Lambert

    Could you try and do a series later on with a male dog as I think it might be different

  65. Sandy H

    Awww just what we needed. Our two male German Shepherd pups are 8 months and what a handful. Thank you!! 💜💜

  66. Christine Alix

    I love this dog she’s amazing she behaves so much like our princess spaztastic Nazareth I want to encourage her instinctual bird obsession but not in traffic and I ground scored a.skate board with no wheels yet. I’m cleaning it to feed her on and add wheels next month. No more skate board chancing/barking. Please Nazareth Maeve behave you’re not a chauwau.

  67. Marcus Cetina

    Thank you so much for producing this series! We recently adopted a two-year-old rescue and have been working non-stop to help her reactivity! She’s just like Moira, she wants to jump and play with every dog/bird/deer so much so that she gets herself worked up and anxious! I am really hopeful and excited to learn how we can help our dog ❤️

  68. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Going to love this, and Moira will be a great gsd.

  69. Keller Ayra

    DEFINITELY has that German Shepard herding prey drive!!! BIG TIME.I’d be looking for someone more suburban rural with the ability to be active and find jobs for her. Agility etc. I’d feel guilty keeping her in the city.

  70. Teardown Dan

    Reminds me of my first couple of days dog-sitting my sister’s then-2yo GSD.

  71. Otsana

    Good thing she is a German Shepard.. or a mix of one… very intelligent breed 👌

  72. Santo

    where do you get most of your leashes, harnesses and muzzles from?

  73. Lina

    So glad I found you r channel! My hubs and I are preparing to adopt a dog within the next 4-6 months. We really enjoy videos like this where trainers show how they can assist in rehabilitating older dogs with difficult behaviors and your channel has been our favorite.. we can’t stop from binge watching lol. THANK YOU for all that you do!!

  74. Helen Pearson Makeup Artist

    What are you using to attach the dog to your belt?

  75. Yulia Budd

    Thank you Zac!!

  76. Naomi Mckinlay

    My partner and I are about to pick up our Samoyed pup in 2 weeks, we have been religiously watching your videos and listening to your audio books, this is so good to see! Thank you Zak

  77. Diane Lee

    It’s amazing to see you use such a long leash to let the dog go out for potty yet you don’t have to go out at out. 😄

  78. jay_

    i have a 11 month old labrador corgi mix from the streets of minsk in romania who is the exact same as moira, knows sit and nothing else who needs training, i’ll try these tips. thanks!

  79. Anthony Thompson

    That is not a “full-grown” German Shepherd Dog.

  80. Cheri Pitout

    Hi Zak, My 2 GS Female siblings are jumping, liking and leash pulling. Please help Zak. They have just turned 24 months. Is there anything you can suggest to help us?

  81. Anthony Collier

    This is what we needed. Thanks Zak!

  82. Veronica Marciano

    She’s so sweet! And so smart! She will make an amazing family member 💕

  83. Cricri

    This is fantastic…and I don’t even own a dog!

  84. Alexander Spectre

    your editing is insane man!

  85. Mel L.

    This is a fun video and much needed. So glad you have taken this angle to move to training rescues. Zac, you have met your calling and we love to see Bree by your side.
    Moira reminds me of my beloved adult shepherd rescue. When I first got her she was “my little kleptomaniac. ‘ She could steal so fast and chew it up while she was connected to the leash. That chew resistant bed in your crate would have been fluff in 10 minutes, but amazingly smart and easy to train. I have had dogs all my life, but this this one was most energetic, athletic and brilliant. I know many people would not have the time or patience to do this. I know your talent revolves around your secret to success which is always knowledgable time and patience, plus being quick to reward desired behavior with reflexes to detour the unwanted activity.
    You are so right about these dogs valuing their connection with humans and the importance of keeping them mentally and physically stimulated everyday. It is so much work, time and patience, but oh my gosh, if the training is right and success in helping them overcome problem issues, the dog you get is amazing.

