Even Your Mom Will Love These Dogs
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Even Your Mom Will Love These Dogs

Dogs shed, They cause allergies, They smell bad, They bring dirt from outside, They break everything in their way. These can be the first words of your mom after you suggest getting a new member of the family. This video can be the reason why she will change her mind! Regardless of how a person defines the level of cleanness in his house, there are some dog breeds considered to be cleaner than others. These dogs have fewer problems with coat shedding, they don’t stink, they aren’t messy and they don’t break objects at home.

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11 Thoughts to “Even Your Mom Will Love These Dogs”

  1. FaFa Head

    I have a wonderful 12 year old Shiba and he blows his coat for 8 weeks in the spring and fall and needs grooming, brushing frequently all year long. He sheds, leaves a lot of hair, so I respectfully disagree with this guy.

  2. Grace Playz Loves Pets

    my mom: I like nice dogs like labs and golden retriever

    Me: WELL…. I like DEM GUARD DOGS LIKE dobermans rotwrillers Belgian Mallinois German shep GREAT DANE PIT,BUL ETC

  3. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    What about the mongrel dogs

  4. Jennifer Rudish

    I chow chow bc I wanted it for years


    I feel like Rhodesian Ridgeback should be on this list

  6. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    What about the best dog breeds to potty train

  7. Otto Karjalainen

    What was the japan dog

  8. BRJ Momma

    Can you do best agility dog breeds

  9. Celia Tube

    Chow chows are guard dogs and they shed a lot.

  10. D-TECH

    Great video I’m first 😊

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