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Sincerely, I cannot express how important it is for dogs to know to fetch if they have a lot of energy.

If you are struggling with fetch or don’t know where to get started or just want a refresher, watch this episode.

I’ll cover the most common problems I hear about with teaching fetch including what to do if your dog chases it but won’t bring it back, won’t let go, gets bored quickly, or plays inside, but not outside, and more!

Lafitte has been doing some property damage to the walls, so Michael and Dianna asked for some help.

Did you know that a well-played game of fetch on a regular basis will dramatically reduce or stop virtually all excessive unwanted behaviors like chewing, scratching, digging, jumping, leash pulling, and more?

Plus active dogs generally live a longer, happier life if they routinely and vigorously exercise.

My experience tells me that a lot of people stop too soon when it comes to teaching fetch.

In fact, most people are about 3 training sessions away from having a dog that understands the basic rules of fetch, with the proper guidance of course ;).

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779 Thoughts to “Everything YOU NEED to KNOW to TEACH your DOG a PERFECT FETCH!”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    I hope you guys enjoy! Here’s a playlist that will show you how to teach your dog the basics in order: Thanks for subscribing!

  2. Panther Spice

    Half way through the video and I still learned nothing about fetching. Just a commercial. I’m now clicking on a different thumbnail about fetching. Dickhead.

  3. Row Kah

    Imagine if the dog throw something for you to fetch

  4. Cooking Up Laughs

    I want to teach my dog this stuff, but she just doesn’t do anything. It isn’t teaching her how to do it right, she just doesn’t engage in these games. She doesn’t even play with toys. How can I get her to play fetch?

  5. TLG iPlazmicYT

    i have a big dog who just chews on every toy, and plays tug of war, only when i pull on them, but he literally WONT give the toy back after i throw it lol

  6. Kerry Eff

    OMG! Amazing video. I just played fetch with our 9 week old Aussiedoodle for 15-20 min using this method.

  7. Rae Fletcher

    I have an elderly Jack Russell – a rescue – and he does not pick things up so I really struggle with the take it part of this.

  8. Tami Morris

    I have 2 pups from the same litter. They are 9 months old and really starting bad behaviors. One is very timid and they hate being separated but I feel like I am going to need to train one at a time. Does anyone have any thoughts? I just bought Zak’s book and am excited to read it. How do I handle 2?

  9. Deepa Dongarwar

    The biggest mistake I was making was to lure my puppy with treats to ask him to fetch. You opened my eyes! Thanks a lot Zak!!!

  10. Milky J

    Anyone else think this guy might be banging the dogs?

  11. Slash G&R

    This is not helpful at all, just like all the rest of your videos. 😡

  12. Lucy the Dog

    Great video! Your videos have really helped with my new puppy! Subscribed!

  13. beatrice hunter

    I don’t even have a dog… I just enjoy this guy so much. I might actually get a dog in about 2 years, does a Golden Retriever sound good? My dad wants a Golden retriever, I don’t mind what breed. Any dog name ideas? It can be for Male or Female, haven’t decided what gender yet.

    And thank you! <3

  14. Jerry Schilling

    I have a 10 month puppy. I have a problem with him peeing/pooping on pee pads in the dining room currently which I want to avoid using . I currently walk the dog 3 times/day (1 long and 2 short walks). Am also away from the house 3-4 hours on most days. I have a 48 sq ft dog fence with 2 dog beds inside which he sleeps in at night in my bedroom. I also have a spare dog fence for my friend’s house which i hope to use once he is toilet trained. I just started using a dog crate (not subdivided) where i have put a pee pad inside and placed the crate in the guest bathroom (tiled). When i am away from the house, I would like to have the dog poop/pee in the crate when needed and not in the dining room. Can I train the puppy/dog this way? ? I care not to buy any more fences or crates. Need help. I know i am getting a late start in the training process. Is it too late?? Thank you

  15. Lori Flick

    Thanks, Zak! I’m subscribing. Love your approach.

  16. Aleksandra Zalewa

    I started doing the training with my puppy as the video was playing and she actually did the “leave” and “fetch” parts quite a few times on her own accord – this will definitely work for us!