  86. dragonleaderlee

    I’ve been talking about “tool dependence” with training harnesses and collars for over 15 years. If the dog needs a tool to control them at a particular juncture, it means you don’t have actual control of their attention. Spot on, my man.

  87. Morgan Sundqvist

    Great work. This will be an interesting series

  88. Emilee McKenzie

    2 weeks ago i adopted an 8 week old chocolate lab & have been using your videos to start introducing her to training. SO HELPFUL. she learned to sit in no time. thank you!!

  89. Kristen Johnson

    DYING over the close-up of Moira’s eyes. Such an intelligent lil girl! I’m going to re-re-re-watch the “leave it” part, that’s one area my girl needs to learn. Thank you for a great first episode!

  90. Kate Schneider

    This is SO GREAT!!!!

  91. Helen Pearson Makeup Artist

    My dog is exactly the same but she barks too.

  92. uday6046

    This is what I was looking for since forever! Thank you so much zak! 🙂

  93. Briana McCoy

    Finally a video for me! I adopted a 2 yr old Staffordshire Terrier with separation anxiety and really bad dog aggression. We’ve been together for a year now. She demonstrates a lot of the same behaviors as Moira so this is great!

  94. Kostas Xatz

    Hey Zak, when I do this “leave it” thing with my dog, when I cover the treat with my hand so he doesn’t get it he gets aggressive and tries to bite my hand… Do you have any suggestions for that? Cause im really troubled

  95. summerskyze

    A million thank you for this!!! You are saving so many dogs in this world!

  96. Charlie Gibson

    This is exactly my dog. I’m so excited for this series!

  97. Mary Brown

    I just adopted a large adult rescue dog who knew 0 tricks. Thank you for this! So excited for the next video

  98. Northwest Girl

    My golden used to have these behaviors too, before we trained her. I can’t wait to watch Moira thrive!

  99. Coco Le

    33:47 When the treat “magically disappeared” (when in fact Moira snatched it) Zak’s face was hilarous. I laughed out loud so hard hahaha.

  100. L san

    i have a very small 10 month old shiba. she doesn’t do well on walks because i live in the city with lots of distraction. what can I do to let her respond to me in public and not pull at every interesting thing (people or dogs) and get accustomed to loud sudden noises?

  101. Buffy Bree

    I love your channel! Helps with my German shepherd

  102. ThereforeStand

    Thank you so much for finally working with a dog like this.I feel a little more encouraged that I will have good training info to train a adult shelter dog. Some of my fear is subsiding.

  103. dazzling black

    OMG I can’t wait to watch this!!! I learned so much from Inertia series and I trained my 3 month old pug with those techniques.. He’s doing a pretty 40sec stay now.. OMG I’m so excited!!!!!! ❤❤

  104. Shannon Sindy

    Is there anything I can do for my dog who has started experiencing worse separation anxiety since I started back at work after COVID? He’s always had a touch since I adopted him, but he was fine with me getting ready for work, and leaving for work until we were in lockdown. Now if I even start cleaning my apartment he starts to get anxious.

  105. Wandering-Wolf18

    Does anyone else hear a super high pitch frequency while listening to this video? And only this video? For example when I pause it, the noise stops, when I play any other video, including ones from this channel, I don’t hear it. But this video, very slight in the background is an obnoxious high pitch noise that just keeps ringing.

  106. Rebel Scum

    Fantastic! I stopped and replayed sections over and over to work on them with Rocket, my 7-8 month GSD/Blue Heeler rescue. Can hardly wait for more, thank you so much!

  107. mwilk19

    Awesome. She reminds me of our boy Loki. He’s high drive and full of energy.

  108. Minna Kaaretsalo

    You are the best and thank you for doing this and letting us to learn! You arms are gonna be sore after all that pulling.

  109. Ganesh Tejaa

    thanks bro it is really useful

  110. Margaret Fleming

    Just love your training methods.

