Fear Aggressive Puppy Learns to Trust Through Fair Puppy Training
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Fear Aggressive Puppy Learns to Trust Through Fair Puppy Training

Fear aggression is common in particular with puppies that were not socialized properly.

This can be from bad experiences with people and other dogs, or even no experiences.

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Bear is a 7-month-old puppy who is almost uncontrollable when he sees other people. Kat was referred to me by my veterinarian who asked me for my advice and training protocol. In this short version of the complete 30-minute lesson on my member section, I explain the basics of how to help Bear learn to trust people.

Fear aggression is based on the dog’s confusion, not knowing how to accept, trust or interact with other people. Oftentimes people make it much worse by trying to coax the puppy or dog into forced interactions. This is called flooding. It can be successful, but if it’s not necessary, the approach I describe in this lesson will be much more beneficial.

I always recommend to seek out a professional balanced trainer and to go slow and be fair to your dog.

This lesson will give you a brief intro to my approach.

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15 Thoughts to “Fear Aggressive Puppy Learns to Trust Through Fair Puppy Training”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Check my online dog training at :

  2. Trevor Boehm

    The exact same problem with my Aussie she has mad stranger danger unfortunately I think due to lack of socializing in puppyhood

  3. Mohamed Khan

    i love it sir this video 👌❤️

  4. Milena Taylor

    Very quick and comprehensive lesson ♥️🐾

  5. Charity Blackwell

    QUESTION??? I might acquire another dog. I’ve never had two dogs at once and look forward to it. I dont know exactly what the age or breed will be but it will probably be another pitbull, a rott or German shepherd.

    FACT: The dog i currently have is a 1 year old female American Pitbull Terrier…she is easy and kind hearted. If I want to set the family up for success…how do I foster a good home atmosphere from day one and between the two dogs? Who do I feed first? Who do I play with first? What do I do if the other pup disagrees with the order? Basically I’m not concerned about my female being unkind, she’s very trustworthy…im concerned about somehow creating a competition. What can I do from day one to ensure the puppy or adult dog succeeds in his or her new home and never feels like competing with my current girl? 🙂

    She’s not fixed either but she’s been super easy even when in full heat its been a non issue. I’d like to keep my dogs unmodified.

  6. Bapo Jean

    This is exactly what I needed to see. My 7 month old Aussie is nervous of strangers and sometimes barks like this guy. I think because of Covid, there will be lots of dogs like this. Covid doesnt allow us to have interactions with strangers and when walking him, he doesnt get to meet people like I want.

  7. mike braun

    Ich würde auch 10 Daumen nach oben geben 😀danke Robert

  8. Donald Dj

    MR.ROBERT, I needed this video so Bad…. For the Shelters dog’s, I love your videos, You’re teaching me so much never ending learning, I am saving Dogs thanks to u.. all I want for Christmas is your membership.

  9. Emanuel Frederick

    As Always, All of your videos / podcast are Absolutely outstanding. Your training techniques are simply amazing. Mr Cabral it is a privilege and honor watching you at work. Thank you 👍

  10. B3NJYs 95

    My once confident 11 months old puppy was scared on a recent walk by a street racer with a very loud exhaust my puppy now doesn’t want to go on walks and pulls very hard when she sees any car.

  11. SandalsNation

    Thumbs up for one of the best trainers on YouTube. What if I got no friends tho?

  12. Settings Settings

    What a way to enjoy my breakfast great video rob

  13. Raymond Flores

    Another awesome training video David Cabral. Hopefully there’s a demo in works where the dog jumps too much on and off the leash.

  14. ElainesDomain

    A happy video. Learning how to train your dog is more important than most dog owners know. My 230 pound English Mastiff brings compliments only because she behaves well. She’s soo big even dog lovers are ascaird. In short order, because of trainers like Robert, the fear lessons. Thank you Mr. Cabral.

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