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I have a lot of questions about how to meet the conditions (exercise, discipline, then emotion) that vary with the age of the dog and do not require as much physical activity and energy expenditure. When your dog enters the upper grades, remember the following tips.

I have always emphasized how important it is to develop a dog that suits your energy level and lifestyle, but at some point, even healthy highest energy dogs will slow down when they enter the upper grades.

Nothing is more important than prevention, so it is important that throughout your dog’s life, you should provide exercise, a nutritious diet, and supplements based on the needs and recommendations of the veterinarian. Alternative drug treatments such as acupuncture are becoming more and more popular in various situations, especially arthritis, which is common in very active elderly dogs.

Swimming is a wonderful activity for dogs of all ages, but it is especially beneficial for older dogs because it has low impact and tends to weaken joints and muscles. Swimming can also increase strength, facilitate overall adaptation, and is naturally relaxing and comfortable for most dogs. Also, make sure to consult your veterinarian about the best joint health supplements for dogs. I recommend Vetz Petz Antinol Because it contains a unique ingredient called PCSO-524, this ingredient has been scientifically and clinically tested and proven to support joint health.

When we think of aging, we think of medical conditions. But for many dogs, their age shows no signs of disease at all. When Dad was a senior, his physical desires were small. He would be very tired to walk from my house to the neighbor’s house-like walking a few steps to him-we celebrate this walk in the same way as when he was young, and we returned from the two-hour Pack Walk.

As he grows older, walking time is not just for him to stay where he wants to go. This is his revised performance formula. Dad still wants to experience nature outdoors, but he doesn’t need to do it with one-year-old, two-year-old, and three-year-old puppies. He can do this in the backyard.

As a person ages, it is difficult for many people to adjust the way of satisfying to meet their needs. This is no different from our fear of aging as human beings. But this is a natural part of life, and to respect life is to respect your dog.

For example, if you bring their food instead of letting them eat in the kitchen or yard, you no longer have to impose rules, boundaries, and restrictions on dogs. “Room service” at this stage is acceptable. Remember that their body no longer fits the mind of the brain-they may not be able to control their bladder, so they don’t have to pay for it. This is the result of the kind of care we provide to dogs in this country and around the world. You will not often see 14-year-old dogs in third-world countries. They just don’t have the same care and nutrition.

Overall, remember that you do not need to provide stimulation at this advanced stage of their lives. What you want to provide is relaxation. Massage your dogs, help them when needed (for example, use ramps, like older people who have trouble climbing stairs), and be patient. Enjoy this time and celebrate their lives!

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