  111. Привет

    going to get a czech german shepherd soon, been loving your vids

  112. The Gaming Nature

    I like dogs

  113. Ace

    So excited for this series

  114. Julietsg

    My 6 month puppy is pretty much like this but instead of “enthusiastic” she is stressed and scared. We have been working on her behavior and she is getting better but it is tough and takes so much time. Really looking forward to more episodes!

  115. kevin thomas

    This dog has no reactivity. Lol

  116. Maja Ambroziak

    Training any dog is a real responsibility

  117. dazzling black

    Awww why is 19:02 sooo cutee 😍

  118. Kelly Wagner

    So great to see you working with a tough rescue Zak!! Thank you!

  119. Sheree Rutherford

    Thank you thank you thank you. Me and my rescue dog needed this so much!

  120. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Great video 😊 I really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one. So delighted you’re training a German Shepherd. She’s adorable ☺️

  121. Hitesh Thakker

    I have a year old Indie Behaves exactly like this. when I take her out, she chases everything that moves. No matter what I do, just doesn’t obey any commands. If this GSD can be trained, I have high hopes for my dog.

  122. Sabrina Leal

    Is it not good to chase my dog while playing? 🤔

  123. Alexia Baker

    Tie out or playpen?

  124. Sabrina Leal

    I love your explanation of why you choose to have the dog wear a harness even tho she’s pulling. That makes so much sense and because of that I’m going to keep using one

  125. Konscious

    Fam I need help! I’m in nyc and I have a gsd JUST LIKE THIS and he’s 4months and a half! He’s trained with me. But if I leave him with someone else. It’s mayhem. He also listens to me when he’s calm but not when he’s activated. And the BITING AND LUNGING IS INSANE!! HELPPPPPPPP ME PLEASEEEEEEEE

  126. Revolutionary Roblox Videos

    I got an ad with you in it lol. When kona was just a baby

  127. Lily Masters

    Something I learned recently is that big does not = strong.

    I have an 100lbs goldenpyredoodle and he has dragged me on the ground before, but the other day I was holding onto my friends 50lbs pitty mix and she was WAY stronger than my dog.

  128. Samantha Hu

    Loving this series already! Go zak go!

  129. Amy

    Please explain how to train 2 hyper (outside) pups at the same time… I have to puppies that are untrained and they think their name is their name put together lol

  130. Wil Scott

    Beautiful dog! Zak has a tremendous amount of patience, knowledge, and caring. I’m very impressed with each and every video he makes! Looking forward to more of this gorgeous German shepherd! Hang in there Zak!

  131. Sabrina Leal

    Is nom nom made to be the only food a dog can eat for their meals?
    I would love that

  132. Angie Lawrence

    I would love to adopt another dog for our fur family only have one mr gibbs

  133. Sabrina Leal

    I’ve been wanting to try nom nom!!

  134. Lyn

    Look how great she’s already doing!! Awesome job! So excited for this series! Can’t wait to see this training through to the end. You’re not going to want to let her go when you’re done with your time with her. My new GSP has separation anxiety can’t wait to see how you handle that I’ve never had to deal with it this is my third German.

  135. • NØVA •

    My german shephard is 6 now, when he was a puppy till 1 years he was very jumpy, i think he became more mature and is not very jumpy anymore. He still is jumpy but only when he is very exited with my dad, but he is perfect and i love Draco alot :p

  136. Sabrina Leal

    Yes this is what I’ve been waiting for! My dog is 10 months and he walks a lot better than this dog but he is wild in house
    Would love you to pick us next, I can send you videos, our pup loves us, and does good when he’s training but doesn’t have respect for us as pack leaders
    And he is very reactive to humans and his hackles go up and he barks and lunges, he doesn’t bite but he’s very reactive.