  17. charlescoco34


  18. Simon Talbot

    90 seconds in and all I’m watching is everything but what your video title says it’s about 😠

  19. Doc Ocasio

    I feel like I’m stuck in a failure loop with my puppy! He digs, chews, and pulls the leash so I try to play with him! He is not getting the tug of war because he is full of energy and only interested in biting or jumping on me, not toys. When I take him for walks to get out his energy they don’t last long because he chews and pulls the leash, or just flops down on the ground and refuses to move. Obedience training like stay and leave it don’t work because he has too much energy to focus. So we are back to the walks…chew chew pull flop….

  20. J K

    What should I do if my dog wont chase me? He will run to get the toy and just to victory laps but will not chase me.

  21. Andrew BabwytfzaqaaasaWW22322WWb

    my ten week old puppy has decided the carpet is a good toy to try and pull at! how can I teach him to not do that. I was able to my my five month old puppy to not do it but she is starting again as she sees him do it.

  22. Aswin Venugopal

    Amazing one!!!

  23. The Bus001

    That’s one hell of an intro

  24. Justin Sena

    My dog is uninterested in tug of war. How do I promote this game in order to ultimately train a good fetch? Thank you

  25. Margie m Fuentes

    Hi Zak, thank you for the videos that you do. I am disable. I walk with a walker. My son brought me a chihuahua mix puppy. It keeps me company. Do you happen to have videos to help disabled persons to train a puppy?
    Thank you Margie

  26. Chloe Cooke

    My border collie seems to be scared to jump when catching the frisbee, he will catch it when it’s lower anyone have any advice

  27. Incurable Romanticist

    How do I stop my dog from running away when he gets out? He sneaks past people going in and out.

  28. Sally Glenn

    Wow, what a workout!

  29. Vitamina

    I throw the toy and my dog just looks at it and then look at me like “Do you really think I’m gonna fetch it, you dumbass?”

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    he protecc
    he attacc
    last but not least
    he get the ball bacc

  31. boris_da_inky_pup!

    I have a 10 month old lab keeps biting me when I’m outside with him alone (without my parents) but hopefully I can find something to stop him soon

  32. Xxela16Crafter :D

    What happens if you dont have a park and the park is quite small and my dog is 6 months old will this technique work?

  33. a2715mt

    Title: Everything YOU NEED to KNOW to TEACH your DOG a PERFECT FETCH!
    *Spends half of video doing advertisements about crates*

  34. friendlybello

    First off, I’ve learned a lot from this channel. It’s good! But one suggestion/tweak – when you are trying to teach something very specific like this, start with Step 1, 2, and 3. Explain really clearly, THEN demonstrate. When you’re the expert it’s easy to jump over details you think everyone knows, but we don’t know! Sometimes I instructions here are vague and could’ve been more explicit. Thanks!

  35. carlilez

    I have a 6mo pit bull that loves to chew on things. I have been trying to work with him on the basics: Sit, stay, going in the crate, food manners etc. Havent really had to much time to work with him on the tearing stuff up but now that the basics are out of the way I can start working with him on fetch.

  36. J A C

    Lost interest because the first half of the video it basically him advertising.

  37. xXShadow Night81Xx

    Hope this video actually helps me because my Dog only knows how to Lay down and How to Shake! I’ ma buy him a Toy to teach him!

  38. Ivy Anderson

    what do.you do it your dig wint give it back?

  39. Paripinya Srijunyanont

    How do you make them let go if they are really strong and just keep pulling when you stop?

  40. Kelly Conway

    You’re. My. Favorite.

  41. Chrissy Simpson

    I have a 3 month border Collie and I’m starting to train him fetch so all this info is just what I need.. Also watched the Frisby tutorial you did something I want to do with my boy.. Thanks

  42. yolanda ochoa

    Yessss my dogs name is Lucas and after my dad cleans the backyard two minutes later it’s a mess

  43. this is youtube's noose

    I love it when my dog jumps

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    But what if we don’t have a yard? Will the basement or terrace do?

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  48. The Spot Markers

    This video helped so much! Rusto(our 6 month old mini-schnauzer) responded to this right away! He’s already got “drop-it” and “leave-it” down, and he loves playing tug of war with his rope. Running backwards tied it all together!

  49. Ciaran Crumlish

    It doesn’t work on my dog lmao

  50. Mascotal

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  51. Dylan Harper


  52. Lord Eddard Stark

    Just smack the shit of out em, trust me they learn.

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    4:46 gets to the point

  57. alucyproductions

    My dog doesn’t even pick up a toy with his mouth… He doesn’t play at all with stuff. I teached him to tap on a little ball that makes a sound as you squeeze it. But he never uses his mouth even though I put his favorite dog food on various toys. He chases a toy when I’m holding it and making him inserested in it but he never picks it up. I just wounder what’s up with that. Any tips anyone?

