Find the perfect dog name for the new puppy in your life

Looking for the best dog name ever? We have put together a list of the ultimate dog names where you say “this is the one”. Find the unforgettable maiden name you’re looking for, or the boy dog ​​name that perfectly matches the fantastic new puppy in the house. There are many great dog names to choose from, so let’s get started!

Male dog names


Rocky became famous through Sylvester Stallone and is a dog name reserved for the strong-willed male puppy, regardless of its size. Rocky could be a Shih Tzu or a Great Dane – after all, it’s not size that counts, but determination. So if you already recognize a maker in your puppy, this famous metaphor for the outsider is also the perfect male dog name you are looking for.


Bear is another large male dog name that works for large and small puppies. The larger dog breeds will enjoy a nickname that shows their strength and independence, while small dogs can pull it off as a fun pun on their small size.


Iggy is such an endearing male dog name that you don’t need anything else to convince yourself that this is the right one for your dog. But it turns out that the meaning behind the name causes many dog ​​owners to choose it for the new dog lovers in their lives. In Latin, Iggy means “the fiery one”, which corresponds to the adventurous side of every puppy.


If you break the rules, there is hardly a better choice than Rebel. Short and easy to say over and over again, even if your tough puppy does exactly what he wants, this is one of the cooler dog names out there.


The Hulk may be the giant rage machine in the comic universe that levels everything in its own way, but it can give its name to a puppy who is determined to do just that, even if it’s much smaller. If you notice your new dog wrestling with its toys and constantly fighting against blankets, curtains, and tablecloths, Hulk may be the name of the boy you’re looking for.

Female dog names


A list of female dog names must contain the nickname “princess”. For the elegant, girly dogs that strut around the house from the moment they walk through the door, there is no better way to address them than with royal terminology. If you are not careful, your new puppy will definitely rule your home.


A name inspired by this precious metal is perfect for your cherished family addition. If your dog’s color matches, then Goldie is really a no-brainer.


Luna, which means “moon” in Latin, is one of the most popular female dog names. And rightly so. With a name that has a heavenly meaning for a puppy with cuteness levels that are out of this world, you can rarely go wrong.


For a sweet maiden name, try Zuzu, which actually means “sweet” in Yiddish. It also makes you smile every time you say it. So it must be at the top of your list of female dog names. Just say it out loud a few times and you will know what we mean.

Clever dog names

50 fragrance

For a dog who loves “pug life”, this male dog name is the perfect addition. We can’t wait to see their Instagram feed!

Puppy in the basket

Sherlock Bones

If your new dog does a sniffing mission in the living room from day one, you know you have a puppy with some detective skills on your hands. Then it is Sherlock.

Bark Twain

If your dog barks a storm day and night, from friends or enemies, it is only fair that they are introduced as Bark Twain. After all, there is nothing wrong with using a bit of humor to name a dog that is in a mood for jokes.

Famous dog names

Goofy – Walt Disney

Goofy is such a popular Disney character that it continues to inspire dog owners to name obligations more than seven decades after they were created. And if your puppy is funny and a little clumsy like the cartoon character, Goofy may be the male dog name you have to settle for.

Crypto – Superman comics

If you’ve just adopted a super dog with super sweet powers, it’s only fair to be inspired by crypto, also known as Superman’s own dog.

Toto – the wonderful Wizard of Oz

Smart, funny and loving Dorothy with all my heart, we can’t help but go head over heels for Toto from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. We all need a Toto in our lives and you may be lucky enough to already have one.

British dog names


Sherlock’s buddy, best friend and roommate Watson is an inspiration for dog owners everywhere. This British male dog name checks all the boxes. It sounds cool, is short and a reference for an intelligent pop culture – all in one.


You don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to choose the clever and loyal Hermione to give your dog its name. But if so, there is hardly a better dog name for your pooch.


Here’s a cool and very British name for your boy. Say it out loud a few times and see if your puppy gets a reaction. As soon as you see the tail wagging intensify, you know that you have a winner.


If you’re looking for British inspiration to find the perfect name for girls, think of Poppy. This permanent symbol of memory could be exactly the one that best suits your new doggie.


Shakespeare is not your common dog name, but if a British-inspired nickname is a must, one of the most famous British names must be on the list.

Black dog names

Black jack

If you are looking for a fun name to match a jet black puppy, black jack is one of the most popular boy dog ​​names. Don’t worry, your puppy doesn’t have to be lucky to qualify for the name – its dark look will be enough.


Chocolate is always a good inspiration if you have ideas for black dog names. With such a name, you get a lot of cute Hershey kisses from your new puppy. And they are all free!


Onyx is considered a soothing gem that can provide comfort in times of stress or grief. If you are looking for a dog name with a special meaning, you cannot go wrong with Onyx.


Sable is a name with a beautiful ring inspired by the rare and expensive sable fur. He is a great dog name for these precious puppies with shiny dark fur.

Discover more black dog names.

Celebrity dog ​​names

Famous people and their dogs can be inspired by big names. Here are some celebrity dog ​​name pairs that you can inspire for your own puppy.

  • Adele – Louie
  • Justin Bieber – Sammy
  • Victoria Beckham – Scarlet
  • Barack Obama – Bo and Sunny
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William – Lupo
  • Ariana Grande – Coco Chanel
  • Miley Cyrus – Mary Jane
  • Adam Sandler – Matzo Ball
  • Hugh Jackman – Mocha

Dog names you should avoid

Although it is not important for rules to decide on your puppy’s name, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your dog agrees with your choice.

Puppy was sitting on the sofa

Long dog names

A good dog name is usually short. Anything with more than a few syllables can either confuse your dog or be too long for its weak attention spans. So a good tip is to stay away from separate or duplicate names. Sebastian and Anastasia-Rose seem like a heavenly game at first glance, but one day you have to scream it across the park and find that keeping an enthusiastic dog out hunting doesn’t quite work.

Dog names with too many consonants

Consonants tend to have names that are chunky and difficult to say when there are too many, especially when you call your dog back to you. For practical reasons, Lucy is better than Lucille and Murphy is better than McMurphy.

Names similar to dog commands

Avoid choosing a dog name that sounds like commands like “no,” “sit,” or “get,” otherwise your puppy will send lots of confused looks on your way. Sid, Mo, Joe and Snatch are too similar to the commands your dog should respond to without hesitation.

Rude or embarrassing dog names

Another golden rule when naming dogs is to avoid names that you don’t feel comfortable with when yelling through the park. So make sure you don’t use more humor than you can handle in public without blushing.

Tips for naming dogs

There are a few things to consider when choosing a good dog name:

do not hurry

It is tempting to give your puppy a name as soon as you meet him, but a good tip is to wait a few days. Get to know their personality, discover their little quirks and see what funny behavior they are capable of. Finding a name that really suits your unique puppy is far more rewarding than choosing a generic dog name.

Say it out loud

A crucial test that can make or break a good dog name is to pronounce it out loud. It makes a big difference to hear how it resonates in a room or how far it moves outdoors. Does it roll off easily or is it a tongue twister? Can you easily say it three or four times in a row or are you out of breath the second time?

See what your puppy thinks

Go for a walk with your puppy and watch the reaction you get when he hears his future name out loud. If they turn to look at you when you use the name, that’s a good sign, and if they give you a good tail-wagging session, you’re definitely on the right track. And if your dog completely ignores you, that’s just a puppy talk for “try again”.

After getting all the tips you need to choose the best dog name ever, find out how to get your puppy off to a good start by getting all the right introductions and making your home and garden dog-proof.

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