  137. Catarina

    Hi Zak, thank you so much for this video. I have a nearly 5 month old German Shepherd mix, and she’s also a rescue pup. She’s so similar to Moira. But we’re struggling with training her with treats. She’s so treat focused, and she won’t listen to us unless she knows we have treats to give to her. It seems that she won’t listen to the command itself, and just try different things (sitting, paw, etc) until she finds the correct one we wanted… Also, could you let me know how you portion Moira’s food to balance with all the treats? Our puppy will not eat her kibble at meal time but then she is STARVING trying to eat everything she finds, and will chomp on treats all day of course. How can we fight picky eating and getting used to high value rewards when the training is so treat-focused?

  138. Alexia Baker

    Moira is soo cute!She looks small for a German Shepherd.

  139. Alli

    just adopted a 2 yr old rescue dog that has a lot of similar behaviors to moira! (love the name) this is going to be super helpful, subscribed!

  140. Joanne Williams

    Exited to watch your both so great with her .Iv gotten 3 German shepherd have a type 3 now .super hyper .but very well behaved very bright great recall bikes people but barks at dogs so looking forward to future videos tips .

  141. brandon lindsey

    I appreciate the transparency, “I’ve got to be honest, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed”.

    Man I cried to girlfriend last night because of how strong and untrained my 5mo German Shepard mix dog issue. He’s so overwhelming for me.

    We will get there, but it’s so tiring guys , so tiring.
    This first 7 days has been worth it. He’s had really great moments that shows promise, I cant wait to see him 6 months from now..

  142. Louise Marie Beckham

    these series are great – i don’t even have my puppy yet, but I feel so invested. Nice to see more of Brie. Come on Moira – do your worst 😀

  143. Jesika the JEM

    Congratulations if you came here before this video got 10k views.

  144. Ching Yi Wu

    Such a good episode, looking forward next one!👍👍👍

  145. Valdis Ozols

    Foster Lady: 4:17 “Pretty sure, she’ll never learn how to “Let go” of a toy”
    Zak: 17:13 …

    literally the first thing he taught her

  146. supersnailboy

    YESSS! a new series! This is amazing!

  147. cat saeteurn

    YAS! We need more videos like this because… like my dog whose crazy AF (not all the time). The quarantine fur babies are growing up. Excited to following through this entire series.

  148. alokeparna ray

    Is it okay to ask a dog to leave something and then give the same thing? Loved the episode. Looking forward to more.

  149. Noah & Atlas

    Structure. Communication. Boundaries. Consent. Clarity. In your handling, in her day-to-day in the house and out.
    She needs these.
    I really hope these are provided to her.

  150. m

    I m getting the corgi puppy in a month. I m learning so much about dog training from your youtube video!Thank you so much for sharing.
    I wonder how you train dog to be okay with the robot vacuum cleaner? Please advise. Thank you!!

  151. Itzel Trujillo

    YAYYYY i was waiting sooo long for this !!! I thought the last video was gonna be like the first episode of this series but it turned out to be a preview I was so sad :”(

  152. curious wiki

    From the first episode itself I can gurantee that this is one of the best series by Zak!
    “Nobody is going to adopt her and it’ll be my fault” that hit hard and Moira seems such a good girl 🙂

  153. Mad_dy

    ooooh im exited 😊


    That was fabulous!! This is going to be a great series!! 😁😁

  155. Yashas

    After this, han you do a pocket dog?

  156. Lucía Tello Moscarella

    This is literally my new dog, thank you thank you so so much ♥️

  157. Senna Pankopf

    Great premier for Moira’s series! I’m really looking forward to seeing her progress on generalizing “leave it & look at me.” my 3 month old puppy does really well in our “leave it/look at me” training sessions, but will definitely need more work on generalizing the skill in real world situations. Can’t wait to see what I’ll learn from this series and apply to my own puppy’s training😊

  158. Hannah S

    I have a dog that has an extremely short attention span, with behavior similar to Moira what do?

  159. Lord Louis

    So excited for this series

  160. shivam khokhar

    I love you man

  161. B. A. Musick


  162. Georgy P Joseph

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