  58. Banana Gaming

    How can I make my dog play it’s not so active. It just lies down even though it doesn’t play

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    Our Sina a border collie is interested but inside outside she gets distracted…:(

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  62. Iker Emblem

    I need help with my Dog he has allot of problems…..

  63. Shadow Wolf

    My lab likes to bring a toy towards us that’s just out of our reach to taunt us

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    nothing’s better than sticks, for me they always get eaten

  65. MucKFizzoU15

    Thank you

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    Oh yeah I live in pico Rivera California

  67. Alina’s Life XD

    Can you come and teach my puppy she’s ripping things, Rosemead Boulevard, The second apartment without faces, room number 41

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    My dog just leaves the toy when I run from him, and then chases me 🤦🏻‍♀️

  69. CnBlue RockZ

    I really like looking at your face though

  70. Magrot Animations

    My dog always poops in my apartment and she won’t poop in the puppy pad. She just doesn’t like it…

  71. James

    @2:53 who else thought that was Dr. Octopus from Spiderman 2

  72. j g

    Hey Zak thank you so much for all the videos. We adopted a 5 month old puppy 3 months ago and we have had so much success with many of your different videos. With our fetch training we’re hitting a bit of a road block that i’m unsure if we need to be patient or if we’re doing something wrong. Our boy Axel has the release down fairly well and will perform fetch in one direction in our house but I only think it is working because he is trying to bring the toy back to his bed. Once we switch directions in the hallway with the bed removed or change environments it’s as though he does not understand. Do you have any suggestions to help him understand in new directions and environments?

  73. Carson Caldwell

    The problem is that these people are addicted to the tv and snacks and to lazy to own a dog…

  74. Tomipeace13

    Well as soon as my dog saw his treat he did not give af ab0ut the ball and started searching for his hidden treat

  75. Oluwadamilola Adeoye

    My dog refuses to bark at strangers. what should I do?

  76. Oluwadamilola Adeoye

    My dog refuses to bark at strangers. what should I do?

  77. jake's Critters

    Love your videos. Very helpful. I will never teach my dog the fetch game. I’ve seen most every dog that learns the fetch game go completely worthless because that’s all they want to do.
    Like it’s some kind of mental disability. All they think is, FETCH, RETURN, FETCH. They go completely manic with it. Especially, cow dogs like Border Collies, blue/red healers, Australian Shepherds, ect.
    Manic, get the stick! Get the stick! One tracked thought. Get a stick!

  78. Brycee Boy

    Wow my dogs just go better

  79. MFL

    I might be getting a new rescue puppy soon so I am doing some research beforehand on how to train her. Your videos are amazing! I am so excited!

  80. Applecurd Mustang

    My dog chews a lot so when she does it, we beat her butt

  81. Brea Staples

    Love your videos! Very helpful. Great advice for training

  82. jessica key

    Thanks for a lot of great tips in training. Just wanted to share, teaching “pick it up” and “give it to me” early, then separating the two commands gives an edge when training for “bring me the leash” or any other name specific item. Using pieces of other training really helps build up to bigger commands. Being a service dog, he must understand up to 2 commands at once and also be able to think for himself.

  83. Kofi Danso

    I love your videos.Keep it up

  84. jordan sharma

    Just look at that owner he himself need to learn how to socialise with people i mean wearing glasses while having a conversations , is that cool? …making eye contact with the person plays a important role whether you are interested in his conversation or not …but thanks to dog trainer he is human and wont judge at all

  85. patriotsongs

    My dog fetches perfectly, retrieving it again and again–until something catches his attention. Then he drops the ball (literally), and even if he hasn’t moved from the spot, he won’t pick it up and bring it back.

  86. Hope K

    My dog like to play chase. She isnt always interested in chasing us. It often happens during fetch or when she is naughty. What do you do in that case?

  87. Hapo

    Hi! Thanks for the video! My dog loves fetching but i cant make him deliver the ball on my hands, he always let go a bit infront of me, how can i teach him that? He does not lime to approach me with the ball, he will always drop it first. Tha ks!

  88. chris baum

    Gr8 One thx!

