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If you follow my product reviews you’ll know I’m always on the lookout for healthy treats and chews for my dogs. Farm Hounds dog snacks and chews caught my interest because they claim that every product they make can be traced directly back to the small farm that sourced the ingredients.

I didn’t believe it at first but after doing some research I think Farm Hounds is the most transparent company I have ever worked with in the pet industry! They really put the farm name on every product they make.

Visit the company’s website for a list of farm partners and full details of each farm. If you’re skeptical like me, keep reading this article to learn all these details.

Farm Hounds Dog Treats and Chews review

Every Farm Hounds product is made from 100% raw animal ingredients – just dehydrated. No grains, fillers, salt, sugar, glycerin, synthetic vitamins, or other artificial ingredients. The ingredient sources are grown without the use of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and chemicals.

As I mentioned earlier, Farm Hounds keeps the sourcing of ingredients fully transparent by listing the name of the farm that sourced the ingredients from on each individual package. For example, if the packaging says Top Dog Tips Farm, then that product is 100% sourced from Top Dog Tips Farm.

At a time when companies are always trying to find loopholes and tricky ways to promote their products, it’s refreshing to find a company that only wants to release high-quality dog ​​treats with a direct connection back to the farm that makes it product delivers. Information on all farm partners can be found directly on their website.

No matter where it comes from, all Farm Hounds dog treats and chews are made from 100% dehydrated animal products. They are free from grains, fillers, salt, sugar and glycerin. Their products contain no synthetic vitamins, artificial ingredients, pesticides, growth hormones, chemicals or antibiotics.

Farm Hounds offers a variety of dog treats and chews including:

  • Beef skin chips – from $6.99
  • pork tongue – from $3.99
  • chicken neck – from $2.99
  • turkey neck – from $6.99
  • turkey gizzard sticks – from $14.99
  • Chicken Gizzard Sticks – from $14.99
  • bovine trachea – from $3.99 and up
  • pig heart – from $14.99
  • bovine spleen – from $14.99
  • beef heart – from $14.99
  • Rawhide rolls with hair – $7.99-$27.99

While these aren’t the cheapest dog treats and chews out there, you get what you pay for. Farm Hounds understands that most pet owners are on a budget, so they also offer leftover items for as little as $1.00 each. They also have “scratch and dent” products that are cheaper than regular products (they just don’t look perfect).

I’ve tried dozens of dog treats and chews. I’ve found some good products, but I’ve found more poor quality products than safe, healthy options. Farm Hounds treats and chews are not only safe and healthy for your dog, but you can rest easy knowing exactly where the products come from.

In my opinion, these are some of the best dog treats and chews I’ve ever seen. Farm Hounds is a trusted company that offers its customers quality products at a fair price. While they may not fit all budgets, these treats and chews are high quality.

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