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Everyone: Why having the whole family participate in training will help Fido learn

Therefore, you will raise a new dog and spend a lot of energy on training courses, maybe a lot of money, definitely a lot of time. You are very happy because everything is starting to pay off. Your new dog behaves well, full of tricks that everyone loves. There is only one problem…Your dog only listens to you. When every other family member asked Fido to sit down, stay, or rollover, they would get and stare. None of your hard work seems to involve other family members. Sound familiar? Or are you one of the family members that Fido ignores? Read on to find out why our dogs seem to respect some of us and ignore others.

Packaging dynamics

Dogs are born to pack animals. They look forward to the leader and feel comforted by the guidance. Clearly, strong parents will ensure the safety of the backpack and reassure your dog. If your family members are more suitable for playmates than the parent model, it does not mean that your dog does not respect you, but it does not mean that your dog is not sure where he is in the pecking order. In nature, the rule establishes order. In our home, there is no need to increase the dominant position. Instead of dominance, using positive reinforcement, consistency, and clarity can help your dog better understand what you want.

Confusion delusion


Our dogs do not speak English (or any language other than dogs), so please remember that when you train your dogs for new skills, you are also teaching them a new language. When learning a new language, consistency is the key, the accent is tricky, and tone is the easiest way to determine the context of a word. If a family member teaches Fido that “sit down!” means tuck your butt underneath, sit up straight, look at me, and get a reward as a reward, Fido will get the “sit down!” trick. Immediately. If the next family member approaches Fido and says “Sit down, sit down, sit down!” Fido will be blank: “What does it mean to sit down, sit down, sit down? I learned to “sit” instead of “sit down” Sitting down. “Is this a new word? The next family member walked up, frustrated that Fido hadn’t heard it the first time, and then said “sit” in a pensive voice. Fido knew the order, but didn’t understand why it sounded like trouble: “What did I do wrong? ”

You will see how this situation can make your dog very messy quickly and easily. To help your dog understand each family member, hold a team meeting and discuss the importance of using a consistent word and a pleasant tone when trying to teach or practice skills with Fido. If mom says “Sit down!” when talking to Fido, everyone should say “Sit down!” when talking to Fido.

Remember, everyone makes mistakes, it’s okay! If a family member asks Fido to “sit down!” (just your practice), he/she stares at them blankly, instead of repeating the command and confusing the dog, but instructing them to treat between the fingers, holding tightly Hold it and place it in front of Fido until he smells the smell and starts to follow their fingers. Next, sweep your fingers from Fido’s nose to his eyes, and then say “Sit down!” The action of looking up may cause Fido to plug his butt, remembering what he has learned and sitting down. Give him a treat and say “Sit down!” Celebrate your successful training course with your family! Keeping short, successful, and interesting conversations is a great way to persuade the entire family to join and keep Fido engaged and happy. Being consistent and clear is the best way to teach Fido a new language and many cool new skills.

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