  89. Melissa Ocariz

    Hi Zak! My dog had orthopedic issues in both his wrists. He LOVES tug o war but prefers it from sitting or laying down. He is destructive so I crate him when I’m gone but he’s also dog aggressive and id love a way to stimulate him so he’s not so hyper focused when other dogs walk by. Do you have any other suggestions?

  90. Symone Beltran

    4:08 imagine if there was a dog inside. poor dog

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  94. Miriam S

    It was easy for me my dog just loved the ball so when I threw it she wanted it and she likes it when I throw it

  95. Dragonet

    Idk why but i didn’t need to teach my dog fetch he knew it (is a vizsla)

  96. Madeline Henke

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  97. xu qingxia

    Zak, I have to say that you are amazing! I’ve learent a lot from your video.

  98. Dj Diamstat

    Question: I have a huge issue when training it comes to training my dogs We have 2 huskies and a white GSD named Eden she’s my SDIT. However I’m in a wheelchair so if my husband does the training would she still listen to me as her handler? Also I’d like to mention that Eden imprinted on me since she was about 3 wks old. We have a very close bond. They all seem to listen more to my hubby since he is the main caretaker since I cannot walk but I’m trying to get more involved.

  99. Julie S

    For teaching your dog fetch, could you use a clicker?

  100. jonathan brooks

    Hi – I’m going well with my dog on this up to getting him to chase me. He’ll chase but wont get close enough to me to give back the rope. If i try to take it he runs away. Any suggestions please?

  101. casual potato

    my dog really loves to run around, but she doesn’t ever seem interested in the toy! what should I do?

  102. That Climbing girl

    choke chains, ecollars, and prong collars are illegal in the uk

  103. tlicious121

    Wondering if you think those Chuck-It ball launchers are good interactive toys or if it’s better to use the rope toys because there is more contact between human and dog.

  104. Cory Jones Outdoors


  105. Sire La

    1/3 of the video is talking..

  106. xavier martin

    I have a female German Shepard how do you get her to get interested  she will not get excited about anything except when we come home any help will be appreciated.

  107. Jason Lipman

    Hi Zak, one thing that I’d love to know from your videos is how long your average training session is and also how frequently they should be attempted. Once a day or several times a day? When you say that Fetch could take up to 10 weeks to learn, how many sessions per day or week is that based off of?
    I want to train my dog but I also don’t want to overload her.

  108. Ranjan Roy

    Used this to train my dogs fetch…great video!

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  114. mansonsmom

    This would be great – but my puppy doesn’t have much interest in any toy. He only wants to play with me, another dog, or chase the cat 🙁


    my. dog. is. doing we. say

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    I got a puppy who would scratch walls all the time and its was annoying but what I did to fix it was when she was about 1 years old we went ahead and put her down because she was getting annoying and didnt want to burden anyone else by giving her away. RIP Freckles

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    So my dog does not play tug of war and no matter what I do. The second that I start pulling the toy he immediately let’s go. What should I do?

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    My dog is always in food mode even when he’s playing lol ;D is that normal?
    (lab/husky mix)

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    Hi, I’m a fan of your videos. I have an Aussiedoodle, I was trying to train my him to fetch. However, he would pick up the toy, run to his bed to chew on it. How do I deal with this?

  126. Sophia Gowin

    I tried this way and it did not work. For me and my dog it was way easier to teach the “get it” command and then teach come when called. Then pair those together for a great fetch!! I use an e-collar and it is the best tool I have ever found! My dog has so much freedom, and I have confidence that my dog will always listen to me. Do not be scared to try an e-collar or prong collar, treat training may work for some people but it is not for every dog or owner.


    I don’t feel like this would work with my huskies

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  145. Myrna Douna

    Zak you’ve done it again, out of all methods I have seen and tried on youtube to teach fetch, your’s was the ONLY one that worked beautifully on my 4 month old standard poodle Rocky. He enjoys playing so much more now with this method of teaching fetch, he literally got the toy and gave it back to me within minutes! I can’t thank you enough dude. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s workin!

  146. Sheila G.

    We adopted an app. 2-year-old miniature poodle one month ago (he was rescued from the Korean dog meat trade). He has absolutely no idea how to play: does not show any interest in toys (won’t pick one up/sniff it/look at it). How can we teach him to play?

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  151. donald kindle

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  152. Joey Barrett

    Hey I know you’re a dog trainer. But, could I pay you a couple grand to fly out and hang out with me instead? My dog can wait at home with the gf. You seem cool and I don’t have too many friends here since I recently relocated. You can reach me on my gfs dog’s instaagram. (@chobanithecorgi) It would be so cool if you came through because she’s a huge fan. But remember, you’re here to hang out with me… not her and the dog.

  153. cheryl foy

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  154. Robert Boesen

    My dog is a German short hair pointer Mix (with not sure what else) we got him from a shelter in California he has done the same thing to my walls (drywalls) in our apartment. He has done it when we were right there even after we came back in from playtime and long walks. He came in the house and flopped down with his tongue out showing how tired he was and than we were sitting down ourselves resting from it all and heard a loud chewing noise and saw our dog Cal chewing and grinding into the wall with his teeth. I gave him one of his knee bones to chew on instead. It worked for about 5 minutes than he went back to the wall. Now, it is just frustrating because he has work on 3 walls and they are really bad. We cover them up so he cannot get to them anymore, but the doesn’t work, either. I am unable to do the intense run around/wear him out with him (I have a severe case of lupus and on chemo, so I do not have that extreme energy like that. He is my service dog and we will be moving closer to the hospital to get my treatments), I am afraid of how much the walls are going to cost us now and hoping that Cal doesn’t damage anymore before we leave to make more of a damage charge… ;(
    Thank you for you training advice and help, so far… I am hooked 🙂
    Tammy Boesen (Wisconsin)

  155. David Clark

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  165. Mr Myagi The Nugget

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  166. Melian

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  167. Steve Trusler

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    She hadn’t been socialized – at all – and was terrified of people. And I mean every single human being, no matter if the human being was standing a block away – she panicked. She was afraid of me too. This caused a bit of a problem; how do you exercise a high energy dog that just stands still and is constantly ready to bolt when you take her outside? To describe her anxiety level, at first she was too afraid to eat if I was in the same room with her. When I left the room she emptied her bowl in seconds. The first few weeks I was desperate, it felt like a useless effort. I was told I should put her down, that she’s a nervous wreck and would never be a happy dog. I refused to believe that. She reminded me of a neglected child that no one had time or patience for. Of course it felt bad when she would avoid me at all costs when all I wanted was to help her, but I just reminded myself that she had no reason whatsoever to trust me yet, and based on her previous experiences trust was probably just a gateway to another disappointment. So I gave her time. No direct eye contact, no sudden movements, always approaching her sideways if I had to walk past her. Basically like if she was a wild animal. It worked. I allowed her to approach me instead of approaching her, and when she finally allowed me to pet her… It was just amazing.

    But the problem remained; how do you exercise a dog that’s terrified of people to the point where she won’t even sniff the ground because someone might walk somewhere? FETCH! I saw this video, decided to give it a try, and with your instructions it took less than 15 minutes for my dog to figure out what the game was about and she LOVES it. We also started clicker training, and she’s one smart girl. Her self-confidence has grown exponentially after that. She’s still skittish around people and other dogs, but we are still doing 90 minute walks in a huge park just outside my house, I keep her in a long lead and let her sniff and run around. She pulls a lot, sniffs everything and pretty much decides which way we go next, but since she’s relaxed enough to sniff, gets her energy out and most importantly is able to spend time in an area with people and other dogs, I’m picking my battles and socialization comes first. She doesn’t panic very often these days, and every passing week she gets better and better. She loves to fetch and this week I decided to try it in the park. She loves it there too, even with all the distractions. Victory!

    “Look at me” rocked our world. First few weeks – no eye contact whatsoever. Then I started teaching her “look at me”, and not only does she not find eye contact threatening any more, she’s actively seeking it out. Best thing ever for a dog that’s scared of people. And the people who told me I should put her down because the dog has nervous system issues, luckily were wrong. I have never had a dog that doesn’t even flinch at loud noises. My previous dogs were pretty stable but even they got nervous for a moment if a police car drove by sirens wailing. Not this one. One day a bulldozer drove by and she didn’t even lift her head from the bush she was sniffing.

    Pulling is annoying, especially now that she’s starting to develop muscle mass, but hey, when she’s desensitized enough to people and dogs, I know exactly how to teach her not to do it, all thanks to you. Your tips and especially your amazing attitude have made a big difference for the better in our lives. Positive attitude brings results so much faster and makes training so much fun! And this turned out to be a novel, but I just wanted to let you know how important your videos have been in our progress, that even “hopeless” dogs turn out amazing with positive methods and a lot of patience.


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  474. D Howison

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